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MoDOT News Release 

February 19, 2015 09:01 AM
MoDOT Performance Management Tool Celebrates 10 - Year Anniversary

JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Department of Transportation is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its performance management tool, Tracker, this year. Tracker allows MoDOT to measure how well products and services are delivered to its customers and has made the department a national leader in the area of performance management.

MoDOT's mission and values provide the basis for the department's performance as Missouri's state transportation agency. From those values, MoDOT established its tangible results, which are the broad categories of what Missourians expect the department to accomplish: Keeping customers and employees safe, keeping roads and bridges in good condition, providing outstanding customer service, delivering transportation solutions of great value, operating a reliable and convenient transportation system, using resources wisely, and advancing economic development. Each performance measure listed in Tracker is linked to one of these tangible results.

A decade ago, Tracker focused on more than 100 performance measures and 18 tangible results. Those numbers have since been narrowed to just seven tangible results with 59 performance measures focused on core MoDOT functions.

Two measures that have been tracked for the past 10 years include MoDOT's customer satisfaction rate and percentage of major highways in good condition. Both measures have seen significant improvement since 2005 with MoDOT's customer satisfaction increasing from 67 to 85 percent, and the state's major highways in good condition going from 60 to 89 percent in good condition.

"As we move forward with a $325 million budget, Tracker will be more important than ever," said MoDOT Director Dave Nichols. "Although Tracker has helped us note progress in both the condition of our transportation system and overall customer satisfaction for the past 10 years, meeting our customer's expectations will be a challenge as our funding drops."

Tracker not only measures MoDOT's performance on a statewide level, it also helps manage the functions and activities that are most important at the division and district levels.

"As we celebrate the anniversary it's exciting to look back at how much we've accomplished through the use of Tracker, and to look ahead at how much we can continue to improve by using it," said Machelle Watkins, transportation planning director. "Tracker gives us that snapshot of how we perform through all aspects of the organization, including everything from the length of time it takes us to clear roads after a snowstorm to the amount of recycled material we use."

Tracker is published quarterly to ensure accountability and allow customers to see the progress MoDOT makes toward those results that they expect. For more information about Tracker, and to download this quarter's report go to http://www.modot.org/about/Tracker.htm.

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