Fleet Utilization of Telematics for Employee Safety

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Eric Schroeter
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Missouri Department of Transportation
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Paul Denkler
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Email: Paul.Denkler@modot.mo.gov 

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Purpose of the Project:

The purpose of this initiative was to create a mechanism to measure and track the benefits and efficiencies of a telematics solution as it relates to MoDOT’s vision and core values of Safety, Service and Stability. MoDOT’s fleet of cars, trucks and off-road equipment serve 114 counties and approximately 34,000 centerline miles of highway. To better manage the safety, productivity and utilization of this diverse fleet, MoDOT instituted the use of telematics statewide. Telematics is a method to electronically gather data about MoDOT vehicles in the field during operations.  This data is used to manage the fleet, flag engine problems and influence driver behavior. Similar telematics systems are being offered by private insurance companies to their customers as a method to improve driving characteristics through incentive based premium reductions. Telematics systems give drivers a chance to modify and self-manage their own behaviors as they respond to in-cab audio alerts and monitor driver scorecards which will positively influence overall vehicle incidents by reducing poor driving habits.

MoDOT’s use of Telematics has provided tools that improved the operating efficiency of fleet and increased safety for the traveling public by implementing a Proactive Driver Safety program that will allow:

  • drivers to modify their own behavior through one-on-one coaching based on real-time vehicle information,
  • drivers access to new tools such as in cab audio alerts so they can self-manage their own driving behaviors and
  • supervisors to generate driver behavior reports or scorecards to be used as a baseline and means to show an employee their improvement over time.

As of April 2023, 100% of MoDOT’s highway vehicle fleet, including  passenger cars, medium and heavy duty trucks, have been equipped with a telematic device. A few devices are also installed on off-road fleet.