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Historic Bridges

Fairfax Bridge Image


U.S. 69 Bridges - Historic Fairfax Bridge

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Bridge Location  
County: Platte
Road: Route 69
Feature Crossed: Missouri River
Other Location Information: Between Fairfax Industrial District in Kansas City (Wyandotte Co.), Kansas and Riverside (Platte Co.), Missouri
Structure Number or County Bridge Number: Bridge No. K0456
Bridge Information
Owner: MoDOT
Type: Warren Through Truss
Length: 2,595 feet
Width: 20’
Year Built: 1933-1935
Builder: Kansas City Bridge Company
Current Load Rating: 22-35 Tons
History of Modifications, Rehabilitations, etc.: 1979 Rehab
Other Comments:
For further information, interested parties
may contact:
Name: Toni Prawl, Sr. Historic Preservation Specialist
Organization Missouri Department of Transportation 
Address: MoDOT Design Division, Historic Preservation Section, P.O. Box 270, Jefferson City, MO 65101
E-Mail: toni.prawl@modot.mo.gov
Phone: 573-526-3598

Narrative Description:

The Fairfax Bridge, built in 1935, is comprised of 15 spans measuring 2,595 feet. Its symmetrical design employs five Warren trusses that range from 301 to 474 feet each. From south to north, the Fairfax Bridge consists of three (3) steel wide flange I beams, three (3) simple deck trusses, and one (1) 301’ steel continuous cantilevered Warren deck truss all constituting the approach span; three (3) rigid-connected continuous cantilevered camelback Warren deck through trusses channel spans measuring 416, 474, and 416 feet respectively, creating the main span; one (1) 301’ steel continuous cantilevered Warren deck truss; three (3) simple deck trusses; and one (1) simple wide flange girder approach span. It is supported on two steel reinforced concrete abutments, wingwalls, eight bents, and six piers.  The bridge is 20 feet wide, curb-to-curb, and carries two lanes of one-way traffic. The bridge is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places as a monumental example of a steel truss, major river crossing, achieved by its distinctive cantilevered, camelback Warren through truss design.

MoDOT’s Historic Preservation Section is now accepting proposals for the relocation and reuse of the bridge or its components until May 23, 2014. A proposal checklist is attached. Preservation covenants may accompany the bridge.



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