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October 17, 2011 10:13 AM
Motorists Urged to Share the Road During Operation Safe Driver Week, October 16-22

JEFFERSON CITY - Every day, commercial motor vehicles and passenger vehicles successfully share Missouri highways. But the unsafe and aggressive driving behaviors of a few result unnecessary danger.

That's the point of Operation Safe Driver Week - October 16-22 - drivers of big trucks and passenger vehicles need to respect each other, pay attention and avoid unsafe behavior that could result in a crash.

"A driver's first responsibility is to operate safely - whether the vehicle has two, four, eighteen or more wheels," said Jan Skouby, MoDOT Motor Carrier Services director. "But go a step further and think about the other drivers near you. Are they paying attention? If not, pay more attention to them. Can they see you? If not, be sure to make yourself visible."

Commercial vehicle drivers urge those who drive smaller vehicles to take extra care driving around trucks.

"A truck does not drive like a car. They can't make the same sudden moves and stops. The blind spots are much larger," said Skouby. "It's important to keep in mind that in a situation that pits a car versus a large truck, it doesn't matter who is in the right. The car is likely to get the worst of it."

Skouby suggested a few simple techniques to use near trucks.

•·         Don't hang out in the No-Zone - the areas around trucks where cars disappear into blind spots or are so close that they restrict the truck driver's ability to stop or maneuver safely.

•·         Use your headlights in inclement weather. Lights make cars more visible to truck drivers. A gray car against a gray highway on a gray, rainy day is hard to see.

All drivers, regardless of the type of vehicle, are encouraged to buckle up, mind the speed limit and pay attention to the driving task. That's the point of Operation Safe Driver Week - October 16-22 - drivers of big trucks and passenger vehicles respecting each other, paying attention and avoiding unsafe behavior that could result in a crash.

For more information about sharing the road safely, visit http://www.savemolives.com/.

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