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Work Zone Safety Game

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Pick the correct answer on the work zone questions below, and an important picture and message will be revealed. Thank you for your participation, and please drive safely - always wear your seat belt, drive the speed limit, pay attention (no texting while driving!).


A MoDOT work zone is
a) A place to go on vacation
b) Where you go to work
c) What happens when you drink too much pop
d) An area on a road where construction takes place

When approaching a work zone you should always:
a) Drive Faster
b) Turn up the radio as loud as it will go
c) Get off your cell phone
d) Take your eyes off the road to look at the cool construction

Which circumstance contributed to the most work zone crashes in 2009?
a) Driving too fast
b) Having an ugly car
c) Not paying attention (talking on cell phone, texting, eating)
d) Following too closely



Work Zone Photo Collage


If you drive crazy in a work zone, you could get:
a) Up to a $10,000 fine for injuring or killing a highway worker
b) Loss of license for a year
c) A $300 fine for a second or subsequent speeding or passing violation
d) All of the above

How can you avoid work zones?
a) While you're driving, text your friend at your destination to find out
b) Use the Traveler Information Map to plan your route ahead of time or call 1-888 ASK MODOT
c) Don't drive anywhere
d) Driving in a zig zag pattern

What's your best defense in a work zone crash?
a) Bubble wrap
b) The dashboard
c) The windshield
d) A seatbelt

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