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For Michelle Gibler, director the MU School of Medicine's Injury Prevention Division, safety is key. In this personal story, Michelle discusses a near collision experience and the importance of having well maintained roads.

David Waugh, General Manager of Roaring River State Park in Southwest Missouri, discusses how a solid system of roads and bridges plays an important part in keeping park-goers safe. Check out his Personal Story.

There are more than 100 intersections like Route F along U.S. 61 between Wentzville and the Iowa State Line. U.S. 61 -- known as the Avenue of the Saints -- carries anywhere from 10,000 vehicles each day to 50,000 in various locations. Insufficient funding for Missouri's transportation system affects safety improvements. 

Sheldon Lyon, of the St. Joseph Safety and Health Council, shares a personal story about the importance of safety belt usage.

Craig Thompson, of Golden Valley Memorial Hospital, discusses the role infrastructure plays in accessing healthcare services.