July 24, 2014

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St. Louis Employees Give Generously to Community Once Again

This year, not once but twice, St. Louis employees made significant differences in the community by participating in food drives. Earlier this year in the statewide 100 Year Anniversary Food Drive, more than 900 pounds of canned food and non-perishables were collected. Last month the district collected and donated another 1,500 pounds of food to the local food pantries.

Voice of SL Food Drive June 2014
Members of the Voice of SL group collected more than 1500 pounds of food from the district food drive in June.

Every year, not just around the holidays, local food pantries fall low on food during the summer months when more kids are home from school. Last year, because of that fact, the Voice of St. Louis group decided to hold a food drive every year in the month of June.

The following organizations received the food donations:

  • Loving Hearts Pantry, Franklin County
  • Oasis Food Pantry, St. Charles County
  • Peace Pantry, Jefferson County
  • Feed My People Pantries, St. Louis City & County
  • SL Area Food Bank, All Counties within the SL district

In combination of both food drives, approximately 1238 meals were provided to needy families.

“Even after the high participation during the 100 Year Anniversary Food drive, the Voice of St. Louis annual food drive was still a huge success. That speaks volumes on how considerate St. Louis employees are. This is an excellent way for us to give back to our communities and we plan to continue our annual food drive for years to come,” said Keith Harangozo, Voice of St. Louis team leader.


Bring Your Child to Work Event Focuses on Teaching

On July 17 more than 70 kids showed up at the Transportation Management Center in Chesterfield for a fun filled experience of learning what their parent does at MoDOT. Through participation and planned activities the children learned about the importance of PPE, building roads & bridges, construction, Barrel Bob and much more.

Nezveta Tom Evers PPE Pics
Nevzeta Hasanovic explains to her son how the Gateway Guide server helps keep the traffic flowing smoothly. Tom Evers helps his daughter with a 'Build A Bridge' activity. The kids get the opportunity to pick out their PPE and take pictures in them.
Bring Your Child to Work Day Holly Lewis Motorist Assist Lisa Lamons
The children get an up close look at how the mechanic garage at Barrett Station operates. Holly Lewis (left), motorist assist operator, teaches the kids how to operate the emergency lights on the MA trucks. The children participate in an activity that teaches them the complexity of building roads.

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Marie Elliott
Customer Relations Manager
St. Louis District

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