October 8, 2015

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Southwest District at Work

Crossroads Interchange Battlefield-65 DDI
JUST A LITTLE TAP HERE – A contractor crew works on a concrete form on the new Crossroads Interchange at I-44/I-49 & Prigmor Avenue near Joplin. The project is nearing completion with a ribbon cutting ceremony scheduled for Nov. 2 (Photo/David Mitchell)

AND THEY’RE OFF! – Construction is complete and traffic is moving through the latest diverging diamond interchange in Springfield. This one, the fifth completed in Springfield and the seventh in the Southwest District, is on U.S. Route 65 and Battlefield Road. All that remains is some cleanup, signal work and seeding and mulching. (Photo/David Mitchell)

Johnny Teegardin

One Mile Bridge-MO Route 215

COL. TEEGARDIN – Southwest District Engineer Becky Baltz, (left) congratulates Branson Resident Engineer Johnny Teegardin on his recent promotion to full colonel in the Arkansas National Guard during a meeting of the Southwest District Management Team on Sept. 22. (Photo/David Mitchell) ATTENTION ON DECK! – A contractor crew lowers a section of the deck from the Missouri Route 215 bridge over Stockton Lake onto a barge. The concrete removed from One Mile Bridge will be used as fish habitat in another location on the lake. The work is part of a project to replace the bridge’s driving surface. (Photo/David Mitchell)
Pensmore Mansion MoDOT Logo
PENSMORE MANSION – District Management Team members learn about innovative construction materials and techniques during a recent tour of the Pensmore Mansion south of Ozark near U.S. Route 65. (Photo/Jennifer Williams)  

Positive Results for Maintenance

Summer Safety Challenge

Safety Begins With Me

The results of the district’s 2015 Summer Safety Challenge are in and the results are POSITIVE!

For four months each summer, the Maintenance Division challenges employees to improve safety in a number of categories.

With the exception of personal injuries, all categories showed a reduction in the number of incidents reported in the Southwest District.

“I am very proud of so many employees who take the safety of co-workers, the public and themselves so seriously,” said District Maintenance Engineer Michael Middleton.

In those categories showing improvement, the positive results continued for a total of five months.

“We were impressed with the performance over the summer,” Middleton said, “and just wanted to see one more month’s results.”

Here’s an overview:

  • All 500+ maintenance employees went the entire month of May without any incidents
  • Number of backing incidents were down (four in 2014 compared to two in 2015 over five months)
  • Overhead incidents were reduced (two in 2014 compared to zero over five months in 2015)
  • At-Fault incidents were down (eight in 2014 compared to five over five months in 2015)
  • Personal injuries were up (15 OSHA recordable injuries in 2014 compared to 17 in 2015)

Middleton attributes the good results to consistent discussions and awareness of safety. The message is re-enforced in various ways through morning meetings, weekly e-mails from the SW District Risk Management office and video messages that highlight safety situations.

“Our greatest reduction in incidents is always directly related to each individual improving their own safe procedure decisions,” Middleton said.


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Jennifer Williams
Communications Manager
Southwest District

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