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Scenic Byways 


Following the creation of the National Scenic Byways Program by the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA), scenic byways programs across the nation have received considerable interest. The National Scenic Byways Program emphasizes the conservation of scenic byway's intrinsic qualities in balance with tourism and other economic development activities.

What are Scenic Byways?
Scenic byways are special roads that offer travelers access to Missouri's beautiful scenery, cultural riches and natural areas. These roads may be rural, suburban or urban, but the common link is that they all provide an alternative to today's fast-paced lifestyle. Scenic byways can steer motorists to state and local parks or other public lands. Scenic byways can provide economic opportunities and conserve scenic, historic, cultural, natural, recreational and archaeological resources. Scenic byways can also be highways that communities feel are important components of their identity.

What are the Benefits of a Scenic Byways Program?
Missouri is a unique state with a variety of natural scenery, recreational areas, parks, historic sites and communities. Roadways provide easy access to these areas and the scenic byways program is designed to promote their special qualities. One of the key benefits of the program is the added economic opportunities and increased tourism provided to communities along the designated route. A program promoted statewide through maps and other literature can expand the number of visitors to an area, which can generate economic growth and increase community recognition.

How does a Roadway become a Scenic Byway?
Any agency, group or individual can nominate a route for scenic byway designation. However, there must be local governmental support and commitment for designating the route a scenic byway, since the purpose of the program is to preserve and improve the scenic value of the route. A corridor management plan outlining specific strategies and actions to manage the route must also be developed and included with the nomination. The corridor management planning process establishes community-based goals and implementation strategies for the scenic byway to utilize community resources efficiently to conserve intrinsic qualities of the scenic byway and enhance its value to the community.

What's the Review Process?
Nominations may be submitted at any time to the Scenic Byways Advisory Committee. This committee meets semi-annually and is composed of individuals representing tourism, the motoring public, the conservation department, historic preservation, outdoor advertising, state parks, and transportation.

Applications and more information are available by contacting Scott Taylor at Scott.R.Taylor@modot.mo.gov, or the Missouri Department of Transportation at the following address.

Scenic Byways Program
P.O. Box 270
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Call toll-free 1-888 ASK MODOT or 573.751.2551

National Scenic Byways Program


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