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Engineers Advance Skills Through APEX

Four St. Louis engineers gained knowledge and new skill sets by participating in a rotational training program last year. The program, Accelerated Professional Engineer Cross Training (APEX), allows select engineers to cross train in multiple departments throughout the district.

The participates had the opportunity to cross train in departments such as planning, design, traffic, design build, utilities, bridge maintenance and construction. Depending on the department, training could last up to three months.

The 2014 participates were:

APEX Class of 2014

Left to right: Greg Horn, Arisa Prapaisilp, Jonathan Swagman, Stuart McNeil, Bill Schnell, Belay Nerea. The APEX class of 2014 receive their certificates of completion on Feb. 24 at the district office.

Belay Nerea - Intermediate Materials Inspector

Arisa Prapaisilp - Senior Traffic Studies Specialist

Jonathan Swagman, - Senior Construction Inspector

Stuart McNeil - Senior Highway Designer

Nerea is currently working on a master’s degree in Structural Engineering and felt the program helped him build rapport with great employees in his field of study.

“Being able to rotate through bridge maintenance kindled my passion for that field of engineering. I now want to become a structural engineer in the bridge department,” said Nerea.

Prapaisilp felt as if she learned a lot from her experience.

“I actually feel like a better engineer after completing this program. I am much more versatile now,” she said.

Swagman appreciated the connections he was able to make.

“I highly recommend this program for employees that are looking to develop professional relationships internally and externally for MoDOT. My experience will serve me and MoDOT well for years to come,” he said.  

McNeil felt as if his knowledge overall of MoDOT significantly improved through this program.

“It expanded my knowledge of how MoDOT operates as a whole and also allowed me to meet and work with key personnel throughout the district,” he said.

The APEX class of 2015 started in January and will end on Dec. 31, 2015. This year’s participates are:

Aaron Groff - Senior Highway Designer

Brian Lange – Senior Construction Inspector

Both participates have already selected their areas of interest and have begun their rotations.

Assistant District Engineer Bill Schnell created the APEX program in 2012. This year it is being expanded statewide to allow employees in other districts to participate. For more information about the program, please contact Schnell at 314.453.1802.


Initiative and Tuition Reimbursement Expand Career Opportunities

Taking advantage of the tuition reimbursement program and introducing himself to the appropriate manager are two opportunities that Broadway Maintenance Worker Tim Werner could not pass up.

Tim Werner

Tim Werner works on a computer tower as he cross trains in the St. Louis District IS Department.

Werner took the initiative to introduce himself to the St. Louis Information Systems Manager, Mark Schall, at an employee fall meeting last year. He explained to Schall that he was working on a degree in IS and was interested in cross training to gain some experience in the field.

Because of his diligence, Werner is now earning a degree in Information Systems, while gaining beneficial experience in the St. Louis IS department.  

Werner is currently cross training in the St. Louis IS department for six weeks.  

“I am learning a lot from the IS department. This is a great opportunity to get relevant experience while also learning MoDOT from a different level,” said Werner.

Werner is enrolled at St. Louis Community College and is working on an associate degree in Information Systems and Software Development. He will graduate at the end of this year and plans to work toward earning a bachelor’s degree in IS.

“Cross training has made a significant impact on my perspective of MoDOT.  I would like to thank Mark Schall, Becky Allmeroth, Rick Schneider and Jan Binger for allowing me this opportunity. I encourage other employees to take advantage of benefits that MoDOT has to offer for career advancement.  I plan to use my degree and training to advance my career and become a better asset for MoDOT, ” said Werner.


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