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Youth Transportation Conference Hosts 30 Students in Week-Long Learning Fun

MoDOT’s Equal Employment Opportunity Division hosted its 35th annual Youth Transportation Conference July 20-25 in Jefferson City. The students came from across the state, including 16 young men and 14 young women.

The goal of the Youth Transportation Conference (YTC) is to expose high school students to the careers available in the fields of transportation and civil engineering through hands on activities. Throughout the conference, students learn to think like an engineer and have opportunities to work with a variety of materials and tools to build structures and solve problems.

“By engaging students in solving real-world problems, YTC connects students to the working world of transportation,” said YTC Coordinator and Senior Human Resources Specialist Elizabeth Reed. “MoDOT understands that today’s youth will be tomorrow’s leaders and as such, it is necessary to introduce them to these fields now. YTC is also focused on improving workforce diversity by drawing talented young women and minorities to the fields of transportation and civil engineering.”

camp 2 camp2
The 2014 YTC class included 30 students from across the state, 16 young men and 14 young women. The students worked in teams on many projects including building popsicle towers and concrete canoes and a final small team PowerPoint presentation.
camp 3     camp4
Students developed magnetic levitation
cars during one of the YTC exercises.

The YTC students built bridges and tested
how much load it could carry.

Motor Carrier Services Announces Moving Plan

As General Services completes its transformation of the new location, Motor Carrier Services is busy preparing to move to 830 MoDOT Drive in Jefferson City.

The division will begin the transition on Monday, August 18. Here’s a look at what customers and MoDOT co-workers can expect:

August 18 -

August 19 -

August 20 -

Move Begins. Walk-in customers served at the Creek Trail location.
MCS’ toll-free calls are answered from both locations.
Move Continues. Walk-in customers served at 830 MoDOT Drive.
MCS’ toll-free calls are answered at 830 MoDOT Drive.
The last group of employees report to 830 MoDOT Drive.
Move is complete by end-of-business.

During the next several weeks, MCS customers will receive notice of the move through traditional and electronic means. Customers are encouraged to conduct as much business by phone or Internet as possible – as most carriers now do – because customer parking is limited at MoDOT Drive.

The division will continue to be in lock-down status full time because of federal laws regarding the privacy of sensitive business information. If you’d like a tour, be sure to mention it when you enter the public entrance of 830 MoDOT. MCS staff are happy to show you around.

Motor Carrier Services Director, Scott Marion said, “I can’t say enough about General Services and Information Systems. We sincerely appreciate the teamwork, coordination and all the physical labor they’ve provided to make this move appear seamless to MoDOT’s customers.”

With this move, MoDOT’s Central Office vacates the last of its leased office space. All CO employees will be housed within department-owned facilities.

Parking at 830 MoDOT Drive - With the move, some parking changes have taken place. Employees should park in spots that are painted yellow or white and sized for the appropriate vehicle whether a commuter car or commercial vehicle. If your office is within building 830, please use the employee parking lots. Employees attending meetings, customers, and guests should use the east parking lot. Commercial vehicle lanes have also been added in the east parking lot. See diagram - 830 MoDOT Drive.

Interns Gain Valuable Experience at MoDOT

While many college students work at summer jobs that will not benefit them in their field of study, 14 students spent this summer at MoDOT's central office getting real-world experience. The interns experienced what it is like to work in the Human Resources, Governmental Relations, Historic Preservation, Geotechnical, Design, Bridge, Traffic, and Maintenance divisions.

These students came to us from a variety of schools including Mizzou, Missouri University of Science and Technology, University of Central Missouri, Missouri State University, Southern Illinois-Edwardsville, Linn State Technical College and Westminster College. Their majors range from anthropology and civil engineering to communications and graphic design.

Two of the central office interns had the opportunity to work on an archaeological excavation of a French colonial site under the Poplar Street Bridge in St. Louis. Others had experiences ranging from designing displays for the Missouri State Fair to being part of an interview panel and assisting with dynamic messaging sign boards around the state.

Here is what some of the central office interns stated as the most interesting thing they have done during their internships.

Intern Caitlin Smith works on a project for the Maintenance Division.

Rachael Bax: Helping with the entire job fill process including being a part of the interview panel.

Jessica Beckman: Drawing up the I-girders and box beams and calculating the section properties using Excel. The spreadsheet would come up with a quick way to input the dimensions and the spreadsheet would output the section properties.

Caitlin Smith: Getting to work with multiple divisions to design their displays for the Missouri State Fair.

Kayla Henke: Participating in the internship conference with several other MoDOT interns from all over the state. I also really enjoyed going into the field and filming freight moving down the highway.

Grace Gronniger: Spending six weeks in St. Louis working on a French colonial site.

Melody Chester: Working on an archaeological excavation of a French colonial site in St. Louis.

Garrett Hager: Going on the field trips to a bridge being built on the alternate route to Linn, going to the core slab pre-stressed concrete field and visiting DeLong's Steel Factory.

Jeanette Greene: Creating some of the digital message signs that were displayed along Missouri's roadways, and then seeing them as I drove on I-70. Just knowing that others were seeing my signs made me feel as though I was actually making a difference with the work I was doing.

Stick it to Sickness
wellnessBeing sick is never fun, but there are ways to keep it away. One of the best ways to prevent yourself from getting sick is making sure you have gotten all of the recommended vaccinations and following other preventive guidelines.

Click on Coventry’s August newsletter for all the details. The newsletter even includes a great recipe for kale pesto pasta – August Newsletter.

Tips for getting shots:
• Distract yourself. Bring a magazine or something to work on while you wait to get a shot.
• Deep breaths. Make your stomach expand when you breathe to help yourself relax.
• Don’t focus on the shot. Find a picture, poster, or a sign and concentrate on the details.
• Cough. A quick cough while getting a shot has shown to decrease the pain.
• Relax. If your arm is tense it can make the shot hurt worse.

Central Office Happenings

First Annual MoDOT Statewide Slow Pitch Softball Tournament

Everyone loves a little softball, so why not bring everyone together for one day of play?

WHO: Open to all MoDOT employees and their spouses. Teams minimum of 10 people. Need a minimum of six teams
WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 6. Depending on how many teams, start time at 9 a.m.
PRICE: $100 per team. This is to pay the umpires and for the field. All remaining money will be donated to the Fallen Workers Memorial Fund
WHERE: 63 Diamond Field, 12575 Renz Farm Rd, Jefferson City.
RULES: There are no rules on how many girls/guys need to be on a team. ASA rules

Complete the roster and send to Amanda Henley by Aug. 27 - Softball Roster

deferred compDeferred Compensation Representative Don Wilson
August 21
105 W. Capitol, CCO Conference Room
8:30 – 3:30 p.m.

To schedule an appointment contact: Bobbie Uballez at

See flier for more information – Deferred Comp
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