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Access Management General Information and Guidelines


What is Access Management?

Access management is the proper planning and design of access to the public roadway system that helps ensure traffic flow more smoothly, with fewer crashes, which means everyone travels safer. Access management guidelines include proper spacing of interchanges, public road intersections, traffic signals and driveways.

Roads with poor access management experience more traffic crashes (up to 68 percent of all crashes are access related), negative impacts for adjacent property owners, and loss of public and private investment in the roadway system. In fact, according to national studies, more than two-thirds of roadway crashes result from access-related problems. This can affect everyone, because roadways not only provide a way for travelers to get from Point A to Point B, but they also provide access to neighboring property. Access management helps balance the roadways’ role of navigating traffic safely and smoothly with adequate property access.

Access Management Guidelines Help Missouri

As roadways develop and traffic increases, many highways become congested, and drivers face increasing delays and crashes. Too many improperly located streets and driveways, combined with high vehicle traffic, can also lead to crashes and injuries. Keeping motorists moving safely and efficiently along Missouri highways is MoDOT’s top priority. One tool MoDOT uses to get that job done is access management, and new guidelines will help promote statewide consistency and better access management.


Benefits of Access Management

Using access management to solve traffic-related problems offers these important benefits:

  • Improved Safety
  • Improved Air Quality
  • Improved Roadway Aesthetics
  • Increased Roadway Life Span

How MoDOT Manages Access

MoDOT plans to put access management guidelines to work in several ways:

  • Purchasing access rights along with the needed right of way for future projects.
  • Retrofitting existing roadways – to address problems with safety and traffic operations on highly developed and congested routes, improvement alternatives should include access-management techniques.
  • Relocating highways – Using access management in new projects means the road will continue to operate efficiently and safely for many years and will protect taxpayer investment in the roadway.
  • Cooperating with local governments to review development plans and establish local land use/access-management plans for highways, which creates new types of access to state roadways using the local road network.
  • Reviewing and issuing permits for subdivisions that border state roadways to ensure new driveways comply with spacing, visibility and other criteria


Access Management Publications

Moving Right Along: Managing Access to Missouri Roadways  (604 kb, 2 pages)

Access Management: Partnering to Keep Traffic Moving  (921 kb, 4 pages)

Access Management Guidelines -- The full technical document  (893kb, 40 pages)

Text summary of Access Management  (111 kb, 2 pages)


For more information, contact Mac Finley via e-mail or contact MoDOT customer service at 1-888 ASK MODOT.

The documents are provided in Acrobat Reader format. Free Acrobat Reader download PDF Icon

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