Clinton County
Route 116
McGuire Creek Bridge Replacement Project

COMPLETE! Open to all traffic as of July 19, 2018

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Old Bridge
Built in 1930.
Not up to current standards.
Striped as a one-lane bridge.

New Culvert
The bridgewas replaced with a box culvert.
Now has two 10-foot lanes with two-foot shoulders.
No weight restriction.


Current Proposed Timeline

Subject to Change

Design Phase


Contractor bid on the projects

The project was part of the March 2018 letting allowing contractors to submit competitive bids for the project. 

Contract Awarded

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission award the contract to Capital Paving and Construction, LLC at their April 2018 meeting.

Contractor has authority to begin work

The contractor were able begin work as early as June 2018. They closed Route 116 to all traffic at the bridge on June 4, 2018.


The contract completion date was set for December 2018, but crews were able to reopen the roadway to all traffic on July 19, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

Closing the bridge saves taxpayer money by allowing the contractor to work more efficiently and will result in a shorter construction period.

By contract, the closure may only last 45 calendar days for this route.

Because the Castile Creek Bridge replacement project on U.S. Route 169 south of Gower will detour motorists across this portion of Route 116, by contract the contractor will be required to complete the Route 116 project before they begin work on U.S. Route 169.

The current proposed detour will redirect motorists around the closure over U.S. Route 169, Route Z and Route B. To see a map of the detour, click HERE.

Based on the cost/benefit ratio, building a bypass would not be a good use of taxpayer funds.

Yes, some right of way will need to be purchased for this project.

Current Proposed Detour

Over U.S. Route 169, Route B and Route Z


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