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Route 141 Improvement Project (Ladue to Olive)


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What's New

Concrete work on Ladue Road
Crews place concrete on a section of Ladue Road between Route 141 and Woods Mill Road. Click the photo for more pictures from construction on the Route 141 project.

Most of the work for the Route 141 relocation between Ladue Road and Olive Boulevard is now complete.  Crews will continue working on sidewalks, fences and signing on the roadway through the remainder of this year. Cones and work zone speed limit will be maintained while crews are still on the roadway.

Next spring, we’ll:

  • finish up some of the landscaping,
  • complete some of the retaining walls on Olive Boulevard and Ladue Road,
  • finish the contrast striping (which is where we outline stripes in a different color to make them more visible), and
  • finish cleaning up around the project.

Most of the remaining work will have minimal impacts on through traffic, although there may be lane restrictions on Olive and Ladue, as well as ramps during landscaping and sidewalk work.

Thank you for your interest in the Route 141 project and your patience as we worked through some major traffic shifts during the construction . If you have any concerns or questions about the project, or any concern or question about a state road, please feel free to call MoDOT at 1-888-ASK-MODOT.


Facts About the Project

The Route 141 improvement project improve dsafety and traffic flow, prevents flooding and reduces congestion along Route 141 between Olive Boulevard (Route 340) and Ladue Road (Route AB).

In 2009, the Missouri Highway and Transportation commission approved $65 million to complete work on the Route 141 Improvement Project between Ladue Road and Olive Blvd. MoDOT broke ground for the relocated Route 141 project in west St. Louis county on March 15, 2010. 


MoDOT worked closely with St. Louis County and Maryland Heights on their project to complete the Page-Olive Connector to ensure the two projects worked together. MoDOT has allocated money from its share of money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for the Route 141 project. East-West Gateway Council of Governments has programmed approximately $20 million for St. Louis County to complete work on the Page-Olive Connector project. 

What is the Problem With Route 141 Between Ladue and Olive?

There were three major problems with Route 141 between Olive and Ladue: congestion, safety and flooding. Route 141 was built in the 1930s and could not handle current traffic. More than 23,000 cars a day use this t stretch of roadway, and several intersections are highly congested. Traffic levels over the next 20 years are expected to increase by up to 35 percent in some locations. Accident rates have risen to nearly double the statewide average, and the road typically floods several times a year.

What is the Proposed Solution?

The current design will construct Route 141 to the east of its current location and turn the current Route 141 into an extension of Old Woods Mill Road. Designers are planning for a six-lane road east of existing Route 141 with two through lanes in each direction along Route 141 between Ladue Road and I-64/Route 40. Drivers will access the relocated Route 141 at interchanges at Olive Boulevard and Ladue Road.

This will improve traffic flow to the subdivisions and Parkway Central, since this will remove the majority of through traffic from the roadway. MoDOT is building the Ladue/Route 141 interchange a little further to the east, using a design similar to the Route 141 and Big Bend interchange, where Big Bend goes over Route 141. This single point urban interchange is controlled by one set of traffic signals located at a single point at the center of the interchange. The signals direct through traffic, as well as all traffic that must turn left to enter or leave the highway.

Why is this the best solution?

After comparing issues such as overall cost, environmental impacts and residential/business impacts, this option best addresses the problems and needs in the corridor while minimizing the negative impacts. This alignment will minimize the overall impacts to residents, businesses, and wetlands while reducing congestion and improving safety. Other options for the Route 141 corridor included reconstructing the roadway along the existing alignment and moving the alignment further to the east. However, these two options would cost an additional $17-25 million to build. Besides cost, the alignment that moves Route 141 further to the east is a less desirable option. It is a longer, less direct route than the preferred alignment with several curves that makes it less than desirable.

Where Does the Project Stand Today?

In December 2002 the Federal Highway Administration approved the Environmental Assessment document for the Route 141 widening project between I-64/Route 40 and Olive Boulevard. In January 2002 the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission approved the preliminary design and location of Route 141 from south of Ladue Road to north of Olive Blvd. The project has been funded, using American Recovery and Revitalization Act money. Work on the project has started, and is expected to be complete by summer 2012.

Project Costs:

  • Estimated construction costs to improve Route 141 between Olive and Ladue: $45 million
  • Estimated cost to purchase right of way for the project: $35 million
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Project Timeline

This project is currently under construction. The majority of construction work is complete, although crews are working on sidewalks, retaining walls, signing, and landscaping.

View a high-resolution version of the Route 141 Project map using Adobe Acrobat Reader: Route 141 project map (1.17 MB)

Construction schedule (31.3 Kb, pdf)

Construction staging (22 pages, 1.33mb)

Typical section (a cross-section of the road) (56.6 Kb, pdf)

Overall project (1.2 Mb, pdf)

Route 141 relocation north half (Olive Blvd. intersection) (5.61 Mb, pdf)

Route 141 relocation south half (Ladue Road intersection) (4.36 Mb, pdf)

The next two videos show the originally proposed intersection of Route 141 and Ladue Road and the intersection which will be constructed.  As MoDOT continued to look at the traffic patterns and the expected increases in traffic, the intersection with the roundabout was not the most effective way to move traffic through this intersection.

Traffic model of original Ladue Road intersection (with roundabout) (12.3 Mb, wmv)

Traffic model of new Ladue Road intersection (12.3 Mb, wmv)

Overall aerial view (1.76 Mb, pdf)

Route 141 fact sheet  (1 page, 469 kb) )

Route 141 and Ladue looking west (1 page, 314 kb)

Route 141 and Ladue looking east  (1 page, 317 kb)

Route 141 and Ladue looking north  (1 page, 215 kb)

Route 141 and Ladue looking south (1 page, 267 kb)

Route 141 and Ladue and Green Trails (1 page, 222 kb)

The Missouri Department of Transportation  held an open-house style public meeting to discuss this project May 14, 2009 from 4 to 8 p.m. at Parkway Central High School, 369 N. Woods Mill Road, Chesterfield, MO, 63017. Attendees raised a number of common concerns -- you can read those concerns, and MoDOT's responses here.

The following are presentations given to the Community Advisory Group:

June 23, 2009 - Initial CAG meeting (351Kb, pdf)

Aug. 12, 2009 - CAG meeting (1.6Mb, pdf)

Sept. 28, 2009 - CAG meeting (3.67 Mb, pdf)

Nov. 17, 2009 - CAG meeting (3.66 Mb, pdf)

Aug. 11, 2010 - CAG meeting (2.94 Mb, pdf)

Dec. 2, 2010 - CAG meeting  (1.73 Mb, pdf)

March 31, 2011 - CAG meeting (1.26 Mb, pdf)

Aug. 23, 2011 - CAG meeting (14 Mb, pdf)

May 31, 2012 - CAG meeting (6.85 Mb, pdf)

Route 141 Environmental Assessments

Final Route 141 EA - December 2002 (39.3 Mb, pdf)

Route 141 EA Re-evaluation - March 2009 (580Kb, pdf)

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Route 141 Summary of Impacts

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Send Us Your Comments

For comments or questions about the project, please e-mail MoDOT Project Manager Tom Montes de Oca or MoDOT Area Engineer Michelle Voegele.

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The documents are provided in Acrobat Reader format. Free Acrobat Reader download PDF Icon

Updated December 2012.

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