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Drop in Highway Deaths Tops 2009 Transportation Highlights List

Making lists is popular this time of year, whether it’s a holiday shopping list, a year-in-review list or a list of the things you’re pledging to do or not do in the new year. Topping MoDOT’s list of 2009 accomplishments is a drop in highway fatalities for the fourth year in a row. List

MoDOT Receives 2009 Optimas Award for Service

MoDOT's ability to deliver more construction projects without adding full-time employees has earned the department the  2009 Optimas Award for Service from Workforce Management magazine. Award

MoDOT Employees Give From the Heart

This past fall, MoDOT employees began raising money for the 2010 Missouri State Employee’s Charitable Campaign. Employees ended up donating more than $217,000 to the campaign. For the third year in a row, MoDOT is the top contributing state agency, and the first one to surpass $200,000 in donations in the 25-year history of the campaign. Giving

safer roads

Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Please Don’t Hit Him

Santa Claus and the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety have some advice for Missouri motorists: drive sober this holiday season and avoid stiff fines, losing your driver's license, jail time and a lump of coal in your stocking. Santa

Attention, Please!

As temperatures drop and precipitation falls, Missouri roads need some attention … And not just attention from MoDOT! As a driver, you should turn your attention to state road conditions by visiting MoDOT’s Traveler Information Map. Map

Passion for Protection

Although Missouri legislators have failed to pass a primary safety belt law in our state, many Missouri cities are taking the initiative to pass city ordinances to protect the lives of their citizens. Passion

Hold That Message

Three Missouri lawmakers have already filed texting while driving bills for the January legislative session. All three bills would make texting while driving illegal for all drivers, regardless of age. Texting

off the road news

Working to Get More Freight Moving on Missouri River

Agriculture producers, shippers, barge lines and other state and federal agencies are working with MoDOT to implement a plan that will help increase freight travel on Missouri waterways, create jobs and promote an environmentally friendlier way to transport goods. Freight

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New Web Site Helps Keep You Out of Lines

A new Web site can not only help you renew your license plates online, but keep you out of waiting in long lines. The new site,, is available now and offered by the Missouri Department of Revenue. Plates

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