July 2, 2015

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Striping Season Highlights a Busy Time

of Year for MoDOT

Striping season is well underway across Missouri and in the Kansas City area. MoDOT crews are restriping at least three thousand miles of major highways across the Kansas City area, giving them a fresh, new look.

Restriping happens during late spring, early summer and sometimes into early fall.

Click the image to watch Maintenance Crew Leader Marty Lambertson talk about the importance of striping.

Maintenance Crew Leader Marty Lambertson says restriping is a very important element of roadway maintenance and safety.

“It keeps people in their lanes, it shows them where to go, and it marks the exit ramps and everything so people don’t run off the roads,” said Lambertson.

Striping crews have seen their share of bumps in the road throughout the striping season. Kansas City has seen a lot of rainfall this year and that’s hampered the timing of getting striping work done.

Lambertson says, “That’s really hurt us a lot this year because we can’t paint if the ground’s wet of course or if we put it down and washes it off, which causes a big mess.”

While striping is underway, motorists should be on the lookout for large, slow-moving striping trucks. These vehicles are traveling at roughly eight to 12 miles per hour.

If motorists aren’t careful, they could come up on a striping truck pretty quickly, which could lead to a crash. The best advice, be prepared to slow down and pull around the striping train of vehicles and merge carefully into the open lane.


APEX Participants Explore
Public Transportation

On Thursday July 25, Accelerated Professional Engineering  (APEX)  program participants Kati Horner, Dustin Hoyt and Trisha Sen along with district planning staff members Susan Barry, Luke Miller and Joni Roeseler participated in a district urban and rural transit experience.

This was a great opportunity for both young engineers and their professional mentors to explore transit from a different perspective --- public transportation.

Read the full story on Daily DOT.

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