Volume VII, Issue I – November 2016

Distracted Driving

Distracted DrivingSafety is one of MoDOT’s core values.  Effective June 1, 2016, MoDOT has a new cell phone policy.  It is the responsibility of each employee to only use a department or personal cell phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other mobile device when the department vehicle/equipment or personal vehicle being used for official department business is parked in a safe location away from traffic. This will help keep us and our customers safe.


Stand Up for Safety

People collaboratingTo keep safety in the forefront of every employee, MoDOT has a special day each year to focus on safety. This year, the second Stand Up for Safety Day was held on October 13, a full day committed to activities that will help MoDOT work safe.


Traveler Information Map

Traveler Information Map


Check MoDOT's Traveler Info Map for weather-related road conditions, flood closures & work zone locations.



Revised Applications

rMoDOT has revised the Application for Permit to Erect and/or Maintain Outdoor Advertising, and Application for Transfer of Outdoor Advertising Permit. The updated applications are available in both standard and form fill versions on our website or by contacting a Permit Specialist.

Please ensure you are using the new application with the revised date of 06/16. Application   


Paperless Billing Option

Image result for paperless billing option icon MoDOT is now offering a new convenience for our Outdoor Advertising sign permit holders.  We will begin sending the biennial renewal invoices by email in November for those who provide us with an email address.  If you wish to participate in the ‘Paperless billing’ option, you may contact Valerie Minnick at Valerie.minnick@modot.mo.gov.  We currently send renewals by email to those that have provided us an email address.  These processes save the department dollars in postage and time.


National Alliance of Highway Beautification Agencies (NAHBA)

The 2016 Annual Education Conference on the Control of Outdoor Advertising was held May 1-5 in Orlando, Florida. For more information regarding NAHBA’S conference or to view conference presentations, visit NAHBA'S website.     HWBA


Federal Highway Administration- Guidance on Off-Premise

Changeable Message Signs

tOn September 25, 2007, the Federal Highway Administration issued a memorandum titled “Guidance on Off-Premise Changeable Message Signs”. Scenic America, a private not for profit organization, brought suit against FHWA arguing that FHWA should have advanced this guidance through a notice-and-comment rulemaking process.  On June 20, 2014, U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg ruled in the defendant’s favor.  Scenic America appealed this ruling. 


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit heard oral arguments on Scenic America’s appeal on September 25, 2015. On September 6, 2016, the Court issued a unanimous opinion in favor of FHWA. Based on the opinion of the Court, there will be no change to the FHWA Guidance issued on September 25, 2007.