May 21, 2015

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Maintenance Building Recognition Promotes Stronger Team Practices

Team Player Bldg Sign

Brad Kelley (left) and Mike Belding (right) stand beside the Team Player billboard inside of the Ballas maintenance break room. The two were nominated for the recognition for May.

The Ballas maintenance building has found a unique way to make a big deal out of employees who earn the “Team Player of the Month” title in their building. Through recognition and acknowledgement, they make sure the team players understand that their work ethics are appreciated.

“The Ballas maintenance building is full of employees who truly go above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis. As a group, we came up with a way to highlight great team efforts,” said Mike Fogg, Ballas maintenance supervisor.

Every month the Ballas maintenance staff  vote for the employee from their building they believe represents a team player. Previous winners were recognized for their willingness to take initiative, demonstrate leadership, watch out for their teammates and go the extra mile.  

Once an employee is selected, their name is displayed on the Team Player billboard in the building and they receive a designated parking spot for the month. The parking spot includes a Team Player of the Month sign displaying their name.

Recently, the building had a tie that led to two employees sharing the recognition and parking spot. Mike Belding and Brad Kelley, both maintenance workers, were nominated for May. 

“I think this is a great way to show that my team appreciates my efforts,” said Belding.

Ballas Team Player Parking Sign

Mike Belding (left) and Brad Kelley (right) stand next to the Team Player designated parking sign displaying their names in the Ballas maintenance parking lot. The two are rotating parking in the spot for the month.

Kelley shared, “It shows that what I’m doing as part of the team does not go unnoticed and I appreciate that.”

Great team player work ethics lead to stronger teams. In the Ballas maintenance building, their mantra is the military phrase “I’ve got your six” which means “I’ve got your back.” All of the employees have the phrase on their hard hats.

“‘I’ve got your six’ is not something we take lightly. With that phrase posted on our hard hats, it constantly reminds us that we always look out for each other’s safety as a team while working on the highways. Making it home safely every day proves that we all are team players,” said Fogg.


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