October 9, 2014

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Dion Knipp Named Administrator of Transit
Dion Knipp
New Administrator of Transit Dion Knipp looks forward to working with transportation partners in his new
roll administering state and federal programs
Dion Knipp has been named the Multimodal Division’s new Administrator of Transit. Knipp has worked for MoDOT for more than 23 years including the past 13 years managing federal aid projects. His experience includes among other things working in MoDOT’s Central District assisting cities and counties in the project development process and ensuring state and federal compliance. Most recently, he has served as the Aviation Programs Manager responsible for administering federal and state grant programs providing funding for airport planning and capital improvement projects.

Knipp will cross train with current Administrator of Transit Steve Billings until Billings’ retirement in early 2015. In his new position, Knipp is responsible for administering state and federal programs related to general public transportation and transit programs for agencies serving senior citizens and/or persons with disabilities.

“I look forward to working with our transportation partners to ensure Missourians have better access to employment, healthcare and other essential services,” said Knipp. “Steve Billings has been an outstanding public servant for the Missouri Department of Transportation and the transit community. I look forward to working with Steve during this transition to provide outstanding customer service to our transportation partners and the citizens of Missouri.”
Employee Development Programs Receive Health at Work Award
MoDOT has received the Silver Health at Work Award for 2014 from ComPsych Corporation. ComPsych Corporation is a provider of employee assistance programs and is a leader of fully integrated employee assistance programs, behavioral health awardhealth, employee wellness, work-life balance and other employee management services.

Since 2013, MoDOT has adopted a holistic approach to employee health and wellness, offering the MoDOT Employee Enrichment Zone (affectionately known as the MEE Zone, which is our work-life balance program) and the Highway to Better Health wellness program (in coordination with our health care provider, Coventry).

“The Health at Work award acknowledges MoDOT’s efforts to support the physical and mental health of employees through a variety of programs,” said Kristen Bagwill, Human Resources employee development manager. “It’s motivating to have our efforts recognized nationally. We will continue to strive to keep MoDOT a great place to work.”

Employees can access the MEE Zone on Sharepoint or the intranet by clicking on the Human Resources Division link.
Mapping the Apps for MoDOT

Information System’s Technologist Ricardo Morris was featured in Sunday’s Jefferson City News Tribune for his work in developing mobile apps that provide information to MoDOT customers. Here is Ricardo's story, courtesy of the Tribune, article by Jeff Haldiman.

Developing customer technology to help Missourians get better information from MoDOT.


Ricardo Morris explains one of the apps he has created for MoDOT.

That’s the goal of Ricardo Morris who has been working in the department for the past year.

Whether it be developing apps for phones and tablets to working on department websites, Morris said it’s a continuing process of updating to make sure the customer gets the most up to date information.

“Whether it’s road closures or weather-related information, we’re working to make sure the public gets the best information possible,” he said. “We even have apps that allow people to contact us if they see street signals out or debris on the roadways.”

Morris did his undergraduate work in New York and got a master’s degree at Lincoln University.

He and his wife and three children enjoy central Missouri, but Morris said he still has roots in his home of Jamaica, which he tries to visit two or three times a year.

Despite remaining closely tied to home, Morris said central Missouri has become his second-home and he can’t say enough good things about the place he works.

“These are the best people around,” he said. “When they say they are a team, they truly mean team.”

Here is the link to the online article - Ricardo Morris.

Security Reminder

The amount of daylight continues to decrease as we move into the fall season. Employees will often arrive or leave work when it is dark outside. Darkness is a criminal’s friend, so you must be extra careful. Here are some tips to help protect you from being victimized:

• Whenever possible walk with a group, especially when your car is in a garage or other secluded area.
• If you are alone and you observe a suspicious person in the garage don't get out of the vehicle. Drive on and park in a more secure location.
• If you are leaving the building and see someone acting suspicious stay in the building. If you are already outside go back inside the MoDOT building or in another office building if a MoDOT building is too far away and report the issue to Capitol Police (522-2222). Ask that they stay in the area while you get to your vehicle safely.
• When working outside normal business hours, please do not prop doors open. Propping doors sets off an alarm and decreases your security in the work area.
• When working after hours it is a good idea to have your car keys, cell phone, purse or wallet and your access card with you at all times (even when using the restroom). You never know when you might have to leave the building or need to call for help.

Central Office Happenings
MEE ZoneMee Zone Event
Buying and Selling
Oct. 16 - 2 to 3 p.m.
Central Office Human Resources Training Room B, 601 West Main
or via video conference

Are you thinking about buying or selling a house and want to know more about credit scores, mortgage loans and relocating? Attend this Mee Zone event to learn more.

Sign up using the LMS Student Center, then select Home Buying/Selling Strategies and Mortgage Loans – CO.

For video conferencing call Amanda Henley (573) 526-5617.

CPRFirst Aid/CPR/AED Classes
Oct. 21 - 8 to 11:30 a.m. and 12 to 3:30 p.m.
601 West Main Street in Training Room B.

Sign up using the LMS Student Center, then select Course Code 24597, First Aid/CPR – Infant & CPR/AED – Adult and Child.

flu shotFlu Shots Offered
Central Office employees can register on SharePoint to receive their flu shot - Sign up for flu shots.

Click on the link and select the day, time and location that best fits your schedule. Type your name in the location and time slot of your choice. To protect your privacy, once you have entered your name, hit the refresh button so your name will appear as XXXXXX. Be sure to write down the date and time you selected because you will not be able to see your name after refreshing and leaving the page.

  • All employees are encouraged to participate because vaccination is the best protection from the flu.
  • Employees with MoDOT medical insurance need to bring their insurance cards with them.
  • Coventry will be billed directly and will pay 100 percent under preventative services. If you forget your card you will have to pay $26 and then submit the claim form for reimbursement.
  • Employees not covered by MoDOT medical insurance will need to pay $26 to receive the shot (payment is due at the time, cash or checks are accepted).
  • Employees will complete a consent form before receiving the shot (available at each location).
  • Employees will soon be receiving an email with this information.
Date Location Time
10/14 105 West Capitol Ave. - Room 206 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
10/15 601 West Main - Training Room B 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
10/15 1617 Missouri Blvd. - 2nd Floor Conf. Room 1:30 to 4 p.m.
10/20 830 MoDOT Dr. - Gold Room 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
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