August 28, 2014

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Employee Charity Fund Benefits from Softball Tournament

For the third year, the Voice of St. Louis combined fun and fundraising for St. Louis employees through a softball tournament. The $3,000 raised from the event will benefit the St. Louis districts’ cmployee charity fund.

2014 SL Softball Champions
SWARM team takes over the 2014 SL softball championship title at the tournament held in Maplewood, MO on Aug. 24.

The employee charity fund was created by the Voice of St. Louis in 2012 and is designed to assist employees experiencing hardships. The funds also are allocated for providing scholarships to children of fallen workers.

The softball tournament consisted of three game days for the teams to compete each other with the finale championship game being held this past Sunday.

Last year the Chesterfield District TMC team won the championship title. However, this year the SWARM team proudly took over the title.

“I am always so amazed with how employees can be so passionate about giving money to a great cause and having fun through friendly competition at the same time. Each year it only seems to get better. I cannot wait to see what next year will bring,” said Voice of SL Team Leader, Keith Harangozo.

The first statewide MoDOT slowpitch softball tournament is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 6 in Jefferson City. All districts are challenged to compete.  For additional information please contact Amanda Henley at 573-526-5617.


MoDOT and Safety Partners Kick for a Cause


Nearly 100 degree temperatures couldn't’t keep members of the St. Louis Regional Blueprint Coalition (SLRBC) from participating in a charity kickball tournament in Eureka last Saturday. Shawn Archambault, a safety partner and creator of One Curve at a Time, hosted the tournament to promote highway safety and increase awareness of dangerous curves in Jefferson County, Missouri.

2014 Kickball Tournament
The SL Regional Blueprint Coalition team competed in the kickball tournament with more than 13 teams from the region.

One Curve at a Time is a non-profit organization which focuses on:

  • Educating the public about critical road problems
  • Working with local law enforcement to enhance accountability for safe driving.
  • Advocating for engineering and other solutions so that problem areas along roadways and curves are addressed.

The SLRBC was one of more than 13 kickball teams that registered and competed in the tournament.


“It was a lot of fun to participate in a tournament for such a great cause. I was pleased to see the large number of people that came out to show their support and involvement in roadway safety,” said Co-Chair of SLRBC, Teresa Krenning.

For additional information on One Curve at a Time, please visit the website at

Vending Committee Supports Employees in Crisis


It is not a secret that sometimes employees are faced with catastrophic situations. Because of that reason, the St. Louis Employee’s Vending Committee allocates funds to assist in such emergency situations.

Patronizing Vending Machines

Each month the St. Louis District's employee’s vending committee receives a small percentage of sales from the vending machines throughout the district. A portion of the funds are used to supply things such as plastic utensils, coffee creamers, and paper cups in the break rooms. These funds are also used to purchase and send peace lily plants to bereaved employees.

The remaining funds are allocated to assist St. Louis district employees that are faced with sudden, unexpected and critical needs such as an acute illness or natural disaster or fire to a home.

Employees can also submit a co-workers name if they are aware of a situation where help is needed. All applications are kept confidential.

Every application received is reviewed by the employee vending committee and employees can receive up to $350 per incident. 

To apply for assistance or receive additional information, please contact Paula Fuhro at 314.453.5025.


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Marie Elliott
Customer Relations Manager
St. Louis District

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