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Permit Process

Once permit is issued:


General Permit Information

Any work performed on the MoDOT Right of Way requires a permit. Examples include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Construction of new entrances
  • Reconstruction of existing entrances
  • Grading
  • Landscaping
  • Irrigation installation
  • Utility installation or relocation
  • Traffic Control

You can submit a permit application online, or contact a traffic specialist who oversees the area where your permit is being sought.

How do I obtain a permit?

Permit Application

As a part of our commitment to provide a personal, fast, courteous, and understandable response to our customers there are three ways to submit a permit application for processing.

  1. Apply online by providing our staff with required information.  Upon receipt of your request, an application will be prepared and e-mailed to you in a pdf file. You can then provide the necessary signatures and mail the application back to us for issuance.
  2. Contact a traffic specialist who covers the area in which you are seeking a permit.
  3. Print and complete an hard copy of the application and mail associated documents to our office for issuance.

Depending upon the nature of the work, other documentation may be required before your permit can be processed.  (e.g. site plans, performance bond, certificate of liability, traffic studies, meeting with our personnel, etc…)

Issued Permit

Once you receive an issued permit for work to be performed on the right of way there are several steps that must be accomplished before you begin work.

  1. Request a Missouri One Call locate for existing utilities.
  2. Complete the online “Notice of Intent” form to work on the right of way.
  3. If your work requires a “Lane Closure” you must submit a request a minimum of 2 working days in advance and receive authorization from our staff before closing any lanes of traffic.
  4. You must keep a copy of the permit and approved plans on the job site at all times.
  5. Contact the traffic specialist a minimum of 48 hours prior to beginning work and for all necessary inspections.

General Criteria for Preliminary Submittal

  1. Letter or e-mail request that includes name, address and telephone number for both the property owner and his contractor (if applicable).
  2. Location sketch that shows the county and nearest crossroads to the state route in question.
  3. Overall site plan for the project.
  4. Plans are drawn to scale. A submittal of one 22”x 34” (D size), one 11”x 17” (B size), and one PDF electronic copy is preferred. The size and scope of the project may require additional hard copies for department review.
  5. Plans that change the original design of the highway e.g., widening, geometrics, profile, drainage, etc., must be signed and sealed by a registered professional engineer.
  6. Topographical survey including location of utilities, property lines, roadway features, and the MoDOT right of way must be clearly labeled.
  7. Grading and drainage plan (if applicable).
  8. Any driveway or street access should be tied to highway stationing, and aligned with entrances or streets on the opposite side of highway. Existing entrances or streets on both sides of the road should be shown on the plans (if applicable).
  9. Entrance plan should include surface type and thickness, curb detail, drainage pipe size and length, radii and profile. Typical sections for any highway widening.
  10. Plans should include method of restoring disturbed right of way areas i.e. compaction, fine grading, seeding, mulching, and / or sodding. If the proposed work involves land disturbance of 0.75 acres or greater, an Erosion Control plan for keeping silt on the site will be required. A Storm Water Prevention Plan and Department of Natural Resources permit verification may be required.
  11. Traffic control plan that conforms to the guidelines set forth in the Traffic Control Manual for Field Operations. A pavement marking plan (if applicable), signing plan (if applicable), and appropriate Edge Drop Off treatments if a 2” or greater edge drop off is exposed overnight.
  12. Any sidewalks must meet American Disabilities Act (ADA) Requirements.
  13. A note on the plans with the appropriate phone number of the traffic specialist that the contractor shall call a minimum of 48 hours prior to starting work, traffic

941 Permitting Process for Access Management

You can find the information at this link: http://epg.modot.org/index.php?title=Category:941_Permitting_Process_for_Access_Management

Performance Bond Requirements

A performance bond may be required for certain work on the MoDOT Right of Way.

The bond is provided to insure that the contractors performance is according to the work specified in the permit.

The specific dollar amount is dependent upon the scope of the work to be done and the traffic specialist who is overseeing your specific project can assist with the dollar amount determination.

If a performance bond is required, the necessary performance bond form must be completed, executed, and notarized by the insurance company. Performance bond paperwork must be correctly completed before the issuance of a permit.

Certificate of Liability Requirements

A “Certificate of Liability” is required for any work done by, or on behalf of any public entity / local government.  These permits will be issued once a “Certificate of Liability” is provided by the designated contractor or the public entity / local government.

The certificate must list the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission as the certificate holder, it must be in effect for the specified time that a presence is maintained on the right of way, and it must provide coverage amounts in accordance with the General Provision outlined in Section 9 below:

"Section 9.  The Applicant agrees to hold harmless the commission, its officers and employees from all liability, judgment, cost, expenses and claims growing out of damages of any nature whatsoever, to any person or property arising out of performance or non-performance of said work, or existence of said improvements.  The applicant shall carry commercial general liability insurance and commercial automobile liability insurance from a company authorized to issue insurance in Missouri, and to name the Commission, and MoDOT and its employees, as additional named insured in amounts sufficient to cover the sovereign immunity limits for Missouri public entities ($500,000 per claimant and $3,000,000 per occurrence) as calculated by the Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration, and published annually in the Missouri Register pursuant to Section 537.610 R.S. Mo."

Limited Access Permit Submittal

You can find the information at this link: http://epg.modot.mo.gov/index.php?title=941.16_Limited_Access_Permit_Submittal

Preliminary Plan Checklist

Click here to download the checklist.

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