April 23, 2015

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Southeast District
Southeast District Wraps Up Spring Employee Meetings
Long-Term Safety Award Recipients Recognized
Donna Ferkel_Spring Employee Meeting
Human Resources Manager Donna Ferkel presents information regarding mental health to employees at the Van Buren maintenance facility.

The Southeast District recently wrapped up the Spring 2015 Employee Meetings. MoDOT’s current funding situation and proposed solutions by Missouri legislators were some of the primary topics during the meetings.

In addition, Human Resources Manager Donna Ferkel presented information regarding mental health, with assistance from Maurice Farr, who serves as a Maintenance Crew Leader and member of the SE District’s Employee Advisory Committee. The presentation focused on educating employees about mental illness in hopes of removing any stigma.


Farr noted that even comedian Robin Williams struggled with mental illness, despite his outgoing, cheerful personality that he presented to the world.

Health and Safety Manager Enos Criddle also shared information about safety and why taking a bit of extra time to complete tasks, such as a lock out tag out, is important.

Long-term safety award recipients were recognized and presented their awards during the meetings. Employees included:

15 years:
Amos Purcell
Helen Morris
Charles Corlew
Joseph Mullen
Akera Nelson
Larry Davis
James Adams
Shannon Chidester
Claude Bright
Michael Crudgington
Scotty Earnheart
Brent Grandstaff
Jonathan Estes
Steven Smith
Danny Bedwell
Tammy Hefner
Gary Adams
Danny Heuring
Gary Beauchamp
Brent Campbell
Joseph Dorris
Gregory Van Horn
Tommy White
Daniel Autrey
Randal Ewing
John Caldwell
Randy Henry
Stanley Snider
Larry Lizenbee


20 Years:
Ronald Wilson
Ronald King
Joe Lemmon
Eric Henson
Gary Copeland
Tommy Smith
Jesse Earls
Scottie Smith
Christopher Brock
Dennis Mitchell
Norman Malkowski
Randall Sutton
Allen Friedrich

25 Years:
Charles Robinson
James Robinson
Jackie Vermillion
Donald Weaver
Roy Gaither
William Goodman
Tim Beavers

30 Years:
Mackie Gaddis
Reginald House
Coalition Presents Checks, Banners for Seat Belt Efforts to Local Schools
BOTB Photos
Click the image above or visit to view photos from the high schools the Southeast Coalition for Roadway Safety recently visited.

With 23 Southeast Missouri schools participating in 2014 Battle of the Belt Challenge, the Southeast Coalition for Roadway Safety has been busy over the past couple of months presenting checks and banners to the winners.

Bernie High School achieved the highest overall percentage of seat belt use and East Prairie High School was named the most improved.

In addition, the following Southeast Missouri schools achieved gold (99-100 percent usage), silver (95-98 percent usage) and bronze (91-94 percent usage) levels:

  • Saxony Lutheran High School 99.00% (Gold Banner)

  • Notre Dame Regional High School 98.34% (Silver Banner)

  • Oak Ridge High School 97.44% (Silver Banner)

  • Thomas W. Kelly High School 94.67% (Bronze Banner)

  • Norwood High School 94.12% (Bronze Banner)

  • Lesterville High School 92.86% (Bronze Banner)

  • Clearwater High School 90.72% (Bronze Banner)

Jackson High School will also receive a participation banner for the greatest number of students surveyed.  

Photos are available at:

The SE District’s award presentations will wrap up this Friday (April 24) at Lesterville High School. The school will receive a bronze banner for achieving nearly 93 percent seat belt usage.


For more info

Nicole Thieret
Customer Relations Manager
Southeast District

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