December 18, 2014

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Lewis County Hit Hard by Bridge Restrictions

Signal on MO 16

Pictured are crews installing a temporary signal near the North Fabius River bridge on MO 16 west of Monticello in Lewis County to restrict traffic to one lane on the bridge.

North Fabius Bridge on Missouri Route 16 just west of Monticello has been reduced to a one lane bridge with temporary signals in place. Just down the road, the bridge over the Middle Fabius River also on MO 16 has been load posted with a restriction of 15 miles per hour for any trucks over 21 tons.

The North Fabius and Middle Fabius River bridges are 84 years old and during a routine inspection, MoDOT officials found structural deficiencies in these bridges. Every bridge constructed goes through a natural deterioration or aging process, although each bridge is unique in the way it ages.The fact that the bridge is classified under the federal definition as "structurally deficient" does not imply that it is unsafe. A structurally deficient bridge, when left open to traffic, typically requires significant maintenance and repair to remain in service. Structurally deficient bridges are often posted with weight limits to restrict the gross weight of vehicles using the bridges to less than the maximum weight typically allowed by statute.

Besides these two bridges, we also have bridges that have been impacted by inspections in Scotland, Pike and Macon Counties.

The Ever-Gleam Pompom

vintage Christmas tree

As a kid, we remember being fascinated at grandma's house by her vintage aluminum Christmas tree, sitting and watching that things change colors for what seemed like hours.

The Ever-Gleam Pompom aluminum Christmas tree, which is sitting in the main entrance of the Northeast District office, was manufactured by the Aluminum Specialty Company in 1959 and is about the same age as Interstate 70. The tree is in good condition given its age. It is mounted on a revolving platform base and has a rotating color wheel that shines up from the floor making the tree turn four different colors. In a dark room, the colors reflect off the silvery needles onto the walls and ceiling creating a spectacular light show!

The first trees were manufactured by a Chicago company named Modern Coatings in 1957. Hand-made and rather expensive, fetching prices of $75 and up, which was a LOT of money back then. As the 1960s progressed, tastes changed to earthier, real tree styles and the manufacture of aluminum trees slowed and Ever-Gleam ceased production in 1969, and by the early 1970’s aluminum trees were a thing of the past. Appreciation for the trees has increased in recent years, and they have become very collectible, especially when found complete and in good condition.

Around the District...

Jayne and Julie   pic
Jayne Darley and Julie Neisen, both of Financial Services, are trying out their red and blue exercise balls they brought from home.  This will allow them to work on their core muscles while performing their job duties.   Warrenton maintenance employees took time to represent MoDOT in the community's Christmas parade on December 5. It was a little rainy, but they braved it out.  Thank you to everyone!


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Marisa Brown-Ellison
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Northeast District


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