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Lessons Learned from the TIGER Discretionary Grant Program

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Notice of Funding Availability of 2013 TIGER Discretionary Grants

This notice announces the availability of funding and requests proposals for the Department of Transportation's National Infrastructure Investments. This notice is addressed to organizations that are interested in applying and provides guidance on selection criteria and application requirements for the National Infrastructure Investments.

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Updated Engineering Services Contract

The newly updated engineering services contract has been posted to the LPA Manual.  It can be found in Chapter 4 - Consultant Selection and Consultant Contract Management (EPG 136.4).  The contract updates were necessary to keep it compliant with the federal regulations.  Click here to start utilizing this version.  Thank you.

Posted 02/04/2013



Upcoming webinar opportunities in connection with FY2013 TIGER Application process. This fifth round of USDOT TIGER funding in the amount of $474 million will help increase mobility--for people and for freight.

Please join the U.S. Department of Transportation for a series of online webinars on the FY 2013 TIGER application process. There are no registration fees for these sessions, however space is limited so advance registration is required. Register for the webinars by clicking on the webinar topics listed below:

May 3rd 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT        TIGER 2013 Application Preparation Guidance Seminar

May 6th 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT        TIGER 2013 Benefit Cost Analysis Guidance Seminar


The FY 2013 Appropriations Act appropriated $473.847 million to be awarded by DOT for the TIGER Discretionary Grants program. Like previous rounds, the FY 2013 TIGER Discretionary Grants are for capital investments in surface transportation infrastructure and are to be awarded on a competitive basis for projects that will have a significant impact on the Nation, a metropolitan area, or a region. Larger projects of national or regional significance which DOT determines demonstrate achievement of several of the strategic goals, as well as the project readiness criterion, could be considered for grants larger than those typically awarded in recent rounds of TIGER. View a copy of the full Notice of Funding Availability. ***More information about the TIGER program can be found at Prospective applicants are encouraged to look through Frequently Asked Questions, webinars and other guidance at the Application Resources page.

Posted 5/3/13


2012 SRTS Project Award Announcement!

After combing through over 150 Safe Routes to School (SRTS) applications totaling more than $28 Million; the Statewide SRTS Advisory Committee is proud to announce project awards

for FY 2012 and FY 2013.  All project sponsors who submitted an application will be receiving an official letter over the next week or so informing you of the application status. 

Please click the link below to view the list of funded projects:

2012 Safe Routes to School Funded Projects List

Infrastructure Alternates – While Missouri only has $5 Million in SRTS funding available, the SRTS committee identified $1.5 Million in project alternates to be awarded should additional funding become available for any reason (project under runs, cancellations, ect.) before the next call for projects. 

The alternates are listed in priority order.  If money were to become available, we would inform the 1st alternate project sponsor that money is available for their project, then the 2nd, the 3rd, and so on.   If no additional money becomes available, alternate projects will not be funded and they would have to compete again during the next funding round.


2012 Transportation Enhancement Funding Now Available

The Missouri Department of Transportation is seeking projects that could be funded with federal “Transportation Enhancement” funds.

Transportation Enhancement funds are federal funds available to local public agencies for transportation related projects including, but not limited to, the construction of sidewalks, trails and bike lanes, landscaping and to make ADA improvements to existing sidewalks.

Local public agencies are reimbursed for eligible project costs at a rate of 80 percent with the local agency providing a 20 percent match. Eligible projects must be able to begin construction on or before Spring 2014.

Applications are due November 5, 2012, with selected projects to be announced by January 7, 2013.

For more information and applications, visit

Consultant Invoicing Requirements

There is a clarification in the EPG dated 8/22/12 on consultant invoicing requirements. As you all are aware we are requiring the use of our template invoice for consultants. The question came up about what the requirements were for sub-consultants. Listed below will be the new language provided in the EPG.

The invoice template MUST be used for prime consultant invoices. Sub-consultants who have a contract with the prime that is greater than $25,000 must either use the invoice template or provide all information that is listed in this invoice template to be considered acceptable.

We strongly encourage the use of the invoice template for those sub-consultants with contracts in excess of $25,000 to ensure invoices contain the all the information that is required for reimbursement and to avoid sending invoices back for correction.

2012 Discretionary Grant Awards

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has announced the award of 2012 Discretionary Grant projects. Missouri was awarded 13 projects totally $7,176,609 as shown in the link below:

Please contact your local district contact if you have any questions.


MoDOT & LPA Engineering Consultant Invoicing Requirements

The new LPA and MoDOT engineering consultant invoices are now required to be used. This requirement went into effect July 1, 2012. MoDOT has developed an Excel version of the invoice to replace the old Word version that was previously used. The new versions are currently available on MoDOT's website and can be found as listed below:

Title Invoice Checklist Location on MoDOT's Website
MoDOT Consultant Invoice Fig. Fig. EPG 134
MoDOT On-Call/Hourly Rate Invoice Fig. Fig. EPG 134
LPA Consultant Invoice Fig. 136.4.10 Fig. 136.4.18 EPG 136/LPA Manual Chapter 4

CLARIFICATION: For all existing contracts that have been previously invoiced (prior to July 1, 2012), the consultant only needs to show information on the current phase of the contract in the Progress Report section of the invoice. For example (see example below), if a consultant has completed preliminary plans, right of way plans, final plans, and is currently working on construction inspection; the invoice only needs to show the history on the construction inspection phase since that is the current phase of work.

For all new contracts that have not been previously invoiced (as of July 1, 2012), all information in the invoice must be filled out.

EXAMPLE (for existing projects only): Section 4: Progress Report - % Complete & DBE

Total Costs (includes Salaries, Sub-Consultants & Direct Costs)
Task Total Budgeted Total Expended to Date Percent Expended (Budgeted/Expended) Estimate % Task Complete (Deliverables)
Task 1-Preliminary Plans completed n/a n/a n/a
Task 2-Right of Ways Plans completed n/a n/a n/a
Task 3-Final Plans completed n/a n/a n/a
Task 4-Constructions Inspection $35,000 $17,300 49.34% 60%
$35,000 $17,300 n/a n/a

If you have any questions, you may contact Sandra Riley at 573-522-2002 or Jerica Holtsclaw at 573-526-8484.


MoDOT Debuts New Local Public Agency Manual

JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Department of Transportation has released a new Local Public Agency Manual for transportation. The manual is used by local public agencies to ensure their compliance with federal funding requirements from the earliest concept phase of a project through its completion.

The manual, which lives online within MoDOT's Engineering Policy Guide, was developed in concert with the Federal Highway Administration, local agencies, metropolitan planning organizations, consultants and industry. Improvements include easier-to-read text, handy checklists and flowcharts. See the manual...

Please click here to review the one-page flyer indicating the substantial changes to the LPA Manual.

LPA Statewide Advisory Committee Selection

MoDOT has selected twelve members from around the state to serve on the Statewide LPA Advisory Committee. The committee members will be asked to contribute to the development of policies, improve communication and influence the overall direction of Missouri's local program. The primary objective of the advisory committee over the next year is to help with the implementation of the LPA Strategic Vision Team recommendations. Please find below the list of LPA Advisory Committee Members: LPA Advisory Committee Members

LPA Strategic Vision Team

The Missouri Department of Transportation formed a Local Public Agency Strategic Vision Team to develop a statewide vision for Missouri's local program.

LPA Strategic Vision Team Documents:

LPA Partnering for Innovative Efficiencies (PIE) Documents: