Routine Maintenance Guidelines

In addition to the specific maintenance actions presented in the M&R plan, it is recommended that the following strategies are considered for prolonging pavement life.

  • Regularly inspect all safety areas of the airport, and document all inspection activity.

  • Provide a method of tracking all maintenance activities that occur as a result of inspections.

  • Conduct an aggressive campaign against weed growth through timely herbicide applications. Vegetation growing in pavement cracks is very destructive and significantly increases the rate of pavement deterioration.

  • Implement a periodic crack sealing program. Keeping water and debris out of the pavement system through sealing cracks is a proven and cost-effective method of extending the life of the pavement system.

  • Ensure that dirt does not build up along the edges of the pavements. This can create a “bathtub” effect, reducing the ability of water to drain away from the pavement system.

  • Closely monitor the movement of heavy equipment (particularly farming, construction, and fueling equipment) to make sure it is only operating on pavements that are designed to accommodate heavy loads. Failure to restrict heavy equipment to appropriate areas may result in the premature failure of airport pavements.