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Long-Range Transportation PlanSetting Direction 


The needs on Missouri's transportation system greatly exceed the resources available to meet them. The needs are valid; they have been established and confirmed through research and extensive public involvement. They extend across all modes of transportation. As a responsible state agency, MoDOT must focus its efforts on trying to meet these needs.

The department has established policies that will help it reach its goals. For example, before it can focus on significantly improving the highway and bridge system, it first must stop the deterioration. Only then can MoDOT move forward toward attaining the specific goals established here. MoDOT will work to establish stable sources of funding for the other modes of transportation. For example, MoDOT opposes the discontinuation of the dedicated aviation gas tax for the aviation trust fund. Based on the public's expectations, MoDOT will continue to focus on safety as its top priority in all modes and will place greater emphasis on rehabilitation and reconstruction.

The department is aware meeting all the needs is a challenge. It does not, and Missourians should not, expect instant, overwhelming progress regardless of the level of investment. What Missourians can expect is gradual improvement focusing on the highest priorities first. MoDOT will use its goals to guide its investments. Based on its work with members of the public and transportation stakeholders during the public involvement process, MoDOT believes these goals accurately reflect Missourians' priorities for transportation. They are fundamental to making wise transportation investments. The investment strategies, along with the policies embedded in the Long-Range Transportation Direction, will ensure MoDOT focuses on its most critical needs first.

Planning with Missourians' expectations in mind is a necessity, but public input must be balanced with responsible engineering decisions. MoDOT is committed to asking Missourians what they expect from the state's transportation system and using the most appropriate engineering information to help satisfy those expectations.

MoDOT will support ongoing communication with Missourians as the Long-Range Transportation Plan is implemented and updated. Ensuring that citizens have the chance to participate in the transportation decision-making process is a growing concern nationally, and MoDOT recognizes the importance of its obligation to provide these opportunities for all Missourians. MoDOT will work with its local and national transportation partners to provide opportunities for all Missourians to participate in the transportation decision-making process.

The Long-Range Transportation Plan is not a cure-all for Missouri's transportation needs. It is, rather, the document that identifies the needs and starts to identify the processes required to meet those needs. It is not a one-time process. To ensure its continued viability, it will be reviewed frequently and adjusted as necessary to meet changing circumstances.

The Long-Range Transportation Plan does not stand alone. State and federal law require creation of a plan based on the real intermodal transportation needs of the state (23 USC 135 and the State Highway Act, section 226.132). While the Long-Range Transportation Direction sets the course of action, other, equally important plans will provide detailed direction. It is one in a group of plans, including the mid-range plan, the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program and the strategic and business plans, that will govern MoDOT's operations at all levels. As a group, the plans will ensure MoDOT will provide its customers, the citizens of Missouri, the best transportation system possible.

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