July 24, 2014

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A Weekend Demolition in 30 Seconds

BBridgeCamCoMOCheck out the time-lapse video of the demolition of the Route B Bridge in Columbia, where an entire weekend of work is encapsulated in a little under 30 seconds. You can find the video to your right or at this link:

If you want to see how the replacement of the bridge is progressing, you can find out on the Central District website. A time-lapse camera captures bridge images every 10 minutes and can be found on the project webpage at:

Bridge pictures, detours and information and videos about the bridge’s innovative construction technique called geosynthetic reinforced soil can also be found on the site. This bridge-building method is faster and less expensive than traditional methods because it eliminates the need for driving costly and time-consuming bridge piles.

The Route B bridge over Business Loop 70 is closed for replacement until Sept. 15. The $881,239 bridge is being built by APAC-Missouri.

Swanigan Enjoys Mission Trips to Kenya

RandKenya2Traveling to Kenya is more than just a bucket list item for Central District Roadside Manager Rand Swanigan; it’s a labor of love.

Every summer since 2008, Swanigan has embarked on an 11-day mission trip to the House of Hope Orphanage in Naivasha, Kenya. The mission trip, organized by First Baptist Church of Jefferson City, is designed to build relationships, as well as complete projects for the orphanage housing 30 kids, ranging from ages 5-15.

“We really get to know the people of Naivasha and the children of the House of Hope Orphanage by going to the same area every year,” said Swanigan. “We schedule our trip so that we arrive during the kids’ time off from school. That gives us time to spend with the kids. It’s really amazing to watch these children grow up over the years. By going to the same place and having that much time to spend with each other, it makes a big difference in our lives and theirs.”

Swanigan typically travels to Kenya with five to eight people from the church. Eight days are typically spent at the orphanage with the children, while the other three days are spent on safari near Nairobi. His wife, a brother, his son and his nephew have all traveled with him on the mission trip at one time or another. This year, Swanigan took six young people ages 17-19 to Kenya.

“It’s a real bucket list item,” said Swanigan of the safari. “You get to see some pretty amazing things on the Serengeti – the great migration of the wildebeests, lions, and the desert. The kids on the mission trip really enjoy it every year.”

Swanigan plans to go again next year to Kenya and the House of Hope Orphanage, and will once again take a full crew with him.

“The mission trip is already filling up for next year,” said Swanigan. “I love going each summer. Going and helping out at the orphanage and getting to know the children, it’s a reflection of one of my strongest beliefs and something that God has asked us to do. I’m just happy to have shared these trips with so many people.”

 District Interns Gain Experience

This summer, 19 interns in the Central District are getting a real-world education about MoDOT and are receiving a hands-on experience of what it's like to work in the transportation and construction industry.

They have attended the 2014 Internship Conference held at Lincoln University, where they acquired knowledge about what employers look for in employees and how to get the most of out an internship. The interns have also have learned many other interesting aspects of MoDOT, as well as gaining valuable networking opportunities.

Ben Moore Intern

Ben Moore

Traffic Intern

Cheyenne Stark Intern

Cheyanne Stark

HR Intern

Jake Phelps Intern

Jake Phelps

Construction Intern

Justin Reynolds Intern

Justin Reynolds

GS Intern

Tabitha Fiske Intern

Tabitha Fiske

GS Intern

Brad Moderhack Intern

Bradley Moderhack

Design Intern


Derek Schoenberg

Construction Intern

Kelly Heckemeyer

Kelly Heckemeyer

Traffic Intern

Matthew Johnson Intern

Matthew Johnson

GS Intern

Not Pic

Addison Jobe

Construction Intern

Brennan Miller Intern

Brennan Miller

Construction Intern

Dustin Czeschin Intern

Dustin Czeschin

GS Intern

Jerald Brown Intern

Jerald Brown

Survey Intern

Nikki McCann

Nikki McCann

IS Intern

Not Pic

Kambrin Hartsell

Survey Intern


Chase Brackmann Intern

Chase Brackmann

Safety Intern

Paul Henderson Intern

Paul Henderson

Construction Intern

Jacobi Intern

Joseph Jacobi

Construction Intern

Robert Adams Intern

Robert Adams

Construction Intern


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Sally Oxenhandler
Customer Relations Manager
Central District

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