Diaphragms - DIA

Description File Name Format
Steel Intermediate Diaphragms for Prestressed I-Girders
Skewed Prestressed I-Girders DIA01_psi_skewed PDF DGN
Squared Prestressed  I-Girders DIA02_psi_squared PDF DGN
Steel Intermediate Diaphragms for Prestressed Bulb-Tee Girders
Skewed Prestressed Bulb Tee Girders DIA03_PSBT_skewed PDF DGN
Squared Prestressed Bulb Tee Girders DIA04_PSBT_squared PDF DGN
Steel Intermediate Diaphragms for Prestressed NU Girders
Skewed Prestressed NU53 Girders DIA05_NU53_skewed PDF DGN
Squared Prestressed NU53 Girders DIA06_NU53_squared PDF DGN
Skewed Prestressed NU63 Girders DIA07_NU63_skewed PDF DGN
Squared Prestressed NU63 Girders DIA08_NU63_squared PDF DGN
Skewed Prestressed NU70 & NU78 Girders DIA09_NU70-78_skewed PDF DGN
Squared Prestressed NU70 & NU78  Girders DIA10_NU70-78_squared PDF DGN
Cross Frames, End and Intermediate Diaphragms for Steel Girders and Beams
Wide Flange Beam DIA11_WF PDF DGN
Plate Girders 42" or less DIA12_PG_42 PDF DGN
Plate Girders 48" or greater DIA13_PG_48 PDF DGN