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Route 45: Frequently Asked Questions

Project Overview


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Q: Why is it important to improve Route 45?

A: Based on a recent Location Study Report (LSR) performed on Route 45, the purpose of the project is to identify a safe, efficient, environmentally sound, and economical transportation facility that meets the needs of the area.  The needs include the fact that Route 45 is a critical east/west route, capacity is expected to increase substantially by the year 2030, accommodate economic development and most important, improve traffic safety.

Q: Why is MoDOT constructing Route 45 between only Route 9 and Route K? 

A: In November 2004, Missouri voters passed Amendment 3, which allowed the funding of new major projects including Route 45 between Route 9 and Route K.  The traffic counts show Route 45 loses a high number of motorists as they turn off on to Route K for the numerous subdivisions and school.

Q: Why aren’t there shoulders like Hwy 45 between Route 9 and I-29?

A: Based on the current design, there are more than 80 access points available for vehicles to pull off the roadway. With the construction of an additional lane in each direction, vehicles will be able to go around stalled vehicles with no chance for a head on collision with opposing traffic. The design for the new roadway is also safer than the existing road.

Q: Who gets full access?

A: Full access points were organized to keep the route safe and traffic moving efficiently which can be accomplished the optimum number of full access locations. For the most part, these locations usually fall into the category of a public street or a major traffic generator. The advantages to maintaining these access points are improved safety, decreased travel time and congestion, improved air quality and enhancing economic growth.

Q: How many vehicles currently use this roadway?

A: A study done in 2005 estimated the average daily total of vehicles using this roadway at 10,000 near Route K and 18,000 near Route 9. It was also identified that by the year 2030, 53,000 vehicles will use this specific route. The current design speed for Route 45 is 45 mph.

Q: Will there be a Shared Use Path constructed?

A: Yes. Thanks to an innovative design process, MoDOT, the city of Parkville and Platte County will be able to construct a shared use path along this section of Route 45. This path will allow for safer pedestrian travel along this busy roadway.

Q: Will the hills be knocked down?

A: Any hills or peaks and valleys with poor sight distance will be softened to create a safer roadway. Grading will improve some areas as well.

Q: What about the sight distance?

A: All access points along the improved Route 45 will meet the stopping sight distance criteria.

Q: When will construction begin and how long will it take?

A: Construction will begin in the summer of 2010 and last approximately two years.

Q: How will this be constructed? Will the road be closed?

A: Recent design plans indicate that construction will be conducted in four phases. As it becomes necessary to construct the improved route, contractors will be advised to maintain one open lane of traffic in each direction at all times along Route 45 during construction. However, some side roads may need to be closed temporarily to rebuild them. Detoured routes will be in place during any such closes.

Q: Am I going to lose my house?

A: MoDOT designers have worked very hard to keep the number of displacements as low as possible. When the initial study on Route 45 was done, there were more than 20 displacements. As the design process began and designers used their expertise to lower that number, the current potential displacement is three.

Q: How did MoDOT determine how to design improvements to Route 45?

A: In April and May 2006, MoDOT sent out approximately 350 Citizen Surveys to stakeholders and Route 45 property owners to gauge what they think about potential improvements to Route 45 and their possible effects on local traffic, access to residences and businesses, and overall quality of life. This determined the value of several areas to consider during the design process.

The question asked was: Good transportation planning often requires prioritizing different values. Please rank in order of importance the following values in relation to the future design of Route 45 with 1 being most important and 12 being least important.

The results gathered from the returned surveys were as follows:

1- Safety

2 - Ease of movement

3 - Lack of congestion

4 - Quality of life

5 - Speed of movement

6 - Ease of access to local businesses paths)

7 - Economic development

8 - Environmental impacts

9 - Residential growth

10 - Consistent design along Route 45

11 - Ease of access to regional businesses

12 - Presence of amenities (bicycle/pedestrian

Based on these results, MoDOT designers determined the significance of certain aspects to keep in mind during the design process. The preliminary design plans were completed to reflect the values listed.

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