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Buck O'Neil Bridge Project

Project Update: 5/26/2020 Environmental Assessment has reached a conclusion

MoDOT and the City of Kansas City, Missouri, have partnered with the Federal Highway Administration to assess the impact of roadway improvements and bridge replacement to the natural and built environment along the US 169/I-35 corridor from MO 9 to 12th Street.  

The Environmental Assessment has concluded with a finding of No Significant Impact, commonly known as a FONSI.  The proposed Buck O’Neil project will also impact the airport property, so the Federal Aviation Administration has issued a separate FONSI/Record of Decision (ROD) for the Downtown Airport property. 

The US 169/Buck O’Neil bridge environmental study began in the early fall of 2018, but the environmental analysis in the corridor began with the Planning Environmental Linkages (PEL) study managed by the City of Kansas City and Mid-America Regional Council.  The information and data from the PEL fed into the Environmental study. 

From the PEL, initial alternatives were reviewed and evaluated to create a set of reasonable alternatives and a preferred alternative.  

The draft Environmental Assessment was provided for public review in February, and a public hearing to present the Environmental Assessment findings was held in March. 

In Progress
Project update: 05/19/20: Early Release Information

For those consultants/contractors wanting to know early release, technical design-build information regarding the  Buck O'Neil Bridge Project, you can request access by replying to the email group listed below. You will then be directed to an external website.

In Progress
Project Update 4/28/20: Important Dates


Updated Draft Procurement Schedule:

Project Advertisement:  May 19th, 2020

RFQ/Industry meeting:  June 19th, 2020

SOQ shortlist:  July 2020

RFP:  August 2020

Award:  February 2021

Update 3/10/2020: Public Hearing Tonight

Please join MoDOT KC and its partners tonight for a public hearing. It's a chance to discuss the Environmental Assessment Study and get a good look at the Preferred Alternative bridge plan. The hearing happens from 4-6pm at the Mid-America Regional Council officers. They're located at 600 Broadway Blvd in KCMO. All are welcomed. 

In Progress
Project Update 3/9/2020: Important Project Goals and Dates


Draft Project Goals:

  1. Construct an innovative, low-maintenance Missouri River Bridge that will provide a century of service within the program budget
  2. Provide a safe, connective and accessible transportation facility that improves regional and local system performance
  3. Manage the impact to the travelling public during construction 
  4. Complete the project by December 1, 2024, utilizing a diverse workforce 

Draft Procurement Schedule: 

Advertise to industry:                                                            April 28th, 2020

RFQ/Industry Meeting:                                                          May 29th, 2020 

Shortlist:                                                                                      Early July 

RFP:                                                                                                Late July/Early August 

Award:                                                                                           February 2021 

Update 2/24/2020: Public Hearing Scheduled for March 10

The Missouri Department of Transportation will host a public hearing with a focus on the Buck O'Neil Environmental Assessment Study (EA) Study. The study identifies the Buck O'Neil Bridge preferred alternative and the associated environmental impacts of the bridge project. The hearing will take place from 4 p.m until 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 10, in the lobby of the Mid-America Regional Council office building, located at 600 Broadway Blvd., in Kansas City, MO. 

Citizens will be able to review the Preferred Alternative and ask the study team questions and provide feedback by submitting a comment card in writing. 

The Mid-America Regional Council is handicap accessible. For those in need of accommodations such as sign language, braille or foreign language interpreters, please contact MoDOT at least three working days before the event.   

The study's purpose is to investigate and identify improvements for maintaining the infrastructure in the study corridor, creating a system that serves local and regional traffic and improve safety in the corridor. The Buck O'Neil Bridge EA included a public involvement program.

You can download and read the EA in its entirety by clicking on the links below:  

Environmental Assessment Study link

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

In addition, the EA is currently available at the following locations; 

MoDOT Kansas City District Office, 600 NE Colbern Road, Lee's Summit, MO

Kansas City Public Library, 14 West 10th St., Kansas City, MO

Kansas City City Hall, 414 East 12th St., Kansas City, MO

Mid-America Regional Council, 600 Broadway Blvd., Kansas City, MO

Federal Highway Administration - Missouri Division Office, 3220 West Edgewood Dr., Suite H, Jefferson City, MO


As part of this study, we currently have a public comment period, active until March 25. This gives citizens the opportunity to provide comments to the study team through a survey. You can access this survey at


Section 4(f)

Section 4(f) of the U.S. Department of Transportation Act of 1966 (49 USC 303), hereinafter referred to as "Section 4(f)", protects publicly owned parks, recreation areas, wildlife refuges, waterfowl refuges, and significant historic and archeological resources. The following three resources are protected under Section 4(f).  Although land will be acquired from these properties, the activities, features, and attributes that make these properties eligible for protection under Section 4(f) will not be adversely affected.

The Transcontinental and Western Airlines (T&WA) Building – located within the terminal areas of the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport, the T&WA Building sits immediately adjacent to the north end of the existing Buck O’Neil Bridge. Additional land from the airport adjacent to the building will need to be acquired to accommodate the improved river crossing. Although the new river bridge may be closer to the building, the building will not be affected.

The Municipal Airport Terminal Facility – like the T&WA Building, the Terminal is located on the airport property but away from existing US-169. Land acquired from the airport to accommodate the proposed project would not encroach upon the Terminal Building.

West Terrace Park/Ermine Case Jr. Park – both public parks are perched upon the bluff overlooking the Missouri River and the project area. Additional right-of-way along I-35 at the base of the bluff will be needed to support construction of the proposed project. The open space and recreational facilities within these parks will not be affected by the acquisition of property along the base of the bluff.

In compliance with Section 4(f) and its implementing regulations codified at 23 CFR Part 774, the FHWA in cooperation with MoDOT provides public notice of its proposal to make a Section 4(f) de minimis effect determination for all three resources, and provides the opportunity for public review and comment of this proposed determination.

2/19/2020: Upcoming Public Hearing

Notice is hereby given to all interested persons that a public hearing meeting will soon be held to gather public input about the Buck O'Neil Bridge Environmental study, which has just concluded. 

Citizens will be able to review the Preferred Alternative and ask the study team questions and provide feedback by submitting a comment card in writing.

Since July of 2018, MoDOT, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) have been conducting an EA for an approximately four-mile stretch of US 169 in Clay and Jackson County Missouri, between the intersection of MO 9 and the I-35/12th St. interchange.

The study’s purpose is to investigate and identify improvements for maintaining the infrastructure in the study corridor, creating a system that serves local and regional traffic and improve safety in the corridor. The Buck O’Neil Bridge EA included a public involvement program.

Previously, MoDOT held a public meeting in February 2019, with an on-line meeting available to the public in July 2019. Through these meetings MoDOT provided information on the study process and alternatives evaluated. 

A public meeting date has not been determined yet. 



5/1/2019:Feedback from First Public Meeting

MoDOT hosted the first public meeting and online meeting for the environmental study. Thanks to the more than 200 customers who shared comments and responded to the online survey. Click here to see some of the highlights of the survey feedback. 

Project Update: Environmental Study Closed

The environmental study team has CLOSED a second online meeting to showcase the four potential reasonable alternatives for the bridge.  Review the meeting here:


2/5/19: Online Meeting for Environmental Study

We are accepting comments in the online meeting for this environmental study. Review the information here: and leave your comments here: 

Comments are open through March 7. 

1/29/19: Public Invited to Informational Meeting on Buck O'Neil Environmental Study

You are invited to attend a public information meeting on Tuesday Feb. 12, 2019 concerning the current U.S. 169 The Missouri Department of Transportation has rescheduled its public information meeting regarding the Buck O’Neil Bridge Environmental Study. The meeting will take place Tuesday, Feb. 12 from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. at the Mid-America Regional Council offices, located at 600 Broadway Blvd, Suite 200, Kansas City, MO 64105. 


9/25/18: Environmental study begins this month on the Buck O?Neil Bridge

A potential new river crossing to replace the John Jordan “Buck” O’Neil Memorial Bridge has entered the next phase. The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and the City of Kansas City, Missouri are working with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to undertake an environmental study, which is required prior to rehabilitating or replacing the existing bridge. The study is being conducted by Burns & McDonnell in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Read more here:

11/18/19: Crews will close large portion of downtown loop for survey work

Crews will make the following traffic changes as part of an effort to build a new Buck O'Neil Bridge. Closures will begin at 12 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 23 until 11:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 24. These closures will have a significant impact to traffic. Please find alternate routes. 


Southbound I-35 Closures 

  • Ramp from westbound I-70 to southbound I-35
  • Ramp from 5th St./Independence Ave. to southbound I-35
  • Ramp from eastbound I-70 to southbound I-35
  • Ramp from southbound I-35 to 12th St.
  • Ramp from southbound I-35 to eastbound I-670

Northbound I-35 Closures

  • Northbound I-35 closure at I-670 Interchange
  • Ramp from westbound I-670 to northbound I-35
  • Ramp from 12th St. to northbound I-35
  • Ramp from northbound I-35 to Buck O’Neil Bridge (169 Highway)

Various Closures

  • Southbound I-35/westbound I-70 closure at southbound 71 Highway (NE corner)
  • Ramp from northbound 71 Highway to southbound I-35/westbound I-70
  • Loop ramp from Independence Ave. to southbound I-35/westbound I-70
  • Ramp from southbound Route 9 to southbound I-35/westbound I-70
  • Ramp from southbound I-35/westbound I-70 to westbound Independence Ave
Update: 12/4/2019

Crews have performed so far 6 geo-technical borings in the Missouri River. Fifty feet of rock core was obtained below the water surface.  All work is being performed from a barge and is in close coordination with the US Coast Guard, US Army Corps of Engineers and officials with the downtown airport.

The John Jordan “Buck” O’Neil Memorial Bridge (formerly the Broadway Bridge), is a triple arch bridge carrying U.S. 169 over the Missouri River serving as a key regional connection between downtown Kansas City and communities north of the river.

While safe, the bridge is nearing the end of its projected lifespan. Opened in 1956, the bridge recently celebrated its 60th year of operation.  Since that time, the neighborhoods and communities on both sides of the bridge have changed significantly and now nearly 50,000 vehicles use the bridge daily.

The Buck O’Neil Bridge recently underwent a short-term rehabilitation to extend its service life. More significant repairs would need to be made or a new bridge would need to be constructed to provide a crossing that would support continued use well into the future.

MoDOT helps rename the Broadway Bridge to the Buck O'Neil Bridge
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To facilitate the evaluation of an improved river crossing, MoDOT is conducting an environmental study. The study is being conducted in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and is required before major improvements to the crossing can be made. The environmental study will focus on the U.S. 169 corridor from Missouri Route 9 (MO 9) to I-35, identified as a segment of independent utility in the Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) study completed in 2018 by the Mid-America Regional Council, Kansas City, Missouri, and MoDOT. The Buck O’Neil Bridge is part of that corridor

The current environmental study will build on the data collected during the recently completed PEL study to further evaluate options to improve the crossing of U.S. 169 over the Missouri River in Kansas City.

As part of the new study, potential impacts to historic structures, including the existing Buck O’Neil Bridge and other resources in the study area, will be evaluated in compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, and as applicable Section 4(f) of the DOT Act. The evaluation of impacts to public parks, open spaces, cultural assets, and people and businesses in and around the area will also be conducted.

The study, which is scheduled to conclude in late 2019, will evaluate and document the potential impacts to both the surrounding infrastructure and community and will require significant public input in the coming months. Formal public meetings will begin in early 2019.

A link to the project press release is HERE.

Next Steps

  • Future Study Milestones
  • Agency Scoping Meeting
  • Public Information Meeting, scheduled 2/12/19. Review online meeting materials. 
  • Draft Environmental Document
  • Public Hearing
  • Environmental Decision
About the Buck O'Neil Bridge
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The John Jordan “Buck” O’Neil Memorial Bridge (formerly the Broadway Bridge) is a triple arch bridge that carries U.S. 169 over the Missouri River.