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MoDOT News Release 

June 04, 2015 08:23 AM
Watch for Slow-Moving MoDOT Trucks Painting Stripes on Missouri Highways

For more information, contact the local MoDOT Communications Manager at 1-888-ASK-MODOT (275-6636) or contact the MoDOT Communications Office at (573) 751-2840.

June 4, 2015 - For immediate release

JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Department of Transportation is working on its annual effort to paint fresh stripes on highways. Drivers should be prepared to slow down significantly when coming up behind a slow-moving caravan of MoDOT striping trucks.

MoDOT restripes most of the major highways each year during late spring, early summer. The striping trucks move between 8 mph and 12 mph when workers are painting white and yellow lines on highways. A driver traveling at highway speed can approach a slow-moving striping caravan much quicker than he or she expects because of significant differences in speed.

For example, where the speed limit is 70 mph on interstate highways, cars are covering at least 103 feet per second. If not paying close enough attention approaching the last truck in a striping caravan, a driver suddenly may have to brake and swerve to avoid a high speed, rear-end crash, which can be extremely serious.

The yellow MoDOT trucks have flashing strobe lights and boards with flashing arrows and messages.

"Even with all of the lights and signs, a few MoDOT striping crews are struck each year," said Eileen Rackers, MoDOT state traffic engineer. "We ask motorists to exercise extra patience and attention so no one gets hurt."

Crisp, easy-to-see striping is a significant safety feature on roadways. The paint contains glass beads that reflect light from headlights in the dark. Striping work is important to every driver.


Safety Tips

MoDOT encourages drivers to use caution in and around the striping equipment and workers performing this necessary work in traffic. Here are driving tips to remember when coming upon a striping operation:

·    On multi-lane highways, be prepared to slow down and pull around the striping train by merging carefully into the open lane. Do not pull in among the trucks in the work train. Avoid driving over wet paint when possible to keep paint from getting onto your vehicle and to avoid damaging the newly painted stripe.

·    On two-lane highways, stay behind the last truck in the striping train, placed well behind the striping truck. This will give the new paint the few minutes it needs to dry. If traffic backs up behind the striping train, MoDOT crews will pull out of the way where it is safe to do so and let congestion clear.

·    If you drive through wet paint, which is water-based, clean your car as quickly as possible with a high-powered water hose such as those used in car washes.



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