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Frequently Asked Questions

Closing the bridge saves taxpayer money by allowing the contractor to work more efficiently. This will result in a shorter construction period.

Up to 140 calendar days is allowed by contract.

A signed detour is not planned at this time.

The only anticipated right of way purchases right now are easements.

Questions about the project may be directed to our Customer Service team using the button below.

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Current Proposed Timeline

Below is the current proposed timeline for the project. This is subject to change.

Design Phase and Right of Way Acquisition


Contractors bid on the project.

The project was part of our June 2018 letting. Contractors submitted competitive bids for the project.

Contract Awarded

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission awarded the $1,360,168.84 contract at their July 11, 2018 meeting.

Contractor has authority to begin work

The contractor is allowed to begin work in March 2019, but may ask the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission for permission to begin work earlier.

Completion Date

The contract completion date is currently October 1, 2019, though the contractor may finish the job before that date, if other factors allow.


Old Bridge

- Built in 1961
- Bridge rail does not meet current standards
- Weight-limited bridge
- 22 feet wide (two 11-foot lanes)
- no shoulders


New Bridge

- Bridge and bridge rail meet current standards
- Weight restrictions removed
- 26 feet wide (two 11-foot lanes with two-foot shoulders)

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