Missouri’s transportation system safely and reliably connects people with jobs and services, connects businesses with suppliers and customers, moves students to and from school and allows visitors to explore the state’s many destinations. To help make strategic decisions, meet Missouri’s future transportation needs and be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, the Missouri Department of Transportation is updating the state’s Long Range Transportation Plan.


LRTP Fact Sheet

What is the Long Range Transportation Plan, and why is MoDOT updating it?

On The Move

Missouri’s transportation vision was formed by conversations with thousands of Missourians. As we outline a realistic path to success, we looked at each of the four goals and developed strategies to move Missouri closer to those goals.

Citizen's Guide

In an effort to educate and inform Missourians on the current status and future direction of their transportation system, the Citizen’s Guide to Transportation Funding takes the complex issues of the state’s transportation revenue, expenditures, system condition and unfunded needs and explains them in clear and easy-to-understand terms.