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Spring Newsletter

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Table of Contents

LPA Construction

Flood Plain Considerations

Soft Match Bridge Program

Local Program Consultant Selection

Calendar of Events





KC Advisory Team Members

George Binger, City of Lee's Summit

Gerri Doyle, MoDOT

Tom Garland, City of Independence

Darryl Fields, MARC

Jerry Gibbs, City of Harrisonville

Bill Graves, City of Warrensburg

Steve Hansen, City of Liberty

Scott Heavin, HNTB

Mike Landvick, MoDOT

Lee Ann Kell, MoDOT

Helen Madison, MoDOT

Tim Nebergall, City of Gladstone

Dennis Randolph, City of Grandview

Steve Rhoades, Patti Banks Associates

Linda Rottinghaus, Affinis

Jeff Sell, City of Blue Springs

Paschal Smith, City of Raymore

Rich Shipley, MoDOT

Chad Thompson, City of Kansas City

Mario Vasquez, City of Kansas City

Jackie White, MoDOT


LPA Construction

Transportation Planning now the Home for LPA construction inspection in the Kansas City District

With Spring around the corner, MoDOT LPA staff are preparing for the upcoming construction season. As part of this preparation, the KC District is planning an LPA Construction Administration Training for Tuesday, February 28, 2012, from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the District Office in Conference Room 136.

Our in depth focus will be the construction and close out phase of your federal-aid projects. The emphasis will be on updates to section 136.11 of MoDOT's LPA manual, construction documentation, change orders, ADA requirements and DBE participation and the associated documentation. Also, topics include an overview of statewide LPA direction and overview of the draft LPA construction administration section of the LPA manual with emphasis on DBE and ADA Compliance.

Speakers include MoDOT Central Office staff, KC district staff, and a Federal Highway representative. Please RSVP to James Bentley, or 816-607-2105, by the end of the day on Friday, February 17, if you are planning on attending the meeting.

Part of the training will be provided by the two LPA Construction Inspectors, James Bentley and Dave Luther. These two LPA staff members will be assisting LPA projects moving through the construction process.

James Bentley

James Bentley has worked at MoDOT for the past 17 years in maintenance, traffic, and as the construction inspector for LPA projects. James generally works on LPA projects south of I-70.

"I look forward to meeting everyone at our upcoming training. I encourage everyone to read the LPA manual and know the guidelines. We are here to help make sure all federal and state guidelines are being followed so that those monies are not in jeopardy," James said.

DavDave Luthere Luther has worked with MoDOT for the past 22 years in design and construction in the Southeast district. He has worked with LPA construction inspection for the past 8 years. New to the Kansas City district, Dave will work with LPA projects north of I-70. To contact Dave, you can email him or call him at 816-607-2136 or by mobile phone at 816-769-8393.

"Remember to keep us in the loop because we are here to help. I look forward to meeting everyone in the district," Dave said.


Flood Plain Considerations in LPA Projects

When you submit your programming data form the MoDOT environmental division may inform you through the NEPA determination letter and environmental tracking form that your project is within the 100 year floodplain and that you must contact your local floodplain administrator to determine what is necessary.  When considering the particular project scope and location you and your floodplain administrator will need to take one or possibly more of the following actions:

  • Fill-out a floodplain development permit and get it approved by the floodplain administrator.
  • Obtain a no rise certificate from the floodplain administrator.
  • Obtain a letter from the floodplain administrator stating that neither a no-rise certificate nor a floodplain development permit is needed based on the location and scope of the project.

In some cases both a no-rise certificate and a floodplain development permit are required.

This is one of the trickiest clearances to obtain, so if you and your floodplain administrator are having difficulty filling-out the forms or determining what is needed then you should contact your district LPA project contact and they can get you in touch with the proper State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) or MoDOT environmental contacts to assist you.

Once you have obtained the proper form and/or letter then submit them to your district LPA project contact and they will forward them on to the MoDOT environmental division for review and approval.  Remember that you must get your floodplain issues cleared by MoDOT prior to obligation and authorization to advertise.


Contact Info:

Rich Shipley


Jackie White


Dave Luther


James Bentley




Fall 2011 Newsletter

Spring 2012 Newsletter


Soft Match Bridge Credit Program

The primary focus of the program is to provide local agencies more flexibility in removing deficient bridges from the Bridge Inventory. The LPA constructs a bridge eligible for funding under the Highway Bridge Program and is allowed certain waived federal requirements.  The LPA can then request credit under the program for eligible items and services. This credit may be applied toward the 20% match required on federal aid bridge projects. Additionally, Soft Match Credits may be transferred upon written request between LPA’s. The transfer may be from one LPA’s Soft Match Credit funds to another LPA or in exchange for another LPA’s BRO funds.

Bridges eligible for the program must have been on MoDOT’s list of structures that were eligible for federal bridge funds during the year the bridge was rehabilitated or replaced and must be on a route with a functional classification of rural local, urban local or rural minor collector. Eligible bridges may receive up to 80% credit for the eligible items and services used in constructing the bridge.

Once constructed and open to traffic, the LPA will send their District representative a cover letter and the project documentation. The cover letter will indicate the beginning date and completion date of the construction; a statement that the project is “non-controversial;” LPA certification that the project was built to HBP specification; and certification of costs claimed on the project are actual costs. Projects documentation includes: as-built plans and specifications; Structural Inventory & Appraisal sheet (SI&A); load calculations; documentation of eligible final costs; certification of all applicable clearances and permits; and photographs. 

The District’s representative will then review the documentation for completeness and accuracy. The District will perform a final walk-through and verify that the bridge is in “good” condition, was built in general conformance of the bridge plans and verify the SI&A sheet.  This information will then be forwarded to MoDOT’s Bridge Division and Resource Management for final determination and credit of funds.

For details on the Soft Match Bridge Credit program click here for complete information.

The Kansas City District’s representative for the Soft Match Bridge Program is Richard W. Shipley, P.E., LPA Administrator, (816) 607-2228 or by e-mailing Rich Shipley.

Local Program Consultant Selection

Local program consultant selection is an important area of LPA Administration. Please see the following link for more details on Local Program Solicitations. The solicitations have been listed in table format sorted by regions. Questions regarding the LPA solicitations may be directed to the LPA contact listed.

This link will also allow your firm to view the Local Program Consultant Selections and the Approved Annual Financial Pre-Qualification List.

If your firm has not started the MoDOT and Local Programs Annual Financial Pre-Qualification Process, we encourage you to do so. Please review the Approved Annual Pre-Qualification List to determine if your firm’s Pre-Qualification Expiration Date or MoDOT E-Verify dates have or is about to expire.

Click the link to go to the Annual Financial Pre-Qualification Process. Please ensure all documents are sent together-electronic submission is preferred - to eliminate delay in the review and approval of your firm. Include the name, phone number and email address of a contact person who is authorized to answer questions regarding financial documents.

As stated in the Annual Financial Pre-qualification Process, if additional information is requested and not received within 30 days, MoDOT may discontinue the pre-qualification process.

Click the link to the Annual Worker Eligibility Verification Affidavit. Please complete the affidavit and submit the document with a copy of the first page and signature page of the E-Verify MOU your firm has with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The signature page is only valid if the signature of the firm and DHS are present.


Calendar of Events

February 28,                       8:30 am - 11:30 am

LPA Construction Training

MoDOT District Headquarters

600 NE Colbern, Lee's Summit

February 29

9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

KC LPA Advisory Group Meeting

MoDOT District Headquarters, Room 255

600 NE Colbern, Lee's Summit

March 1 Draft of LPA Manual available for review

March 22

1:30 - 3 p.m.

KC LPA Advisory Group Meeting

MoDOT District Headquarters

600 NE Colbern, Lee's Summit







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