January 29, 2015

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Tough Choices Ahead - Information for Employees
Each week in Connections we’ll include some information to help employees better understand where we are headed with our 325 System for primary and supplementary routes.

Tough ChoicesWhy is MoDOT making these funding decisions now when the decreased construction funding level of $325 million doesn’t hit until 2017?
The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program is MoDOT’s budget for the next five years of construction contracts, and it’s updated each year. By 2017, MoDOT’s construction funding will be $325 million, which isn’t enough to keep Missouri’s existing roads and bridges in the condition they’re in today. MoDOT has to plan now how to work within that budget and prioritize construction funding. Even if more funding somehow became available, the process of planning and completing road work takes time and involves city, regional and state transportation professionals. That work must take place several years in advance.

How did we get here?
There are many reasons why Missouri has insufficient transportation funding. Fuel tax revenues have become a diminishing revenue stream as cars become more fuel efficient. Inflation has decreased our purchasing power by more than 50 percent. What was 17 cents (state fuel tax per gallon) of purchasing power in 1992 is now about eight cents and decreasing each year. The cost of asphalt, concrete and steel cost as much as 200 percent more than they did in 1992.

Governor Nixon's State of the State - Transportation

On Jan. 21, Governor Jay Nixon delivered his State of the State address. Below are the points of his speech that discusses transportation. For the full transcript go to: Governor State of the State.

  • state of the state addressWe've traditionally paid for roads and bridges through user fees, like the gas tax. Missourians believe it's only fair that folks who use the roads also pay for them.
  • But with more fuel-efficient vehicles, drivers are getting more miles out of each gallon of gas... so they end up paying less to fund our roads.
  • As a result, money for our roads and bridges is drying up.
  • Missouri has the seventh-largest highway system in the nation. But we rank 46th in how much we invest to maintain it.
  • Last week, we heard MoDOT lay out - in stark terms - what this means.
  • On thousands of miles of state roads, from Lindbergh in St. Louis to Rangeline in Joplin, we'll barely be able to patch potholes.
  • By 2017, we won't even have enough revenue to match federal highway dollars.
  • So what do we do?
  • One option is a toll road on Interstate 70. The Highway Commission's recent report showed that this approach could make I-70 better and safer ... and free up tens of millions of dollars for other roads around the state.
  • Trucks and out-of-state vehicles that do the most damage to I-70 would have to pay their fair share.
  • That deserves serious consideration.
  • Here's another option: the gas tax.
  • Missouri's gas tax hasn't gone up a penny in nearly 20 years. It's the fifth-lowest in the nation. With gas prices as low as they are now, this is worth a very close look.
  • If we want to leave Missouri roads better than we found them, the only thing we can't do is sit still. This is a major, long-term challenge - so let's get moving now.

AP photo by Jeff Roberson.

Fatality Update
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What's Happening
Challenge100-Mile Challenge Results
The St. Louis District is the winner of the 2014 100–Mile Challenge with a total of 26,273 miles logged. Central Office took second with 22,810 miles and the Southwest District placed third with 18,752 miles. Team MoDOT ended with a little over 120,000 total miles logged by participants.

For the win, the St. Louis District will receive a plaque commemorating their achievement. Barry Bergman of the district will be enjoying the St. Louis Blues season tickets he won in the drawing, compliments of Coventry.

Congratulations to all those who participated.

meeting noticeEmployee Association Meeting

Saturday, Jan. 31 at 9 a.m.

Truman Hotel, 1510 Jefferson Street, Jefferson City

All current and potential members are welcome to attend.

The Association is also looking for individuals to fill the positions of president and vice president.

To RSVP for the meeting or for information on the officer positions contact -

January Retirements
John B. Christy – NW – 41
Roy E. Forbes – NW – 29
Ralph M. Morriss – NW – 36
William E. Keiffer – NW – 22
Keith L. Nold - NW – 30
Robert L. Hughson – NW – 23
Tana L. Akright – NE – 23
Marion T. Baker – NE – 20
Larry D. Ballew – NE – 24
Roy L. Collins – NE – 17
James A. Wilson – NE – 29
Daniel H. Newton – KC – 30
Erik W. Mewes – KC – 31
Kevin L. Walter – KC – 32
Robert E. Hesemann – CD – 29 Kenneth R. Steinbeck – CD – 29
John R. Forderhase – CD – 27
John O. Hayes – CD – 31
Dennis D. Noblett – CD – 28

Kenneth G. Wyss – CD – 27
Matthew J. Budd – SL – 29
Richard J. Herminghaus – SL – 30
Tom M. Stratman – SL – 33
Wayne J. Goyea – SL – 15
James K. Clark – SE – 29
Mark J. Barton – SE – 23
Jeffery J. Hogan – SE – 30
Eugene Davis – SE – 31

In Memoriam

Travis Day - active employee
CD – December 23
William Johnson - active employee
KC – January 1

Arthur Pyeatt
former D6 – December 7
Ray Rackers
CO – December 13
Jimmie Woodham
former D10 – December 16
Douglas Commino
former D4 – December 16
Arthur Maher
former D2 – December 18
Harold Zbierski, Sr.
former D1 – December 18

Donald Myers
former D5 – December 19
Kenneth Kronk, Sr.
former D3 – December 21
Donald Zeugin
CO – December 24
Alan Calhoun
former D3 – December 26
Norine Lootens
CO – December 28
Albert Barnard
former D3 – December 31
Ralph Thater
CO – January 2
Charles Woodson
former D3 – January 4

James Roseberry
former D10 – January 7
Norman Hofmann
former D6 – January 9
Alden Sallee
former D7 – January 10
Charles Johnson
former D8 – January 12
William McCloud
former D4 – January 13
Thomas Faulconer
former D4 – January 18
Joseph H. Licklider
former D9 – January 22


Our mission is to provide a world-class transportation experience that delights our customers and promotes a prosperous Missouri.
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