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Working Together - Metropolitan Planning Organizations 


Metropolitan Planning Organizations

Among MoDOT's many transportation partners, its relationship with the MPOs is most formalized. Both MoDOT and the MPOs must produce long-range transportation plans. There are many similarities between state and regional long-range transportation plans and ultimately they are meant to support each other. There may be philosophical differences, but the state's investment goals are similar to those found in MPO plans.

As the groups work together, awareness of the similarities and differences is important.

Some of the similarities are:

  • Both have focus areas or investment goals that form the basis for decision-making.
  • Both identify future needs and program funding.
  • Both recognized the need to support all modes of transportation.

Among the differences are:

  • The state must consider all kinds of development patterns and all sizes of communities on a statewide basis. Regional plans seldom have the statewide perspective and their consideration of development patterns is based on their particular makeup, e.g. urban, suburban, and rural.

  • MoDOT's Long-Range Transportation Plan is not fiscally constrained based on projected funding. It identifies needs regardless of whether funds are available to address them. The MPO's plans are fiscally constrained.

List of MPOs Statewide


Large Metropolitan Planning Organizations
Transportation management areas are urbanized areas with populations of 200,000 or more. Only St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield meet this requirement. Federal requirements give metropolitan planning organizations specific responsibilities concerning transportation planning activities in these areas.

Because the relationship between TMAs and state departments of transportation is formally recognized in federal legislation and guided by federal regulations, it is the most developed of MoDOT's affiliations with local planning agencies. MoDOT and the TMAs will pursue ways to improve their working relationships.

Small Metropolitan Planning Organizations
Federal legislation also recognizes the need to coordinate transportation planning activities in urbanized areas with populations of at least 50,000 but less than 200,000. Metropolitan planning organizations in these smaller urban areas (St. Joseph, Joplin, Jefferson City and Columbia) have many of the same responsibilities as the TMAs, but their levels of authority and funding are different. While these organizations also are guided by federal regulations that have developed their areas of influence throughout the years, their planning efforts continue to be developed.


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