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Comprehensive Safety Analysis

Comprehensive Safety Analysis or CSA, is a high-impact safety program to improve large truck and bus safety and ultimately reduce crashes.  It introduces a new enforcement and compliance model that allows the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and its state partners to contact a larger number of carriers earlier in order to address safety issues before crashes occur. This nationwide program makes the roads safer for motor carriers and other travelers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSA?

CSA is a high-impact safety program. It improves the safety of large trucks and buses that travel interstate, ultimately reducing the number of crashes. Federal and state agencies will more efficiently address safety by addressing behaviors by drivers and motor carriers that are known to cause crashes.

Why is CSA necessary?

Because it focuses on behaviors that are known to cause crashes, CSA allows enforcement to concentrate on specific issues with motor carriers where unsafe behaviors occur – before the behaviors lead to a crash.

The approach also allows more efficient use of investigator and motor carriers’ time and effort.

How is CSA different from the previous commercial motor vehicle safety approach?

Before, enforcement visited with motor carriers after a crash or major safety violation occurred. With CSA, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and its state partners contact motor carriers when unsafe driver or carrier behaviors are identified, well before risky behaviors become chronic and habitual.

How is behavior information gathered?

All safety-based roadside violation information goes into a national database. It is sorted into seven Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories or BASICs. The violations are weighted by severity, based on known correlations between the behavior and crash risks.

The intervention process is triggered by a score assigned to the carrier, based on the BASICs. It could result in a simple phone call or letter, an onsite visit or other activity.

What are the BASICs?

The seven Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories are:

  • Unsafe driving
  • Hours-of-service
  • Driver fitness
  • Controlled substances and alcohol
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Hazardous Materials compliance
  • Crash indicator (reportable crashes)

BASICS are weighted according to severity, the length of time since the behavior occured and crash risk. Read about BASICs in the FMCSA's FAQs.


Much more information about CSA is available at http://csa.fmcsa.dot.gov/





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