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Heroes Way Designation Program - Application Process:

An applicant must complete an application by describing the interstate or state highway interchange, bridge or segment of highway for which the designation is sought and the proposed memorial name of the interchange, bridge or segment of highway.  To confirm availability of the desired route, please contact the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), Highway Safety and Traffic Division, at (888) 275-6636.  The application must include the name of at least one current member of the House or Senate who will sponsor the designation.  A legislative member must be willing to sponsor the memorial designation.  Documentation regarding the service of the fallen soldier is required to ensure the requests meets the requirements of the program and MoDOT has accurate information on the soldier’s name and rank.


Once the application is received, MoDOT will submit the Heroes Way Naming Application to the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight.  The Committee will review the application during the current legislative session of each year (January through May).  If an application is received after session, a special meeting is requested by MoDOT.  The Committee sets the date for all special meetings and once scheduled, MoDOT is notified.  MoDOT has no authority on when the Committee meets.  If not approved, 97 percent of the application fee is returned.  After final approval of the application, MoDOT will correspond with the family members.


All requests received for a memorial highway, bridge or interchange, will be first come, first serve basis.  Within the limits of the Missouri State Statute, no interchange, bridge or segment of highway shall be designated after more than once; including existing memorials designated on Missouri’s state highway system under MoDOT’s Memorial Designation Programs.    


Only family members of a Missouri fallen soldier may apply for and make decisions pertaining to a Heroes Way Naming Application.  Signing the application form, the applicant certifies he or she is related by marriage, adoptions, or consanguinity (a blood relative) within second degree (a grandparent, aunt, uncle, grandchild, etc.) to the member of the United States Armed Forces who had been killed in action. 


The proposed memorial name of the designation is for first name, middle initial and last name.  Ranks and titles are optional, if included must be abbreviated per design limitations.  The standard size of the Heroes Way and all other memorial highway designation signs is 6’ x 3’.  The Heroes Way Designation Program has an optional, 8’ x 3’ sign.  This larger sign accommodates the fallen soldier’s rank and full name, which may not fit on the standard 6’ x3’ sign.  The optional 8’ x 3’ sign will have an increase in costs, due to the increase in size and larger posts required to support the signs.   


The fee for the signs may be provided by the family; however, funds can be provided through private donations, from organizations or other sources.  If private donations are utilized, payment must be submitted on the family’s behalf.


Payment covers the cost of fabrication, installation, sign posts, concrete footings and maintenance for 20 years with no additional cost to the family.  Payment may be made payable to “Director of Revenue – Credit State Road Fund” and must be submitted with application.  At 19 years, the family may submit a renewal and pay a second application fee for the subsequent 20 years.  If the family does not opt to renew, the designated signs will be removed at 20 years and that route location will become available for another Missouri fallen soldier.   The fees do not exceed the cost of constructing and maintaining the signs.   


All applications, payment, and supporting documentation are to be submitted to MoDOT’s Highway Safety and Traffic Division to the address listed on page two (2) of the Heroes Way Naming Application. 


Two signs will be provided for each Heroes Way designation.  One sign each will be placed within the triangle area between the mainline and ramp of the interchange designation.  One sign each will be placed at the beginning and end of the bridge or segment of highway designation.  All signs remain the property of MoDOT.  Sign location and placement will be determined by MoDOT to ensure signs do not interfere with the safe operation of the highway system or conflict with other traffic control devices. 

An applicant may organize a dedication ceremony and may request a sign be unveiled at the ceremony by contacting MoDOT’s District Communications.  The District Communications staff will assist to coordinate the transport of one memorial sign to be unveiled.  The sign will be delivered and picked up during normal MoDOT business hours and installed on right of way after the ceremony is complete.  If the applicant requests the ceremony take place on MoDOT right of way, the District Communications will assist in locating a safe location for the ceremony.

Heroes Way Naming Application

Example of an Interchange Sign Location Layout

Example of a Bridge Sign Location Layout

Example of a Segment of Highway Sign Location Layout

Heroes Way

Specialist Blake W. Hall, of Company B, 2d Battalion, 503d infantry from Camp Ederle, Italy, was killed in IVO Baylough, Afghanistan. Interstate 55, Exit 58 near Matthews, Mo., was designated in his honor.


Heroes Way 2

Interstate 55 at Fruitland, Mo., was designated in memory of Sergeant Robert G. Davis, of the 864th Engineer Battalion from Fort Lewis, WA., killed in Kandahar, Afghanistan.



Questions or concerns regarding this memorial designation program, please contact us at:

MoDOT Highway Safety and Traffic Division

Toll Free: 1-888 ASK MODOT (275-6636)


The documents are provided in Acrobat Reader format. Free Acrobat Reader download PDF Icon

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