August 14, 2014

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Family Advocate Organization Honor St. Louis Engineer

For the past six years Betherny Williams has volunteered time linking students to engineering principles through common high school courses like physics and algebra. Because of that reason and many other commitments, Williams, a St. Louis senior construction inspector, was honored with the 2014 St. Louis Community Service Award from the Better Family Life organization on July 30.

Betherny Williams accepts award
Betherny Williams speaks at the ceremony of which she was honored with the 2014 St. Louis Community Service Award.

Williams frequently takes the time to volunteer and mentor high school students at schools such as the Construction Career Center located in St. Louis. She has also participated in numerous career day events in more than a dozen school districts throughout the St. Louis area.  

Williams currently is a member of the Social Justice and Human Rights Initiative Committee. The committee meets monthly and addresses gender equality issues such as domestic violence, low self- esteem, and human trafficking just to name a few. They also get out into the community and follow-up with recipients to ensure that they continue to progress.

Even through MoDOT Williams consistently participates in the Summer Transportation Camp Conference, which is held annually in Jefferson City. Because of her dedicated service and commitment to the departments’ education and community outreach programs, she earned the 2009 Volunteer of the Year Award.

“I am a woman of service and with that being said, I do not feel the need to be recognized. I allow the services I provide to speak on my behalf. But yet and still I am truly honored to receive this award. Someone gave me an opportunity, so I am more than happy to provide opportunities for others,” said Williams.


SL Crew Leader receives Safety Recognition for June

Erick Price made it perfectly clear that Team MoDOT was more than just a saying at the Ballas maintenance building of which he previously worked at as a crew leader.  His actions of ensuring a safe work environment at all times have led to him receiving recognition as the June Safety Employee of the month in the district.   

Erick Price Safety Emp for June
Erick Price explains the importance of monitoring the Crafco crack sealing machine to ensure a safe environment.

Price was nominated for this recognition by his supervisor for his continued ability to successfully train other employees on how to safely maintain and operate the Crafco crack sealing machine.

At any maintenance facility, the Crafco machine is an essential piece of equipment, but it also has the potential to become a hazard without proper attention. When the machine is on, it is always set at 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and if it overheats it could catch on fire.  For that reason, Price has made it his safety practice to always monitor the temperature of the machine while it is on.

Price will even postpone taking his lunch so that while his co-workers eat, he can monitor the machine.

“Erick is an employee whose pride in safety shows through his work ethics. I witnessed him adjusting his lunch time so that the Crafco machine would not go unmonitored. He promotes a positive and safe work atmosphere, “said Mike Foppe, maintenance superintendent.

Price takes his role as a crew leader seriously and makes sure that any employee that comes in contact with the Crafco machine is fully trained to avoid any mishaps or injuries.

 “Safety is not just a ‘Me’ thing, it is a team effort. At the end of the day the number one goal for all of us is to go home safely in one piece. We all work together in maintenance to make sure that goal is achieved every day, “said Price.

Price is now a crew leader at the Sunset Hills maintenance building. He stated that the only thing that has changed is his work address and his safety practices will follow him no matter what building he works out of.


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