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Low Cost Solutions ($100,000 to $500,000)

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Lower Cost Solution 1: Restripe lanes (Rank this option now)

stripingIn this solution, MoDOT would restripe I-35 southbound to rearrange the lanes and reduce required lane changes for drivers. This solution does not add lanes. Click the image to review details of this solution.

        • To improve I-35, the ramps from I-670 westbound and Truman Road to I-35 southbound would be reduced from three lanes to two lanes before they merge with I-35 south. 

        • This would require vehicles from Truman Road to merge to the left, and the existing lane would be striped or barricaded to keep drivers from using the lane. 

        • At the point where these ramps merge with the I-35 southbound, the two I-35 lanes would be shifted to the east to use the lane coming from Truman Road ramp. 

        • This solution would eliminate the dropped lane on I-35 southbound and reduce the number of required merges near the I-670 and 20th Street exits. 

There is no expected impact to surrounding neighborhoods or additional right of way required for this solution.

Tell us what you like or dislike about this idea:

Lower Cost Solution 2: Additional Signs (Rank this option now)

signAdd signs to I-35 in Kansas, I-670, I-35 and I-29 north of the downtown loop to provide commuters, tourists and freight haulers alternate routes for accessing locations in Hospital Hill, Crown Center, Crossroads and the West Bottoms. Some examples could include:

        • Destination signs at 7th & Rainbow or Southwest Boulevard/Mission Road for alternate access to Crown Center, Union Station, Crossroads, West Side, and Hospital Hill.

        • Signage to help truckers and livestock haulers navigate the loop to reach the West Bottoms and the American Royal via the interstate.

        • Create a separate exit number for each of the three ramps on I-35 Northbound to Topeka, St. Louis and Broadway, so that all three are not using number 2U.

There is no additional right-of-way required for this solution.

Tell us what you like or dislike about this idea:

Lower Cost Solution 3: Ramp Meters (Rank this option now)

ramp Ramp meters are special signals designed to control the flow of traffic onto an interstate.  According to the KC Scout site, ramp meters have the following benefits:

          • Smoother and safer freeway entries.

          • Minimized sudden weaving and braking.

          • More consistent traffic flows.

          • Improved freeway speeds.

          • Decreased travel times

          • Reduced rear end accidents.


One location in the study corridor where ramp meters might be considered is at the Southwest Trafficway/Broadway entrance ramp.

Ramp meters create space between vehicles entering the interstate to ease sudden stops and lane changes as drivers merge into traffic.  Increasing space between vehicles makes lane changes easier and safer.

All the impacts in this solution would occur on existing MoDOT or city right-of-way. 

Tell us what you like or dislike about this idea:

Lower Cost Solution 4: Streetscape (Rank this option now)

streetscapeOne of the unique features of I-35 in the study area is that most of the interstate is elevated on bridges. 

Any streetscape solution will require a partnership between neighborhoods, the City of Kansas City and MoDOT to improve the area under the viaduct and adjacent areas of public right-of-way.  These partnerships will also ensure that design concepts from the Greater Downtown Area Plan and other neighborhood studies are incorporated into proposed projects. 

There could be some right-of-way impacts to the neighborhoods, depending on the scope of each project.  These impacts could include temporary easements for construction to permanent easements for street features. 

Tell us what you like or dislike about this idea:

Rank the four lower cost options from 1-4 with 1 = like best and 4= like least.


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