November 19, 2015

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Teen Driving Now a Part of Paula's Home

Paula and Emma
Pictured is Paula Gough with her 15-year-old daughter, Emma.

“If there’s one thing I can tell parents who have a soon-to-be teen driver, it’s to understand the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) law,” said MoDOT Northeast District Engineer Paula Gough. 

Earlier this year, Paula became the parent of a teen driver.  She specifically cites MoDOT’s Road Wise: Parent/Teen Safe Driving Guide as a huge help to learning about the GDL.  Even though she had read Road Wise, her recent participation in a teen driving assessment program really drove home the driving restriction provisions of the GDL. 

"I encourage all parents to become educated on the GDL, which can be found in Road Wise."

Paula’s true “realization” came when her 15 year-old-daughter, Emma, became a permitted driver. 

“She’s a good driver, yet she’s young and inexperienced, so I have to be supportive and a good role model for her and all my kids,” Paula added.

Recently, Paula participated in a teen assessment review held by MoDOT’s Division of Highway Safety, along with several others with an interest in the promotion of safe teen driving.  Statistics show that teen drivers have the highest crash risk of any age group on the road and account for 20.7% of crashes resulting in serious injury or death. Of the crashes that resulted in fatalities, 62% of those teens were unbuckled. 

“These statistics are simply unacceptable,” Paula stated.  “The statistics are troubling, but they are more than numbers: it is my daughter, her friends, her classmates, and all of the driving teens across the Northeast District and Missouri,” said Paula.

“As a parent, I am the greatest role model and influencer on how my soon to be newly licensed driver drives and is a passenger with other teen drivers. So please get a copy of Road Wise and increase your understanding of Missouri’s GDL and simply be a good role model and buckle up!” said Paula. 

History, Bridges, Sidewalks...How We Help Communities

See's Creek Bridge Ribbon Cutting
Bob Manzke, district design liaison (pictured on the left), recently participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new bridge in Marion County over See's Creek.  The 94-year-old bridge was one of the oldest in the county and its replacement cost nearly $500,000.

As we all know within MoDOT, there are certain funds provided to Missouri that are designated only to be used for enhancing the livability of communities…sidewalks, trails, historic lighting, county bridges, etc.  District Design Liaison Bob Manzke has been involved in nearly 90 projects of this nature, and as a Hannibal native, he has had the opportunity to help America’s Hometown with many enhancements that have contributed to the beauty and attractiveness of the town and the land. 

One of the more interesting projects he’s been involved in was the revamping of the sidewalks and historic lighting on Main Street in Hannibal, the hub for Mark Twain sightseers. 

“This involved multiple funding sources, historic issues, the raising of funds from the businesses along Main Street, and the delicate balancing of design preferences given at public meeting,” Bob said. 

Soap Hollow Trail, which connects historic Riverview Park to downtown Hannibal, is another unique project Bob helped to facilitate. Another project that sticks out in his mind was helping the community of Marthasville restore the train depot at the Katy Trail Trailhead in their community.

“My role is to help communities through the federal guidelines process, so they will get all their funding reimbursed,” he explained.  “It takes a lot of communication, and I am always glad when they call, even if they call a lot, because that helps me stay on top of it for them,” he added.  “We work on these projects from inception to completion, so it helps me stay connected with the communities, their consultant engineers and contractors,” he added. 

His counterpart, Ron Watts, works out of the Macon office to provide the same service to communities in his area.

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Around the District...
KTVO Open House   Harriet Beard
Communications enjoyed being the new "news team" at KTVO's 60th Anniversary Open House in Kirksville.  

A ceremony was recently held to dedicate a section of U.S. 63 in Adair County as Harriet Beard Highway.  Pictured are Harriet Beard and Rep. Nate Walker.



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