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With a variety of attractions, Branson is one of the top tourist destinations in Missouri. In this personal story, Craig Richards, president and CEO of Central Bank of Branson, discusses the importance of having a sound transportation infrastructure when it comes to attracting business to Branson.

Having a solid transportation infrastructure plays an important part in keeping everyone connected. With a large fleet traveling on Missouri's roads, AT&T depends on that infrastructure to keep their customers connected. Michael Chambers with AT&T discusses how transportation keeps the business moving in this personal story. 

In this personal story, Mike Right, with AAA Auto Club of Missouri, discusses the need to adequately fund Missouri’s transportation infrastructure and how the needs of the motoring public dovetail with those of his organization.

As a farmer, business owner, board member and volunteer, Lester Goodin is a busy man and a fixture in his Southeast Missouri community. Having a sound transportation system is essential for Mr. Goodin to successfully operate his various ventures. Read more about his personal transportation story.

Kirksville, home to many industries, small businesses and educational institutions, serves as a “hub” for northern Missouri. See the benefits that a well-funded transportation system can bring to communities in this personal story.

David Young, Live Production Manager at Tyson Foods in Monett, talks about the economic impact of having a sound transportation infrastructure and the need to expand the Route 60/37 corridors. Check out his personal story.

Sabin Yanez, with CFS Engineers, discusses the 76 Complete Streets Project in Branson and how investing in transportation is important for future economic development. Watch his personal story.

Orgill, a company with a distribution center in Sikeston, Missouri, depends on highways to make their business run. In this Personal Story, see how sound transportation infrastructure plays a key role in Orgill's business needs and contributes to the eonomic development of the area.

In this personal story, see how construction projects help keep Kendall Davidson's St. Louis business rolling.