October 23 , 2014

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Close Call Shakes Up Crew

Crews work with emergency responders and law enforcement to clean up a crash in a work zone on a rural road in northeast Missouri. No one was injured.

The two-lane rural road, Route NN in Clark County, has long sight distance. It's flat. It's straight. It has low traffic volume.

The MoDOT truck in the work zone had its lights and strobes on. Veteran crew worker Linley Lipper had shut off the loud diesel truck, so he could listen to a radio program while he and Kolt Kiger, a fairly new team member, were pothole patching along the road.

The man driving the pickup was going fishing, probably like he had done for many of his 80 years of life.  He had his seat belt on and was driving about 55 mph.  He just didn't see the work zone, plain and simple.

Thankfully, Linley saw him coming at them quickly.  About 60 feet before impact, Linley yelled at the top of his lungs at Kolt, who saw what was happening and without a second to spare, jumped into the ditch.

"If that truck would have been on, I don't know if they would have heard the pickup approaching," said Maintenance Superintendent Ferdie Dames.

Ferdie prays for the safety of his crews every morning, he openly shares this at his employee fall meeting.

"I don't even want to think about what could have happened if just one thing would have been different at that time," Dames said. "The man's truck was totaled, but, thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident."

Linley and Kolt were pretty shaken up, as were their fellow crew members.

"We're so grateful they were watching out for each other and did what they were trained to do," he added.

Around the District...

October 8 was a beautiful day for a dinner cruise along the Mississippi River aboard the Mark Twain Riverboat, the site for the long-term service awards given to thirty-eight Northeast District employees. Assistant Chief Engineer Kathy Harvey was the guest speaker and thanked the employees for their leadership over the years, as well as, their families for allowing them to give time to MoDOT.  A combined 850 years of service was represented by our long-term employees.

Sprock - 35 Year Safety Award

  Fackler and Glover - 30 year recipients

35 Years of Service: Mark Sprock is pictured with his wife Karen. 40 Year recipient Kurt Spindler is not pictured.

  30 Years of Service: (pictured) Kenny Glover and Ervin Fackler III.
25 Year Recipients   20 Year Recipients
25 Years of Service: (pictured) Terry Hancock, Mary Wilson, Kevin Ross and Jason Miller. Not pictured are Mark Knickerbocker, Gary Peasel and Shannon Thompson.   20 Years of Service: (pictured) Tom Baker, Darin Biegel, Gene Boyles, Joe Collins, Tim Conover, Robert Deters, Mary Drennan, Erin Gruber, Tim Hays, Debbie Lipper, Linley Lipper, Billy Mallett, Debbie Malone, Erik Maninga, Bob Manzke, Randy Muck, Lonny Roberts, Dana Robinson, Holly Throndson, Matt Willing and Teri Zeiger. Not pictured are Simon Begley, Joe Kiser, Mike Laks, David Liebhart, and Rhonda Marsden.

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Marisa Brown-Ellison
Customer Relations Manager
Northeast District


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