January 15, 2015

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Central District
Tree-trimming Operation a Huge Success

The Central District recently completed a tree-trimming operation on Route 68 in Phelps and Dent counties with use of a specialized piece of cutting equipment known as a Jarraff (pronounced like the animal “giraffe”) Tree Trimmer.

The operation took place between Routes 8 and 19 along Route 68 and featured the Salem maintenance shed with help from the Edgar Springs (personnel), Rolla (personnel), Houston (forestry-cutting equipment) and Columbia (miscellaneous equipment) maintenance sheds.

The Jarraff trimmer (pictured on the right) is designed to make tree-trimming faster, safer and more efficient with the use of an extendable mechanical saw arm. The Jaraffe also has a higher reach on the tree than a traditional bucket truck method.

“We were really pleased with the results,” said Assistant District Maintenance Engineer Jason Shafer.
“It was by far a faster and more efficient method than a bucket truck and a chainsaw. We’re hoping we will be able to utilize these types of trimmers more in the future.”

A huge thank you is due to MoDOT’s Jarraff operators Justin Nash, John Evans, Kevin Blankenship, and Jarret Ready; tree-trimming crew workers Charles Smith, Josh Rollins, Elliot Fitch, Ken Thomas, and Nathan Ragsdale; as well as district workers in Salem, Rolla, Edgar Springs, Houston and Columbia; all of whom helped to make the operation a huge success.

“All of our personnel did an outstanding job of learning how to use the equipment,” said Shafer. “We were really pleased with the results of the operation. We had several comments from the public on a job well done.”

Tree-trimming is a vital part of the district’s maintenance operations arsenal, providing safety for motorists while helping snow and ice removal efforts by MoDOT to be more efficient.

“We trim trees as a safety measure for motorists,” said Shafer. “Trimming trees improves sight distances on the highway, reduces the possibility of overhanging limbs falling in the roadway. It also helps with the efficiency of snow removal by allowing more sunlight to reach the road. When more sunlight reaches the road, snow and ice melt faster and in turn, our snow removal efforts are far more effective.”


District Participates in Guard Docudrama

Representatives of several local agencies, including MoDOT's Central District, participate in a drunk-driving docudrama by the Missouri National Guard in Jefferson City.

The Central District recently participated in and assisted with the production of a National Guard docudrama that discourages drinking and driving by showing the steep costs of a fatal drunk-driving accident.

The docudrama was deemed a big success and was filmed on Dec. 17 near the National Guard armory in Jefferson City. The docudrama featured local safety and professional crews, as well as MoDOT Central District personnel.

The docudrama crew has been invited to perform a live recreation of the docudrama at Missouri National Guard Association (MONGA) conference in the spring of this year, as well as the National Guard Commanders Conference in the fall.


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Sally Oxenhandler
Customer Relations Manager
Central District

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