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I-44 Road/Bridge Work

2-way traffic for up to 37 days

Waynesville/St. Robert (mile marker 162-153)

Gasconade River Bridge (mile marker 143)

Stage 1 Started: April 6


Stage 2 Started: May 3






I-44 Traffic Cameras

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Daily Stage Updates

 Bridge - Day 19

 Bridge - Day 16

 Bridge - Day 13

Stage 2- Day 10

Stage 2- Day 9

Stage 2- Day 8

Stage 2- Day 7

Stage 2- Day 6

Stage 2- Day 5

Stage 2- Day 4

Stage 2- Day 3

Stage 2- Day 2

Stage 2- Day 1

Stage 1- Day 12

Stage 1- Day 11

Stage 1- Day 10

Stage 1- Day 9

Stage 1- Day 8

Stage 1- Day 7

Stage 1- Day 6

Stage 1- Day 5

Stage 1- Day 4

Stage 1- Day 3

Stage 1- Day 2

Stage 1- Day 1

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Audio from MoDOT Resident Engineer Vicki Woods radio interview with KFBD in Waynesville, MO (MP3)


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Waynesville/ St. Robert

(mile marker 162-153)

Stage 1:

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Stage 1 Complete

Stage 2:

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Stage 2

Please Note:

Both off-ramp and on-ramp at exit 159 are now scheduled

to be closed during stage 2 for safety reasons.


Gasconade River Bridge

(mile marker 143)

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Bridge complete


Alternate Routes

To avoid work zones with 2-way traffic

St. Louis to Springfield

Take Westbound I-44 to Exit 186 at Rolla. Turn left onto US 63 South. Take US 63 about 65 miles to Cabool. Turn right onto US 60 West. Take US 60 West about 70 miles to Springfield. Continue West on US 60 then MO 360 about 10 miles to I-44  West of Springfield at Exit 69.

Springfield to St. Louis

Take Eastbound I-44 to Exit 69 west of Springfield. Take MO 360 East then US 60 East about 10 miles through Springfield. Continue on US 60 East about 70 miles to US 63 North at Cabool. Take US 63 North about 65 miles to I-44 at Rolla. Return to I-44 East at Exit 186 in Rolla.


(Click on the map for a larger version)

Alternate Route


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