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Solicitation (RFQ) Opportunities  

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
Post Date
Expiration Date
District Statewide 09/06/16 10/31/16
Job No.  
Project Location/Description R2T Smart Roadway - Develop and implement a pilot project demonstrating that interstate travelways can become a platform to generate revenue through the collection and transmission of technology and data services.
District Southwest District 09/15/16 09/30/16
Job No.

J7S0548 (R0288), J7S3154 (R0124)

Project Location/Description

Route N, Vernon County

Route NN, Dade County

Bridge Replacement

District Statewide 09/23/16 11/02/16
Job No.


Project Location/Description

Economic Impact Study for Public Ports

District Statewide 09/30/16 11/15/16
Job No.

Consulting Engineering Services

Project Location/Description

2017- 2020 MoDOT On-Call Solicitation

District Southeast District 10/07/16 11/07/16
Job No. J9S3214 & J9S3215
Project Location/Description

Route Z, Madison County

Bridge Replacements over Saline Creek

Route CC, Madison County

Bridge Replacement over Trace Creek

District Southeast District 10/07/16 10/24/16
Job No.

J9S3207 & J9S3208

Project Location/Description

Route T, Douglas County

Bridge Replacement over Little Beaver Creek

Route H, Wright County

Bridge Replacement over Beaver Creek

District Statewide 10/19/16 11/02/16
Job No.  
Project Location/Description

Underwater Bridge Inspection

Statewide on MoDOT or Locally Owned Structures

District Southwest District 11/01/16 11/14/16
Job No. J8P3088D
Project Location/Description

Route M, Greene County

Roundabout at the Intersection of County Road 103 and Repmo Drive

District Statewide 11/17/16 12/09/16
Job No.  
Project Location/Description

Aerial Mapping and LiDAR Surveying

District Southwest District 11/18/16 12/02/16
Job No. J7S0503 & J7S3153
Project Location/Description

Route B over Shaw Branch in Bates County

Route U over Alder Creek in Cedar County

As Needed to Replace Bridges

District Northeast District 11/22/16 12/05/16
Job No. J2P3059B & J2S3123
Project Location/Description

Route 151, Shelby County

Bridge Replacements

District Northeast District 11/23/16 12/07/16
Job No. J2S3125
Project Location/Description

Route 161, Montgomery County

Bridge Replacement

District Southwest District 11/30/16 12/16/16
Job No. J7S3135 & J7S3145
Project Location/Description

Route V over Tebo Creek in Henry County

Route V over Marais Des Cygnes River in Bates County

Bridge Replacements

District Northeast District 12/05/16 12/20/16
Job No. J2S3124 & J2S3143
Project Location/Description

Route 94 (existing bridge no. X0214) over Lost Creek

Route 94 (existing bridge no. T0038) over Smith Creek

District St. Louis District 12/07/16 12/21/16
Job No. J6I3146
Project Location/Description I-270 Just South of the I-70 Interchange, Rehabilitation of Bridge A1242
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