October 8, 2015

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Stand Up For Safety Kicks Off in St. Louis

Some St. Louis employee work groups got a day in advance to recommit to working in a safe environment. Employees from the Transportation Management Center (TMC) and Motorist Assist (MA) participated in their Stand Up For Safety event on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

Both work groups spent the day discussing and focusing on ways to improve daily work operations through MoDOT’s five safety areas:

  • I’m Safe
  • What I Use is Safe
  • Where I Am is Safe
  • My Customers are Safe
  • So We Go Home Safe

During the Stand Up For Safety event at the TMC, employees participated in earthquake drills, work zone safety exercises, fire extinguisher and CPR training and a safety scavenger hunt.  Employees had the opportunity to discuss close calls and offer any suggestions for improvement.

The MA Stand Up For Safety agenda consisted of safety videos, personal protective equipment checks, mock car incidents, hazardous material training and automobile fire safety training.

This year makes the first MoDOT statewide Stand Up For Safety event. Though the TMC and MA employees set aside Oct. 7, the remaining of the state will hold their events on Oct. 8.


Motorist Assist Stand Up for Safety
Larry McFadden, motorist assist operator participates in the fire safety training in St. Louis on Oct. 7.
TMC Stand Up For Safety
TMC employees participate in a safety scavenger hunt where they point out potential safety hazards in the building.
Motorist Assist #KeepEmMoving
on the Road and Twitter
Motorist Assist Tweet Along
Motorist Assist Operator Jack Cox and Maryland Heights Fire Department put oil dry on a large fuel spill on I-270 in St. Louis.

St. Louisians got a chance to ride along with a motorist assist operator in 140 characters or less.  MoDOT St. Louis’ first-ever Tweet-along highlighted the day-to-day operations of one of the district’s motorist assist operators. 

The goal was to highlight not the tire changes and traffic control that operators like Jack Cox do on a daily basis, as well as the things they do that are often outside the scope of daily operations.

The Tweet-along started with a 50-gallon fuel spill in Maryland Heights and ended with a tire change around a blind curve on eastbound I-64. 

“Social media is a way to bring people into our world.  This is a way to humanize MoDOT and show that we are more than overhead message boards and construction cones.  It also allows us to highlight all the great work our employees do,” said Communications Manager Marie Elliott. 

Stay tuned for future Tweet-alongs with other departments, including maintenance and the TMC staff.



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Marie Elliott
Communications Manager
St. Louis District

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