July 24, 2014

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Applicants Imagine Themselves Wearing MoDOT’s Boots

Ronald Payne and James Taylor III came early to the Boots on the Ground presentation at Memorial Baptist Church in Hickman Mills Tuesday night. They were among 50 hoping to fill up to 100 open positions for MoDOT seasonal maintenance workers. They listened for a while, then left.

career fairAnthony Patterson, however, stayed for the full 90 minutes. And so did most of the others.

Payne, 27, of Kansas City, and Taylor, 25, of Grandview, may have been looking for something different than what MoDOT was offering. Patterson however, a 52 year old restaurant manager from Kansas City, was highly receptive to MoDOT’s message: These 100 positions are a foot in the door to a career at MoDOT. The work is hard, and the emphasis is on safety, teamwork and serving the community.

As MoDOT District Maintenance Engineer Jesse Skinner told the gathering, those elements are fundamental to MoDOT’s mission, and at the end of the day, you may be tired and dirty, but you can look back on what you accomplished and think, “I did something that was important today.”

Patterson said he is looking for just this kind of opportunity, “Something steady, where I can make a difference.”

MoDOT Maintenance Superintendent Marcus Slaughter told the group in more detail just what they might expect to do if selected to work for MoDOT. Mowing, plowing snow, clearing debris from ditches and drains, patching potholes, something different each day, and very little of it indoors.

“We’re looking for people who are motivated . . . who enjoy working outdoors,” Slaughter said.

MoDOT District Human Resources Manager Deborah Hogan explained the application process, the need to be prepared, presentable and positive during the interview, and MoDOT’s requirement to have passed the Commercial Driver’s License written test before applying for the job.

Then MoDOT Maintenance Superintendent Chris Sholl explained the process required to pass the written test for a CDL. “Study this immediately, go home and read it thoroughly, and take the test as soon as possible,” he urged them, because the application deadline is at the end of July and applicants must have already passed the test to be called in for an interview. “You’ve only got nine days.”

Roena Jefferson, Kansas City, was pleased that she already had a leg up on the competition. In her previous job as a school bus driver, she had earned her CDL. She, Patterson and several others peppered MoDOT presenters with questions. “How long does your resume stay on file after you apply?” Patterson asked. “Is there a base pay level?”

After the formal presentation, MoDOT leaders talked individually with prospective applicants, answering more questions and encouraging them to take a step toward a future at MoDOT. Patterson lingered, talking to several MoDOT employees, asking more questions. His interest was obvious, his enthusiasm evident. When he shook hands – several times – with Slaughter and several others, there was a bounce in his step as he walked away.

Summer Interns Build for the Future

For many students, summer is all about relaxing with friends and having fun. But for others, it’s also about getting a solid footing in a career centered on transportation construction and maintenance. interns

At least 20 students spent their summer at our Kansas City district offices doing just that. You’ve probably seen them in pre-construction meetings, roaming the hallways and even on job sites.  

These students represented at least 10 different schools, including KU, KSU, UCM, ITT Tech and the majority coming from MST.

Many of them are majoring in civil engineering, construction management, automotive technology and electrical engineering.

As part of their internship, they were all given mentors this summer to help them get a better understanding of how things work in a job setting and to help them cope with the day-to-day rigors of having a job.

Another part of their internship included managing a project plan. Throughout the summer, each student had to help develop, monitor and find solutions to issues surrounding their project. They also had to photograph the beginning and ending stages of the project.   

At the conclusion of their project plan, each student gave a power point presentation on what they did regarding the project, how they managed it and what they learned from it.

This summer’s internship wraps up the first week of August.  

Crusha Receives Highest Safety Award

Recently at the Harrisonville Maintenance Building, co-workers, family and friends all gathered to honor MoDOT Maintenance Worker Anthony Crusha for his efforts in June to save the life of a motorist. Assistant District Engineer Randy Hartman and district Maintenance Engineer Jesse Skinner presented Crusha with a Meritorious Safety Award, the department’s highest honor, for his role in saving a motorist’s life.

“Anthony is just another great example of how our employees look out for others while out on the roads,” Hartman said. “We truly have some of the most selfless and courageous people working here as part of our MoDOT family.”

This is the fourth Meritorious Safety Award presented in the KC District this year, along with one Certificate of Appreciation.

On Thursday morning, June 12, Crusha was traveling north on Route 7 in pouring rain heading to work. As he passed Cass County Route TT, he noticed a car overturned in a ditch filling with water. He pulled over, stopped to check on the vehicle and was joined by a FedEx truck driver who had seen Crusha stop.

After jumping into the waist-high, rushing water, Crusha along with two other motorists who stopped were able to break through the victim’s window with a tire iron and pull him out. Within minutes, the victim was free and he joined his rescuers at the edge of the ditch to wait for emergency crews to arrive.

The victim’s family later came by MoDOT’s Cass County Maintenance Building to thank Anthony for saving him from drowning.



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