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Construction Program Lacks Funding, Presents Bleak Future

The state's new five-year highway construction program is only one-third the size of the 2009 program and contains barely enough funds to take care of the existing system. Missourians will see very few new projects during the next few years that expand the system and make it safer. Program

MoDOT Using New Products to Salvage Highway Signs, Save Money

Splat! The sight and sound of a paintball hitting a highway sign may make teens' adrenaline flow, but it makes highway officials' blood boil. Vandals "tagging" signs with spray paint is costly for taxpayers and unsafe for motorists, so MoDOT is fighting back.  Rather than replace defaced signs, MoDOT is now cleaning them when it can.  Salvage

Be on the Watch for Paving Scams

With warmer weather comes the urge to tackle those home improvement projects.  And while reputable contracting companies are the rule not the exception, MoDOT is reminding you to be on the lookout for traveling dealers pitching driveway paving offers that are too good to be true. Scams

Massive Concrete Girders Are a Missouri First

The longest, precast, concrete bridge girders in Missouri state history were recently installed on MoDOT's kcICON design-build project. Girders

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First Drunk Driving Victim Memorial Sign Installed on I-270

Drunk Driving Memorial Signs Now Available Under David's Law

Twenty-six years after David's Poenicke's death due to an impaired driver, a sign has been installed on Interstate 270 in Florissant in his honor. The drunk-driving victim memorial sign is the first to be installed under the new "David's Law," legislation named after Poenicke that allows families of drunk-driving victims to request memorial signs. Signs

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Bridges That Go Boom!

The fireworks may be over, but you can still see the sparks fly in a video showing a compilation of Missouri bridge demolitions.  Video

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