December 18, 2014

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Team Talk - Employee Satisfaction Teams
Hello Team MoDOT,

We heard employees loud and clear in our 2014 employee engagement survey. We all want MoDOT to be a better place to work. I’m excited to announce five new teams that will focus on the areas you told us need the most work. I have five team leaders and senior sponsors to help them, but now I need you. You are the folks that filled out the surveys. You know what you were thinking when you marked the survey the way you did. We need to get that information out of your head and into the hands of these teams to create solid strategies for things we can change, to improve the way you feel about working here at MoDOT.

TEAMFirst, I need volunteers to serve on the teams. We will need 40-60 people statewide. Look at the list below and see if there is something you want to work on. Each team will operate independently, and on its own timeline, but generally over the next four to six months. Team membership will involve participating in several team meetings, some face to face but most by phone or video conference. You will be asked to openly share your experiences and opinions as a MoDOT employee. If you think you have what it takes, send an email or call one of the team leaders listed below. Contact team leads by Dec. 24.

Total Compensation - This team is charged with improving employee satisfaction and understanding regarding salary and benefits. Contact: Jerad Noland 573-406-6548, 573-406-8105 or

Employee Development - This team is charged with ensuring MoDOT employees are aware of all programs and processes that provide opportunities for promotions and leadership development. Contact: Laurel McKean 816-604-2107 or

One Team MoDOT - This team is charged with building the value of One Team by focusing on effectively communicating with employees so they have the information they want and need. Contact: Todd Grosvenor 573-751-4626 or

Use of Resources - This team is charged with increasing the transparency and flexibility of the budgeting process, and developing strategies to improve the effective use of resources. Contact: Karen Yeomans 314-453-5095 or

Under Representation - This team is charged with improving the numbers of any under-represented demographic group in any job category. Contact: Eric Curtit 573-751-7476, 573-291-5394 or

Don’t have time to serve on a team? Then contact the team leader with your SPECIFIC suggestion, idea, or concern that you want them to work on. This isn’t the time for more anonymous feedback. We need you to tell us who you are and how to get in touch with you, so the team lead can learn the details of what you’re thinking.

Thanks for your help.

SharePoint Moves Toward Replacing MoDOT Intranet
SharePoint will be replacing the intranet as MoDOT’s primary web-based internal communications tool next spring. The move will eliminate duplicate postings and help focus electronic employee communication.

sharepointThe transition will be launched in stages starting with the adoption of a standard look and feel for all SharePoint division and district homepages.

The look and feel uses an icon-based approach to navigation. This approach makes the platform “user friendly” on both computers and touch screen devices. Center icons target internal customers visiting the division or district site. Left-hand navigation is for collaboration within the unit or section.

Representatives from the SharePoint Utilization Team are currently meeting with division and district staff to advise administrators during the transition.

Scheduled launch date of the new SharePoint intranet homepage is Monday, Jan. 5.

If you have questions, contact me at
MoDOT is Committed to Diversity, Workforce Development

Diversity on the jobsite was a central theme of the Missouri Highways and Transportation December meeting held last week at Kansas City’s Union Station.

Lester Woods
MoDOT Director of Civil Right, Lester Woods, addresses the Commission on MoDOT's disadvantaged business enterprise program.

Lester Woods, MoDOT director of external civil rights, described community roundtable discussions that have been held in Kansas City and St. Louis with local leaders to update them on MoDOT’s disadvantaged business enterprise program, on-the-job training program and a newly proposed contractor workforce program.

“We are committed to working with the minority community, minority and majority contractor associations, pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs, state and federal officials and residents to facilitate diversity and inclusion in the heavy highway construction industry throughout the state, not only because it is the right thing to do – but because it is smart business,” Commission Chairman Steve Miller said.

That point was further emphasized by guest Mike Hughes of Kansas City’s Sanctuary Workshop, who explained how his organization seeks to provide the unemployed and under-served with critical skills that can lead to job opportunities and job retention. He said the Sanctuary Workshop was successful in bringing disadvantaged individuals into the heavy construction industry during construction of the Christopher “Kit” Bond Bridge.

“I applaud your efforts,” MHTC vice chairman Joe Carmichael said. “You do great work, and we’re the beneficiaries, as is society.”

The Commission also heard presentations on the need for additional investment in transportation, including in the area of freight development. Michael Collins, president and CEO of the Port Authority of Kansas City, described efforts to revitalize the port and barge traffic on the Missouri River. Mark Van Loh, director of aviation for Kansas City, explained freight movement through KCI. The Civic Council’s Scott Smith discussed the Heartland Civic Collaborative to create a regional alliance with St. Louis, Des Moines and Omaha to generate economic opportunities for the Midwest – all of which will rely on transportation resources.

The Heavy Constructors Association of Greater Kansas City and the Mid-America Regional Council underlined the long-term importance of transportation investment to economic well-being on all levels – from employment opportunities for individuals to a regional freight corridor.

Remember to Check Your Pay Stub

The Financial Services Division reminds employees they should review their electronic check stubs regularly to make sure pay, deductions and leave balances are correct. It’s that time of year when we start seeing changes in our pay checks. Your net pay changes if your salary or deductions (health insurance, Cafeteria Plan, deferred comp, etc.) change. Make sure the amounts are right.

Health insurance premiums are increasing for 2015. The deduction for your premium will also change if you made changes to your plan coverage with an effective date of Jan. 1, 2015. MoDOT health insurance premiums are paid one month in advance. The December premium deductions pay for January coverage. Any changes to your coverage for 2015 will be reflected on the Dec. 15, 2014 paycheck.

Your Jan. 15, 2015 paycheck may change as a result of the any of the following:

Federal and State Taxes
Any changes to the tax brackets for 2015 may apply beginning with this check. (Sometimes tax table changes are not available when payroll runs for the first January check and changes are not applied until the second check in Jan.)

pay checkCafeteria Plan
The amounts you elected for 2015 for Flexible Medical and Dependent Care will be deducted.

If you did not opt out of the Cafeteria Plan for medical, vision, or dental premiums during the enrollment period, the premiums will not be subject to taxes and you will see an administration fee deduction.

Delta Dental and National Vision Administrators
Deductions for added or changed coverage will start with this check.

Missouri State Charitable Campaign
The amount you elected during the Charitable Campaign in October will be deducted starting with this check.

Optional Life Insurance
Employees enrolled in Optional Life Insurance coverage may see a premium change on the Jan. 15, 2015 check based on the following conditions:

  • You were employed before July 31, 2014, enrolled in a multiple of 1x to 6x your annual benefit base rate, and received a salary increase between July 31, 2013 and July 1, 2014, or
  • You have reached a milestone birthday in December.

If you have any questions, concerning your coverage please contact your district or division insurance representative or Employee Benefits at 877-863-9406.

If you are enrolled under MOSERS, please contact them toll free at 800-827-1063 for information concerning your benefits.

Check your address too!
It is important to make sure the address on your electronic check stub is correct. W-2s will be mailed to your home address in January. Make sure the address is current to avoid delays in delivery.

If you have any questions, please contact your district or division payroll representative or Financial Services Payroll section.

Fatality Update
What's Happening
snow video

New Back 2 Basics Video

The newest Back 2 Basics safety video can be found online. The video reviews important points to keep employees safe during winter operations, including equipment inspections.

Supervisors should review the video with employees during morning safety discussions prior to winter operations. See the new video located on the comprehensive safety site – Winter Equipment Inspections and Winter Operations.

campaignMoDOT Charitable Campaign Results

Team MoDOT, Once again you worked together as a team to deliver exceptional results for the 2015 Missouri State Employees Charitable Campaign. I am excited to report that MoDOT was the lead state agency again for the 8th year in a row, As a team, we contributed $161,617.78 to the Charitable Campaign. The overall statewide total was $1,071,000!

Thank you to everyone who donated or coordinated fundraising events throughout the state! This shows what we can accomplish when we pull together as One Team. Great job!


instagram graphicMoDOT on Instagram

Are you on Instagram? Well now MoDOT is too! You can follow MoDOT at for beautiful pictures and great safe driving messages. Check it out today!

EdChat With The Chief
Remember to check out Chief Engineer Ed Hassinger’s blog post. This week he talks about looking back and a vision for the future - Chat with the Chief.

deferred comp videoDecember Deferred Comp Update
In place of the usual deferred compensation update, this month’s video takes a fun twist on a classic holiday tale to remind employees that it’s never too late to take control of your retirement savings. Check it out - A Deferred Comp Carol.

signMoDOT to Provide Report on Tolling Interstate 70
Governor Jay Nixon has contacted the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission requesting that MoDOT analyze and provide options for using tolls to improve and expand I-70.

In response to the Governor’s request, Commission Chairman Steve Miller has directed MoDOT staff to immediately prepare the report and to submit it to the Governor by Dec. 31 as requested.

EACEAC Minutes
Minutes from the Employee Advisory Council's November meeting have been posted on the EAC website at November 2014 EAC Meeting Minutes If you have any questions or comments, please contact the EAC at

There will be no EAC meeting during the month of December. All concern received will be post in the January meeting minutes.

The EAC would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year. Please enjoy your time with your friends and family and if you are traveling please be safe. Thank you again for all you do to make the roads safe for the traveling public.

December Retirements

CD – Cheryl A. Dean - 8 years
CD – Michael A. Ward - 30 years
CD – William M. Wade - 28 years
CD – Charles E. Silvey - 12 years
CD – John E. Hinkle - 19 years
SL – William M. Hampton - 30 years
SL – James K. Schmidt -31 years
SL – Gregory A. Wilhelm - 31 years
SL – William K. Marshall - 7 years
SL – Richard R. Jones - 19 years
SL – Johnny W. Johnson - 12 years
SL – Catherine A. Cooper - 26 years
SL – Jefre M. Suellentrop - 29 years
SW – Eddy R. Lambeth - 16 years
SW – James W. Tubaugh - 19 years
SW – Joe D. Lakins - 13 years

NW – Carl R. Wright - 8 years
NW – Mike L. Cline - 9 years
NW – Leonard E. Lowe - 11 years
NE – Norval W. Snider - 10 years
NE – Bobby G. Boyles - 21 years
NE – Michael D. Chidster - 12  years
NE – William R. Meyers - 11 years
NE – Gary L. Overkamp - 6 years
NE – James D. Burke – 29 years
KC – Richard G. Turney - 12 years
KC – Donald E. Jackson - 7 years
KC – Charles L. Foster - 9 years
KC – Jay A. Ware - 13 years
KC – Phyllis J. Edelman - 12 years
KC – Edward H. Neil - 7 years
KC – Daryle Brewster - 31 years

SW – Jessie J. Eidson - 16 years
SW – Howard L. Henderson - 23 years
SW – Rex A. Yearta - 15 years
SE – Jo Ann Secoy - 15 years
SE – Catherine Holloway - 9 years
SE – Leslie P. Snorgrass - 16 years
SE – James L. Young - 13 years
CO – Herman L. Harris - 21 years
CO – John F. Mehuys - 14 years
CO – Jackie Kampeter - 18 years
CO – Kimberly D. Minnick - 21 years
CO – Lawrence W. Redel - 5 years
CO – Bobbie Uballez - 7 years
CO – Paula F. Brown - 22 years
CO – William E. Robinett - 10 years

In Memoriam

Charles Van Os
former D3 – Nov. 13

Danny Diggs
former D1 – Nov. 21

Theron McCoy
former D3 – Nov. 23

Valerie Day
CO – Nov. 25

Robert Charles
former D5 – Nov. 28

Benjamin Breit
former D1 – Dec. 5

Larry Peugh
former D1 – Dec. 6

Alice Robinson
CO – Dec. 6

Homer Turner
former D9 – Dec. 7

Our mission is to provide a world-class transportation experience that delights our customers and promotes a prosperous Missouri.
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