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What About That?

Linking Up: New Communication Tools Introduced

Project Spotlight





KC Advisory Team Members

George Binger, City of Lee's Summit

Gerri Doyle, MoDOT

Tom Garland, City of Independence

Darryl Fields, MARC

Jerry Gibbs, City of Harrisonville

Bill Graves, City of Warrensburg

Steve Hansen, City of Liberty

Scott Heavin, HNTB

Mike Landvick, MoDOT

Lee Ann Kell, MoDOT

Helen Madison, MoDOT

Tim Nebergall, City of Gladstone

Dennis Randolph, City of Grandview

Steve Rhoades, Patti Banks Associates

Linda Rottinghaus, Affinis

Jeff Sell, City of Blue Springs

Paschal Smith, City of Raymore

Rich Shipley, MoDOT

Chad Thompson, City of Kansas City

Mario Vasquez, City of Kansas City

Jackie White, MoDOT


MoDOT’s Improving the Local Public Agency Program

Over the past several months, MoDOT has been seeking input from partners and looking at best practices across the county with one goal in mind - improving the local public agency (LPA) program.

“MoDOT wants to make the LPA process better by getting projects delivered quickly and efficiently and by being, consistently compliant with federal regulations,” explained Kenny Voss, LPA administrator for MoDOT.

MoDOT charged an LPA strategic vision team to improve the LPA program. The team includes communities, MoDOT, Federal Highway Administration, metropolitan planning organizations and engineering consultants.

“To help define what thStatewide vision teamese improvements will look like, MoDOT has held Partnering for Innovative Efficiencies (PIE) meetings across the state, identifying best practices across the country, and working with federal liaisons. Many of the improvements, like better training and tracking tools, are still in the beginning stages,” explained Lee Ann Kell, district planning manager.

The statewide vision team.

Helping local agencies deliver projects quickly and efficiently is a major goal of these improvements. MoDOT has added LPA staff and tools to help municipalities move projects through each step and deliver a compliant project.

In the Kansas City region, MoDOT has created and LPA advisory group to improve project delivery and communication through the stages of the projects. The group is made up of 15 members from cities, counties, metropolitan planning organizations, consultants and staff.

The federal government offers several funding mechanisms that allow local public agencies to use federal dollars on a variety of projects from urban transportation improvements to bridge maintenance to sidewalk improvements. MoDOT oversees the use of these funds by LPA partners.

FHWA and the Office of Inspector General have reviewed LPA projects nationwide. As a result of the review, MoDOT and federal reviewers have identified a need to ensure all projects are compliant with federal regulations. For example, the quality based selection process is one that has been reviewed. MoDOT will be ensuring projects follow the quality-based selection process, including posting requests for qualifications (RFQ) on MoDOT’s website. The same is true of the letting requirements. MoDOT will now require bids to be posted on its website, as well, to promote the best competition for bids. Also, MoDOT is closely reviewing the plans specifications and estimate (PS&E) submittal for compliance of all regulations.

“We want to provide great service and ensure all the projects are delivered quickly and in compliance,” added Kell. “We don’t want any project in the position to have to find new funding because of compliance issues with federal regulations.”

She offers a few recommendations for those working on or getting ready to work on a federally funded local project:

  • understand that things will be different,

  • watch the website for changes and new information,

  • call MoDOT staff at the beginning of a project to find out what new tools are available to help start the project.

“The PIE meetings were the first step,” said Kell. “We got great input across the state. I cannot express the value of that input. While we are improving the LPA program, keep the ideas coming. Partnership is key to making LPA even better than before.”


Contact Info:

Rich Shipley


Jackie White


Helen Madison


James Bentley



More Staff Dedicated to LPA Projects

Transportation Planning now the Home for LPA in

the Kansas City District


The Kansas City district administers more than 100 LPA projects at any giveLPA Org Chartn time. Finding time and resources to help municipalities navigate through the project steps is a priority for MoDOT.

As part of the initiative to improve LPA administration in the district, MoDOT has increased and reorganized staff to improve the group’s effectiveness. Transportation Planning now oversees all aspects of the LPA process and has added three new staff to the area.

Two teams will work with LPA project administration. Rich Shipley, PE, and Jackie White, PE, have accepted the two new positions of transportation project designers (TPD). They will serve as a primary point of contact and assist partners with as they complete project milestones. Working under Shipley and White will be two transportation planners, a highway designer and two construction inspectors. As MoDOT reorganizes, partners may see some new faces in these positions as employees retire and shift positions.

“MoDOT is undergoing lots of change as we systematically reorganize. We hope to have everyone in place by the end of January,” explained Lee Ann Kell, district planning manager.

During the transition to fill these positions, contact Shipley or White with questions. CurRichard Shipleyrently, Helen Madison serves as district design liaison and James Bentley serves as a construction liaison.  The other positions are open at this time.

While new to LPA administration, both have had long careers with MoDOT. Rich Shipley joined MoDOT in 2000 as a construction inspector in Joplin. He has spent the past four years in the Kansas City area as assistant maintenance engineer, working on improving minor roads and maintaining major routes in good condition. Shipley also served in the military and worked in the private sector before joining MoDOT.

“I am looking forward to working with our LPA partners. These improvements will allow projects to be mJaclyn Whiteore consistent from conception to completion. Our team will help those communities who do LPA projects less frequently step through it easier,”explained Shipley.

Jackie White joined MoDOT in 1999 as a materials inspector. In her 12-year career, she has worked as a highway designer, transportation planning coordinator and assistant district construction and materials engineer.

“I enjoy being back in transportation planning. I look forward to the improvement in the LPA process toward the goal of being the best region in the state. I am exciting about providing more training and project management tools,” she said.


What About That?

FAQs About the Right of Way Requirements

Each issue of the newsletter will feature frequently asked questions about different aspects of the LPA administration.

If our group has already purchased Right of Way, do we still need to follow federal guidelines?  

Right of Way purchased within five years of the funds obligation date must follow the federal clearance process. For details on Right of Way clearance check out 236.18.10 Section of the LPA Manual.

Does donated land need to follow the federal Right of Way process?

Yes, all land acquired for LPA projects must go through the Uniform Relocation Act process outlined in federal regulations. Donated land follows a simpler clearance process than if the land is purchased. However there are still specific requirements such as obtaining a waiver of appraisal that must be followed. Check out the LPA manual section for details.

What is the difference between an A-date and Notice to Proceed in the Right of Way acquisition process?

The acquisition date, or A-date, is required when federal funds are used to purchase right of way on a LPA project. You request an A-date once your right of way acquisition plans have been approved. Then your request is reviewed by MoDOT and FHWA and federal funds are obligated. This takes longer than a notice to proceed. Section gives more details on this.

A Notice to Proceed is issued when local funds are used in the purchase of Right of Way for an LPA project, and no federal reimbursement for the right of way acquisition is desired. You request a notice to proceed once right of way plans are approved. Then the request is reviewed by MoDOT district staff only, and no obligation request is made to FHWA. While this is faster than the A-date, the land acquisition must still follow the same federal regulations and clearance steps. Section gives more details on this.

Do temporary easements require approval through the federal Right of

Way process?

If you need to obtain any right of way or reality rights, including temporary easements, projects must follow federal requirements; including right of way plans submittal and obtaining an A-date or notice to proceed and having your Right of Way process monitored and cleared by MoDOT district staff. Section explains these requirements in detail.

More Questions? Checkout our FAQs on the LPA website. If you don’t see your question there, submit it to Kristy Hill Wegner to be included in our next newsletter.


Linking Up

MoDOT focuses on improving communication

The Local Public Agency (LPA) administration is changing and will continue to be improved over the next couple of years. While no one really likes change while it’s happening, it is inevitable.

To help everyone stay updated on the improvements, MoDOT is finding new ways to get the word out. In the past year, MoDOT has used Partnering for Innovative Efficiencies (PIE) meetings, advisory groups, email, and staff updates to share information and get feedback from partners. While continuing to use these tools, MoDOT will be adding more communication and training in the months to come.

At a statewide level, partners can expect to see changes to the LPA Manual and Engineering Policy Guide; see more statewide training opportunities; and an updated website among the communication improvements.

In the Kansas City district, staff members are working on a variety on new communication tools:

  • Newsletter: The district will be sending out LPA Link quarterly to update everyone on LPA projects.
  • Website: Recently several advisory team members reviewed the site and provided suggestions on improvement. Part of the new website will be a blog network so that LPA partners can post questions, network with each other, and get more information. Click the link to see the website.
  • Updates & Training: Beginning in 2012, MoDOT will offer more updates and trainings on a statewide and district basis to discuss improvements, provide a chance to share best practices, and network with staff and others.
  • Publicity: MoDOT wants to help celebrate the milestones of these projects. Have pictures of projects before and after? During construction? Keep staff updated, and MoDOT will post your progress on the website and in the newsletter.

MoDOT is striving to provide constant communication as we improve the LPA process. We need to hear from you so continue to give us your opinions and input as we move forward.


Project Spotlight

Harrisonville opens new walking path

Harrisonville Walking Path Project






Harrisonville Walking Trail was completed October 6, 2011.

Construction started on December 8, 2010.

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