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I-70 Major Investment Study (MIS)

Project Overview

Interstate 70 in Jackson County is one of the most vital commercial and commuter arteries in the Kansas City region.

Every day, this key thoroughfare carries tens of thousands of travelers and tons of goods to destinations throughout the Kansas City region and beyond.

Clearly, Interstate 70 in Jackson County is important to the Kansas City region.    But as any regular commuter knows, the traffic does not always flow smoothly.   State and regional transportation leaders want to fix that.

Recognizing the importance of a safe and efficient I-70, the Missouri Department of Transportation, the Mid-America Regional Council and the Kansas City Area Transit Authority have launched the I-70 Major Investment Study (I-70 MIS).   The I-70 MIS will evaluate methods of improving the safety and efficiency of travel on the Interstate through Jackson County.

A key piece of any MIS is public input.   The I-70 MIS strives to be "ahead of the curve" on evaluating improvements to I-70 in Jackson County by collecting input from you.

Challenges and Opportunities

The MIS so far has identified these challenges and opportunities to improving I-70 in Jackson County:

Rush hour traffic, in some areas, runs more than 20 MPH slower than the posted limits. Traffic on I-70 is expected to increase, adding to the problem.

Pavement and bridges are deteriorating and will need repair or replacement.

The trend toward serious accidents has increased over the past 10-years.

Heavy traffic and limited capacity causes traffic on some ramps to back up onto the interstate, especially during rush hour.

Highway Deficiencies - I-70 is over 40 years old. It was not designed to carry the volume of traffic that it carries today.

       - Curves at Benton Boulevard and Jackson Avenue are tight and narrow
       - There are several different ramp configurations
       - Some ramps are too short or too close together
       - Sight distances are poor for signs and lighting
       - Shoulders are too narrow

The lack of a transit center limits the use of express bus service, bus rapid transit,  ridesharing and other mass transit.

Increased maintenance and operating costs make funding a significant challenge. MoDOT is responsible for the nation's seventh-largest highway system, but is ranked 46th in dollars allocated per mile to maintain that system.

Potential economic losses due to poor road conditions can affect local businesses as well as regional and state economies.


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