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MoDOT Results

Accountability. Innovation. Efficiency.

MoDOT Delivers Results

The Missouri Department of Transportation is mission-centered. By focusing on customers and providing transparent measures of our progress, MoDOT maximizes efficiencies. We deliver results and redirect savings to Missouri’s state transportation system.

Since 2007, MoDOT documented more than $4.9 billion in one-time or on-going savings. This includes redirection of $237 million efficiency savings in 2017 to roads and bridges and $617 million in savings to our customers.

Also, in 2016, MoDOT earned its 18th consecutive clean opinion from its independent auditors, RubinBrown. The audit, required by state law and bond terms, goes beyond statutorily required financial reporting and demonstrates MoDOT’s commitment to transparency.

Our strong values and customer focus drive us to deliver results that other states seek to imitate. 

We deliver. The 7th largest system of highways in the nation is in good condition and MoDOT’s customer satisfaction ratings are the envy of private organizations.

Through accountability, innovation and efficiency, MoDOT will do the best we can with what we have for as long as we can, keeping our commitment to preserve the transportation system which is essential to Missouri’s economic growth.


Largest Roadway System in the U.S.


 In Highway Performance | Cost Effectiveness


In Revenue Per Mile Nationally


We asked. Our customers and business leaders helped define the direction we need to take. Missourians want smooth roads, good bridges and safe travel with more transportation options and economic opportunities.



High Performance; Low Cost

The Reason Foundation ranked Missouri 12th in highway performance and cost effectiveness and 2nd lowest in administrative costs.



$5.6 billion in Crash-Reduction Benefits

System wide safety improvements including rumble stripes, guard cable and sign improvements save lives, prevent serious injuries and provided travelers an estimated $755 million in crash-reduction benefits between 2010 and 2014. These benefits continue to increase the safety of Missourians and our visitors.

Economic Development


$7.6 Million in Annual Customer Savings
$76.1 Million in Total Customer Savings

Missouri’s economic health depends on the efficient movement of the goods it
produces and consumes. MoDOT Carrier Express, our first-in-the-nation online
business portal, streamlines Missouri-based motor carriers’ business transactions with the state — getting their drivers and the products they haul on the road in record time. The system, a Computerworld Honors Laureate honoree, saves customers $7.6 million annually.

Connections & Choices


500 Million Tons of Freight

MoDOT works to improve connections and choices for travelers and businesses.
By partnering with railroads to invest in corridor improvements, Missouri’s
Amtrak ridership grew 68 percent since 2007. Increased investment in Missouri
ports improved capacity and operation. Missouri’s ports process more than 500
million tons of freight each year – the equivalent of 19 million truckloads.


Innovation is woven into MoDOT's culture.  The projects we deliver are recognized nationally for being bold and innovative..

Best Practices


Every Day Counts

MoDOT is a national leader in FHWA’s Every Day Counts and the Strategic
Highway Research Program. Since 2011, as a model or lead state, MoDOT
implemented 49 of the 50 EDC innovations. MoDOT shared our innovations in stakeholder partnering, soliciting contractor innovations, eConstruction, 3D engineering models, smarter work zones, performance management, streamlining of locally administered Federal Aid projects and traffic incident management training with other states.

Design Concepts


$111.8 Million in Savings

Missouri is home to the first-in-the-nation Diverging Diamond Interchange. Completed in Springfield, Mo., in 2009, it solved major traffic and safety issues
at a much lower cost than traditional interchange design. The design concept
was studied or adopted by 46 other states, earned an AASHTO America’s
Transportation Award
and is employed in 21 additional Missouri intersections.



250 Best Practices

Innovations Challenge, a grassroots effort unique to MoDOT, became a
national model. Employees are encouraged to submit their innovations to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity. Since 2007, the Innovations
Challenge generated more than 1,200 employee innovations with 250-plus chosen as MoDOT best practices.

Use of Resources


$276.3 Million Saved from 2007-2017

Like many other organizations, MoDOT recycles office paper, ink cartridges and the like. In addition, we use recycled shingles, tires, asphalt and other materials to deliver the best pavement with cost — and the environment — in mind.


MoDOT’s focus on customers and results delivers a high return on investment for every dollar Missourians invest in transportation.

Practical Design


$1.5 Billion Savings

MoDOT is the birthplace of the Practical Design concept. Under the rallying cry
of “Build Chevys – not Cadillacs,” MoDOT focused on core traveler needs and
controlled costs. The effort earned the AASHTO President’s Transportation Award and became a Federal Highway Administration standard.

Practical Applications


$383 Million in Total Savings

MoDOT focuses on citizen priorities when redesigning everyday operations. By optimizing striping operations, installing more efficient LED signals, reassessing signing priorities and using incarcerated crews where practical, $39.1 million more is available for roads and bridges annually.

Innovative Finance


$50 Million in Additional Savings
$1.2 Billion in Additional Funds

MoDOT refinanced and paid off some bond debt years early, saving $50
million for roads and bridges. Communities contribute to state highway projects to receive needed upgrades faster. If custom, decorative work is desired, those costs are contributed, too. Since 2007, locals shared $1.2 billion of project costs.

Innovative Contracting


$329.4 Million Redirected to Roads and Bridges

MoDOT project bid terms are based on final product performance. Contractors
innovate to meet the needs. Looking to copy private sector success, legislators
authorized a successful trial of Design-Build bidding – all three initial projects
earned national recognition. With expanded permission, MoDOT completed ten Design-Build projects with more to follow.