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325 Report Offers Updates on Transportation System, Employee Profiles

Missouri’s 325 System is changing the way we serve the state. The primary and supplementary route division is the best we can do with the funding and resources we have.

325 ReportNow you can keep up with changes in the system – and learn more about the people trying to make a difference -- online at the new 325 Report website.

“This website gives citizens and MoDOT employees a one-stop location for updates on the condition of roads and bridges and the pursuit of a solution,” MoDOT Director Dave Nichols said.

Located at, the website features videos, profiles of MoDOT employees, and various stories focusing on what’s being done to solve the funding shortfall.

Faced with dramatically reduced funding, Missouri will not be able to match federal transportation funds beginning in 2017. MoDOT announced a plan in December that would divide maintenance between primary and supplementary routes with a construction budget of $325 million.

Primary routes include approximately 8,000 miles of Missouri roads and would be maintained in the condition they are in today. Supplementary routes, the approximately remaining 26,000 miles, would receive limited, routine maintenance. The condition of supplementary routes is expected to degrade over time, and, in some cases, roads and bridges may even have to be closed.

“These will be ongoing concerns over the next few years,” Nichols said.

New Database for Open Records Information

Open record “sunshine” laws require government agencies to operate “in the sunshine,” meaning that work done by a government body should be done publicly and have the capability to be attended or reviewed by the public to ensure accountability.

open recordsMissouri’s sunshine law requires that meetings, records, votes, actions, and deliberations of public governmental bodies be open to the public, except those that the statute allows to be closed. As a governmental body that is accountable to the public, it is MoDOT’s policy to comply with sunshine requests.

MoDOT recognizes that the law regarding access to such meetings and records is to be liberally construed. Information, such as the public records policy, procedure, document list, and statute reference are available at

With the transition to Outlook, the former Lotus Notes application for MoDOT’s Sunshine Request Database has been replaced by a web-based database that went live on April 1.

At this time, MoDOT customers can submit online requests by clicking on the “Submit an Open Records Request” link, where it will take them to the online portal to submit and track the status of their request.

Not all employees access or work on sunshine requests. However, employees who have gathered information for sunshine requests will be able to access the web portal to track and enter information.

Once an open records request is entered into the system, employees receive an automated email notification that they need to gather documents or information related to a specific request. If the employee does not have access to the portal, a STARTS request should be entered for the employee.

If you are an employee that works on sunshine requests and have questions about this new system or are interested in training, contact the Commission Secretary’s Office 573-751-2824.

EAC Blurb

“In Recycling We Trust” Wins Can Contest

“Ernie the Eagle” reminds students to recycle with the message “In Recycling We Trust.”
Missouri public, private and home-school students in grades K-8 participated in the fight against litter in the Show-Me State with the annual “Yes You CAN Make Missouri Litter-Free” trash can decorating contest, sponsored by the Missouri departments of Conservation and Transportation.

Students from Marj Locker’s seventh grade art class at Southwest Livingston Elementary School in Ludlow won the sixth to eighth grade category and the 2015 Grand Prize with their entry, “In Recycling We Trust.”

The annual trash can contest encourages school classes and groups to join in the fight against litter by decorating and displaying a large trash can with the “No MOre Trash!” logo and a litter-prevention message using a variety of creative media.

The 14 students created a trash can featuring Ernie the Eagle made with real feathers, papier-mâché, acrylic paint, and construction paper. The front of Ernie the Eagle has red, white and blue letters that say "In Recycling We Trust." The No More Trash! logo is on the back as tail feathers. The white feathers on the head are turkey feathers and the wings are made out of goose feathers from geese hunted in season by one of the students. The portal for trash is a flap in the back of the head that lifts.

The kindergarten and first grade Girl Scout Daisies and second grade Brownies at Ross Elementary School in St. Louis won the kindergarten to second grade category for their entry, “Girl Scouts Make the World a Better Place with No MOre Trash!”

The third to fifth grade category winner was Jean Schaible’s two fourth and fifth graders at Schaible Homeschool in Union for their entry, “Littering Is For the Birds” featuring the Missouri State Bird the Eastern Bluebird.

See images and information on all entries online at

Seventh grade students from Southwest Livingston Elementary in Ludlow, Mo., created the 2015 winning entry in the No MOre Trash! Can Contest.
Bicycle and Pedestrian Day at the Capitol

Earlier this month, advocates for walking and bicycling gathered in front of the Capitol to encourage legislative support for bicycle and pedestrian initiatives.

The event started with the introduction of MoDOT Chief Engineer Ed Hassinger by the president of the Missouri Bicycling and Walking Federation, Rachel Ruhlen. Hassinger spoke on the need for partnerships to get things done, and the value that comes with those partnerships. Working together with local communities helps determine where bicycle lanes and sidewalks would be the most beneficial, so the best plan can be made.

bicycle day

MoDOT supports pedestrians and bicyclists, and strives to integrate nonmotorized travel to provide efficient connections and focus on the safety of those who depend on walking or bicycling as their everyday method of transportation.

Hassinger also took the opportunity to focus on Missouri's current transportation funding problem. He stated that it is important to invest in all modes of transportation, but there is an urgent need to fix the basic highway system now. Without additional funding, MoDOT won't be able to keep roads and bridges in the condition they are in today. Hassinger concluded by telling everyone to enjoy their ride, and when they finish to go inside the Capitol and talk to their legislators about the need to help all modes of transportation.

After the closing remarks by the speakers, the cyclists took off from the lawn to the Katy Trailhead. During the trip the cyclists used the U.S. 50/63 pedestrian bridge across the Missouri River, which was built through a partnership with MoDOT, the Department of Natural Resources and Jefferson City.

Missouri Airport Managers Present Friend of Aviation Award to State Senator Mike Kehoe
Missouri State Senator Mike Kehoe was presented the first ever Friend of Aviation Award at the Spring Conference of the Missouri Airport Managers Association (MAMA) at the Lodge of the Four Seasons, Lake Ozark, Mo.

logoSenator Kehoe’s accomplishments include being appointed to the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission in 2005 and serving as Chair in 2009. He was elected in 2010 to the Missouri Senate representing the 6th District, now covering the counties of Cole, Gasconade, Maries, Miller, Moniteau, Morgan and Osage. He is a strong advocate for transportation, serving on the Senate Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committees, and on the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight. Senator Kehoe is also active on several civic, military veteran and charitable efforts.

“Mike has always been very supportive and open to issues impacting Missouri airports,” said Brian Weiler, incoming MAMA President and director of the Springfield airport. “He has worked tirelessly to advance the need for increasing investment in Missouri’s total transportation system, including highways, rail, ports, transit, and airports.”

Read the full article on the Aero News Network - Aviation Award.

From the 325 Report

Here's one employee profile from the 325 Report. Visit the website for more profiles and information -


Curt Stegeman heads MoDOT's bridge inspection dive team.

On the Road:

Curt Stegeman Goes to Great Depths for Bridge Safety

Sometimes it’s hard to keep your head above water at work. In Curt Stegeman’s case, he almost never comes up to the surface.

As a bridge inspection technician, Stegeman heads up MoDOT’s bridge inspection dive team. In the capacity, Stegeman leads a crew that inspects the less visible aspects of Missouri’s aging bridges.

Read more.


fatality graphic
What's Happening

you tubeBack 2 Basics - Slips, Trips and Falls

The latest Back 2 Basics safety video has been added to the comprehensive safety site. The video, which focuses on actions employees can take to avoid slip, trip and fall injuries, covers safety actions for employees whether working in an office, maintenance facility, or outdoors during winter weather.

Also added to the site is the updated Backing Safety and Circle Check video.

Supervisors should view these and other Back 2 Basics safety videos during morning safety discussions; or at any time to help remind us how to avoid these common workplace incidents.

Click on the image to watch the new video.

earth dayEarth Celebrations Feature

State Capitol Event and Video Highlighting MoDOT's Shingle Recycling Program
The 21st annual Earth Day celebration, sponsored by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, will be held on Friday, April 24 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the State Capitol south lawn. Visit DNR's website for all Earth Day details and to see how you can support the event with community projects and kid's activities - Earth Day

MoDOT will be joining the event promoting litter prevention through our Adopt-A-Highway Program, stormwater pollution prevention, and promoting the use of use wildflowers and native grasses.

Also, The American Association of State Highways and Transportation Officials is celebrating Earth Day with the release of a new video that shows how some state DOT programs are helping communities become more livable and transportation systems more sustainable. MoDOT's shingle recycling program is featured in the video -

EAC LogoEmployee Advisory Council Minutes Available

Minutes from the Employee Advisory Council's March meeting have been posted

on the EAC SharePoint site. You can access them by using this link March 2015 EAC Minutes.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the EAC at

April Retirements
John A. Williams – NE – 13 years
Brent D. Emerson – CD – 27 years
Lydia A. Elkin – SL – 25 years
Dale S. Crane – SL – 16 years
Daniel K. Salisbury – SW – 38 years
Ronald L. Kuhn – SW – 21 years
Donivan A. Combs – SW – 25 years
Shirley A. Jones – SE – 25 years
Robert L. Pulliam – SE – 7 years
Mackie L. Gaddis – SE – 31 years
Charles Robinson – SE – 26 years
Curtis W. Stegeman – CO – 37 years
Kathi M. Bishop – CO – 38 years
In Memoriam
Larry Abbott
former D1 – March 24
Ruth Vanskike
former D7 – March 26
Joe Jackson
former D10 – March 27
Floyd Mittler
former D6 – March 30
Clarence Wiltz
former D4 – April 2
Ralph Peterson
former D9 – April 4
Bobby Collins
former D2 – April 4
Karsten Bredesen
former D8 – April 8
Robert Hayes
former D4 – April 13
Charles Archer
former D10 – April 19

Our mission is to provide a world-class transportation experience that delights our customers and promotes a prosperous Missouri.
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