August 28, 2014

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Northeast District

Intersection Improvements for Safety

Cairo Intersection Improvements

Pictured here is one of the right turn lanes that is currently under construction at Routes Z and K near Cairo in Randolph County.

Improvements are and will be underway on some intersections around the Northeast District. As the result of a Road Safety Audit in 2012, turn lanes and J-turns are planned to be constructed in Atlanta, north of Macon, and Clark, south of Moberly.

Other intersections around the district are going to have signing upgrades as part of a statewide safety project. 

“These types of intersection improvements have been proven to reduce the number of accidents, so we are glad we can focus on improving safety,” said Brian Untiedt, traffic operations engineer. 

Currently underway is an improvement at Routes Z and K near Cairo in Randolph County. This project entails constructing right turn lanes and a new median crossover one-half mile north of Cairo. Cooperative agreements between MoDOT, the Randolph County Commission and the City of Cairo made this project possible. The next two projects will construct J-turns at Route M at Atlanta in Macon County and at Routes B and P near Clark in Randolph County. These projects are expected to be finished this year.

There are also approximately 24 other locations around the district that will receive signing upgrades, which will include crossroads signs before intersections and stop ahead signs. The signing projects will begin this year and be completed next year.

“Safety is a team effort between all of us,” Brian said. “We hope to reduce the number of accidents happening at intersections by making upgrades, but by buckling up, motorists help decrease their chance of injury or death if involved in an accident,” he added.

Around the District...

Flood Waters on MO 149

Champ Clark Inspections
MO 149 near Novinger became flooded after having heavy rains the weekend of Aug. 16.
Central Office employees are busy conducting inspections on the Champ Clark Bridge near Louisiana.
State Fair 2014 MoDOT runners in Mississippi River Run
Northeast District host day for the Missouri State Fair was Monday, Aug. 11. Pictured are Jonathan Bruner (traffic) and Jamie Mathes (Memphis Maint.) visiting with individuals and handing out state maps. Tom Batenhorst - Planning Mgr., Heath Otte - Maint. Superintendent, Marisa Ellison - CR Mgr., Dawn Miller - Hannibal Maint. and Steve Dickson - Survey
(not pictured) ran the Mississippi River
Run in Hannibal last weekend.

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Marisa Brown-Ellison
Customer Relations Manager
Northeast District


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