Welcome to the MoDOT SafeStart Web Tool

You're about to take an important first step as a motor carrier. The SafeStart Web Tool helps you learn what you need to know to operate your commercial vehicle business safely and legally in Missouri.

When you answer questions about your operation on the following pages, the SafeStart Web Tool provides a summary of the federal and state motor carrier safety regulations you must follow. You'll also learn how to obtain license plates, authority and fulfill other business requirements.

As your business changes, the rules you need to follow can also change. Return to the SafeStart Web Tool to learn if different rules apply.

If you are a farmer who transports your agricultural commodities in furtherance of your farm operation, please see our Mo Ag Carrier Tool for assistance at http://www.modot.org/mcs/MoAgCarrier.htm

This guide is for information only. It does not release motor carriers from their obligation to study and comply with all applicable state and federal motor carrier safety regulations and other laws. For specific safety regulation information, please refer to Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations. The information provided in the MoDOT SafeStart Web Tool does not deal with all situations. If you have questions, please call MoDOT Motor Carrier Services toll-free at 1-866-831-6277.

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