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Today's Road and Lane Closures for the Northeast Area

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Traffic control in the form of signs, protective trucks and/or flaggers will be in place at the locations listed.  You may also refer to the Traveler Information Map for road conditions and work zones.

All Counties

  • Possible intermittent lane closures or slow moving vehicles blocking driving lane for surface and/or roadside maintenance operations in various locations.

Winter Driving Tips

Before You Travel - Check Current Road Conditions on the MoDOT's Traveler Information Map

(Available as an app for iPhones and Android phones)

Traveler Information Map

Call the MoDOT's Customer Service Center

Staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Call Toll Free 1-888-ASK-MODOT (888-275-6636)

Road Conditions in States bordering Missouri

Share the Road with Snowplows

Don’t go out during a snowstorm if you can avoid it. If you do, buckle up – always!

If you must travel, here are some tips to share the road with snow plows:

  • Give snowplows room to work; don’t tailgate or try to pass

  • A “strike team” may include several plow trucks, some with TowPlows and wing plows, and block all lanes on a major highway.  

  • Stay at least 4 car lengths back from snowplows and equipment 

  • Plowed snow can create a cloud that can blind drivers following too close 

  • Spreaders on trucks can throw salt, sand or cinders that can damage close-following vehicles - Stay Back!  

  • Salt brine trucks have a sign on the back warning motorist to “Liquid Salt, Stay Back.” That is for your safety as well as the drivers. They can’t see you and the brine sprays across three traffic lanes whether you are driving in them or not.  

  • Plow truck operators have to focus on snow removal and cannot always watch out for the drivers surrounding them, which means they may not see you if you try to pass or even collide with MoDOT equipment

  • Drive even more slowly in construction zones, even though they are inactive in winter weather

Remember a snowplow operator’s field of vision is restricted. You may see them, but they may not see you.

Driving Tips to Stay Safe in Winter Weather

  • Signs of ice forming on the road - you will see little to no moisture coming from the tires of vehicles around you or you will not hear moisture coming from your tires even if the road looks wet.
  • One of the best rules for driving in snow is to take it slow: everything should be done gradually. Remember stopping distance may increase 4 to 10 times on ice/snow covered roads.

  • Wet Roads - Reduce speed 1/4 the posted speed limit (Speed limit 55 mph = Reduce to 40-45 mph)
  • Snow Covered Roads - Reduce speed 1/2 the posted speed limit (Speed limit 55 mph = Reduce to 25-30 mph
  • Ice Covered Roads - Reduce speed 2/3 the posted speed limit (Speed limit 55 mph = Reduce to 20-25 mph)
  • Drive with your lights on.

  • Keep at least 1/2 tank of fuel in the vehicle
  • Travel during daylight hours if possible
  • 4-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles do not provide any additional stability on icy surfaces.

  • Sometimes it's best to find a safe spot and wait until the roads are clear and treated or the temperature rises

Winterize Your Car and Get Ready for the Hazards of Winter:

  • Good battery
  • Do a thorough pretrip inspection of your vehicle
  • Check your tires and brakes

  • Windshield wipers

  • Windshield wiper fluid

  • Roadside flares or fluorescent markers

Equip Your Vehicle With:

  • A flashlight with extra batteries

  • A first-aid kit & necessary medications

  • Blankets and/or sleeping bags

  • Extra warm clothing and rain gear

  • A small sack of sand to use for traction under your wheels

  • Small shovel
  • Jumper/Booster cables

  • Small tools - pliers, wrench, screwdriver

  • Nonperishable foods

  • Bottled water

Learn more about MoDOT's winter operations by following the links below.

Traveler Information Map
Go here to see a map of road conditions for major Missouri routes

Explanation of Road Conditions

Who's First? MoDOT's Plowing Priorities
How does MoDOT decide whose road gets plowed first?

How to Keep Your Driveway Clear
There is a right way to shovel your driveway

Adair County

  • US 63 - Apr. 20-21, one lane traffic 8 am - 2 pm from South jct. Bus 63 to North jct. Bus 63 for bridge maintenance.

Audrain County

  • Minimal impacts to traffic expected.


Clark County

  • Minimal impacts to traffic expected.

Knox County

  • Minimal impacts to traffic expected.

Lewis County

  • Route B - ROAD CLOSED north of Canton for flood gate improvements; please use alternate routes.

  • Route C - Apr. 20-24, one lane traffic 7 am - 5 pm from Route P to La Grange city limits for roadside work.

Lincoln County

  • Minimal impacts to traffic expected.


Macon County

  • Route T - BRIDGE CLOSED at Middle Fork Chariton River west of College Mound has been closed indefinitely. Please use alternate routes, such as US 36, MO 3 and Route F.
  • MO 3 - Apr. 21, road closed 8am - 4pm from Route EE to Garden Street for culvert replacement.

  • US 63 - Apr. 21, one lane traffic southbound 8 am - 10 am from Route T to Jackpot for shoulder work.

Marion County

  • MO 168 - Road closed for bridge replacement at Clear Creek.

Monroe County

  • Minimal impacts to traffic expected.

Montgomery County

  • Minimal impacts to traffic expected.

Pike County

  • Minimal impacts to traffic expected.

Ralls County

  • US 36 eastbound - April 20-24, one lane traffic 8 am - 3:30 pm from Route Z to Route J for pavement repair.


Randolph County

  • US 63 - Apr. 20-29, one lane traffic 7 am - 4 pm from Bus. 63 at Renick to MO 22 for pavement repair.

Schuyler County

  • Minimal impacts to traffic expected.


Scotland County

  • Route H - BRIDGE CLOSED at North Wyaconda River north of Arbela has been closed indefinitely; detour MO 136 to Route 15 to Route H, approx. 30 miles adverse travel.

Shelby County

  • Minimal impacts to traffic expected.


Warren County

  • Route B - Apr. 20-21, one lane traffic 7 am- 5 pm from I-70 south outer road to MO 94 for pavement repair.


Northeast Missouri Unplanned Bridge Closures

and Weight Restrictions

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