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What Lies Beneath

Why must we invest in rebuilding highways from the ground up? This MoDOT video shows what happens below the surface of highways as they deteriorate over a 50-year period. Although drivers experience the condition of the pavement, they don't see how rock and soil layers supporting the roadway crumble regardless of what is done to the surface. YouTube

Thinking About the Victims of Impaired Driving

The timely coordination of an impaired driving campaign and a new law to help memorialize drunk driving victims will urge drivers to think about their choices this August and in the months ahead. 

The annual You Drink & Drive. You Lose. campaign kicked off with the unveiling of a new roadside memorial sign for impaired driving victims. YDDYL

New Missouri Highways and Transportation Commissioner Appointed

MoDOT Director Pete Rahn recently welcomed Stephen R. Miller of Kansas City to the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission. Miller was appointed by Gov. Jay Nixon. MHTC

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Last Chance to Show Us Your Get Your Buckle On Dance

The Get Your Buckle On educational campaign, which reminds Missouri youth to wear their seat belts, will be ending soon. The campaign includes a seatbelt dance contest with great prizes. Download the original song, upload videos of your dance, view additional videos or find out more at GYBO

Big Bags for Fighting Floods

MoDOT has a new tool for holding back floodwater. Big Bags are large sand bags that could potentially save Missouri valuable time, money and even lives during floods. Big Bags

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MoDOT Podcast - Your Transportation Update

MoDOT’s weekly podcast gives you easy access to the latest updates on transportation in Missouri. Check here every Monday to listen to MoDOT Director Pete Rahn discuss a new transportation-related topic or click here to subscribe to MoDOT’s podcast at iTunes! Podcast

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