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Spring 2013 Newsletter

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KC District Local Projects to Begin Construction

Newly Funded KC District Safe Routes to School Projects

Want to Stay Informed About Upcoming Local Programmed Projects?

LPA Bulletin

LPA Team Wins Award

ADA Training Workshop

Missouri On The Move


KC District Local Projects to Begin Construction

The following KC District LPA recently awarded projects will begin construction in the 2013 construction season.


Project I.D.


Project Location


City of Concordia

Trail of Memories


City of Independence

Bly Road Bridge

STP-3379 (425)

City of Independence

35th Street


City of Kansas City

Blue River Trolley Trail


City of Kansas City

Shoal Creek Trail, Phase 5


City of Kansas City

Emmanuel Clever Blvd. Streetscape Improvements


City of Kansas City

North Brighton Avenue


City of Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill Trail, Phase II


City of Pleasant Hill

Resurfacing and ADA Improvements on Bus. 7


City of Pleasant Hill

Signal upgrade at MO 7 and Country Club


City of Raytown

Downtown Streetscape


City of Sugar Creek

Sterling Avenue Project


Pettis County

Garrison Road Bridge over McGee Branch


Pettis County

Higgins Road, West Bridge


Pettis County

Quisenberry Road Bridge over Coon Creek Tributary


Ray County

West 88th Street Bridge over Fishing River


Contact Info

Rich Shipley


Jackie White


Dave Luther


James Bentley




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Spring 2012 Newsletter

Summer 2012


Fall 2012


Winter 2012



Newly Funded KC District Safe Routes to School Projects

The following Local Agencies in the KC District were notified they were awarded SRTS funding on February 4.

Project Type Federal Project Number  Funded Amount  Project Title Agency Name
Infrastructure SRTS-INF-H32C (101)  $    91,345.00 City of Alma City of Alma
Infrastructure SRTS-INF-H32C (102)  $  249,370.00 Platte City - 2012 Infrastructure City of Platte City
Infrastructure SRTS-INF-H32C (103)  $  246,354.75 SRTS Horace Mann-Infrastructure City of Sedalia
Infrastructure SRTS-INF-H32C (104)  $    40,065.00 Kearney Elementary - 2012 Infrastructure City of Kearney
Non-Infrastructure SRTS-NI-H32C (501)  $    24,440.00 Local Spokes Bike/Ped Education BikeWalk KC
Non-Infrastructure SRTS-NI-H32C (502)  $    20,992.30 SRTS Horace Mann - Non Infrastructure City of Sedalia
Non-Infrastructure SRTS-NI-H32C (503)  $    23,967.30 SRTS Parkview Non-Infrastructure City of Sedalia

Want to Stay Informed About Upcoming Local Program Projects?

The Mid America Regional Council (MARC) TIP is considered the official site for urban (Platte, Clay, Jackson, Cass Counties) LPA projects.  The current TIP can be found on the MARC website at http://www.marc.org/transportation/tip/TIP12-16.htm.


Another good way to stay up to date on local projects in the urban area is to attend or review the minutes of STP, TE/TA, and CMAQ Missouri subcommittee meetings where decisions as to how funds are to be distributed are made.  The MARC website has information on these committees.  The MARC website can be found at www.marc.org.


The MoDOT LPA website main page typically has information on recent statewide funded projects.  For example, the recently announced statewide Safe Routes to School Projects are currently available on the LPA website main page.  The MoDOT LPA website can be found at http://www.modot.org/business/lpa/index.htm.  Additionally, the "Consultant Info" tab of the LPA website has the consultant RFQ advertisements.


Information on LPA projects specific to the rural and urban counties of the KC District and the corresponding KC District contacts can be found on the MoDOT KC District LPA website under the “Track Progress” tab. The KC District website “Track Progress” page is generally updated quarterly and can be found at http://www.modot.org/kansascity/major_projects/Local_Planning_Agency.htm

LPA Bulletin


LPA Policy Bulletins are created to disseminate policy and procedural changes that require immediate implementation and covers items that are of great importance. The bulletin will include a description of the specific articles of LPA policy that are being revised as well as the revised information that will be substituted in its place.

BULLETIN 1 (effective 2/14/13) - Sponsor Eligibility – EPG Sponsor Eligibility has been updated.  Project sponsors must be a city, county or transportation related government agency to be eligible to administer a federal aid transportation project. All other entities including, but not limited to, school districts and not-for-profit agencies must partner with a city or county to apply for and/or administer a federal aid transportation project.


BULLETIN 2 (effective 2/1/13) – Engineering Services Contract – EPG 136.4 - Fig 136.4.1 Engineering

Services Contract has been updated to include the following sections:

  • Added prompt payment language
  • Added suspension and termination language
  • Added lobbying certification language
  • Added OPTIONAL insurance language
  • Added the Conflict of Interest Form as Attachment G
  • Added ADA certification language (no longer have to use a separate ADA certification form which was Fig. 136.9.12)


BULLETIN 3 (effective 1/17/13) – Example Estimate - Fig 136.9.11 Example Estimate was added to EPG

136.9. This estimate is broken down into the required categories for payment.


BULLETIN 4 (effective 2/1/13)– ADA Certification Form – Fig. 136.9.12 ADA Certification Form has been removed from the manual and incorporated into the Engineering Services Contract – See Bulletin 2. The ADA construction checklist Fig. 136.9.4 is still a requirement.


LPA Team Wins Award

A MoDOT team working to improve the Local Public Agencies program was awarded the Bronze Performance Excellence Award, given by the American Association of State and Highway Officials. The award recognizes projects with performance excellence results meeting the highest standards.

Description: Award

LPA strategic vision team leader Kenny Voss (left) accepts the award for the team from chief engineer Dave Nichols (right).

The team’s overall focus was to find ways to complete projects on time, on budget and in compliance with federal law. They identified five areas to improve and developed implementation strategies:

  • Develop a FHWA/MoDOT Certification Program
  • Develop a Training Program
  • Improve the Missouri LAP manual
  • Develop a Program and Project Management Tool
  • Develop a Continuous Improvement Team

LPA Strategic Vision Team members: Kenny Voss (team leader), Charles Pursley, Jessica Keathley, Jerica Holtsclaw, Todd Grosvenor, Lee Ann Kell, Dion Knipp, Paula Gough, David Luther, Wesley Stephen, Dawne Gardner, and Karen Miller (team facilitator).

ADA Training Workshop in KC District April 22 and 23

This one day workshop is scheduled for April 22 and 23 at MoDOT KC District Headquarters.  Enrollment is through Missouri LTAP.  Enrollment information will soon be available at http://mltrc02.srv.mst.edu/trainings/calendar.html or by contacting Kristi Barr at Missouri LTAP via email at kristib@mst.edu.

Missouri On The Move

For information about MoDOT’s On The Move statewide public engagement effort, please visit www.missourionthemove.org.


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