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MoDOT South Central District News Release

February 06, 2008 12:00 AM
MoDOT: Route 60 Four-Lane Expansion Fully Under Contract
Final Two Highway Projects Awarded by Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission Today

Willow Springs, Mo. - The stretch of Route 60 through Howell, Shannon and Carter Counties known as the 59-mile gap is now certain to close thanks to the award of the final two projects at the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission today. Work on these final two projects will get underway this spring.

The first project encompasses 7.4 miles of Route 60 in Shannon County and extends from east of Route 99, near Birch Tree, Mo., to west of Route 19, near Winona, Mo. Work planned for this section includes grading, drainage and pavement work in preparation for expansion of to a four-lane facility.

The second project awarded is 11.3 miles in length, begins east of Route 17 North, near Mountain View, Mo., in Howell County and ends east of Route 99 near Birch Tree in Shannon County. Work on this section will include grading, drainage and bridge work with paving to complete the four-lane expansion.

According to South Central District Engineer Tom Stehn, the award of these two projects is significant. "These projects are the final two stretches of Route 60 through the MoDOT South Central District to come under contract," he said. "Having work through all three counties - Howell, Shannon and Carter - under contract is the final step to delivering on our commitment to expand Route 60 to a four-lane facility.

"MoDOT is committed to improving Missouri's 5,500 miles of major highways, which carries nearly 80 percent of the state's traffic. Approximately 95 percent of Missouri's residents live within 10 miles of these roads, which include Route 60. We are pleased to bring this transportation improvement to southern Missouri."

Both contracts were awarded to HR Quadri Contractors, LLC, of Van Buren, Mo. The Shannon County contract was awarded at a total cost of $11,523,006.05. The Howell/Shannon County section was awarded at $16,254,759.65. Amendment 3 funds have made work on these sections possible. Amendment 3 was approved by Missouri voters in 2004 and allowed MoDOT to fast-track several major projects including work on Route 60.

Work on the entire corridor through the South Central District is slated for completion by the end of 2010. For additional information regarding this or other transportation-related topics, call the MoDOT Customer Service Center, toll-free, at 1-888-ASK MoDOT (275-6636). Customers also may email the center at d9csc@modot.mo.gov. Transportation information, including Route 60 work, is available online at www.modot.org/southcentral.


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