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Missourians Still Buckle Up Less than Others in the Nation

Nearly 23 percent of Missouri motorists are still not wearing their seat belts, according to a recently released statewide survey. Only 77 percent of Missourians buckle up regularly, seven percent less than the national average of 84 percent. Seat Belts

Gnome Says, “Get Your Buckle On”

Creative Spot Wins First Round of Seat Belt Video Contest

A gnome costume inspired 19-year-old Cole Hieronymus's winning Get Your Buckle On video. The video contest, sponsored by the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, encouraged people to submit seat belt videos to to encourage teens to buckle up. GYBO

What Lies Beneath MoDOT Video Shows Life Cycle of a Highway

MoDOT has created a video that shows the aging process of our roadways and how the wear and tear they endure on a daily basis affects what's below the highway regardless of surface improvements. You can watch the video at or Beneath

Missouri High School Students Can Still Join Battle of the Belt

Seat Belt Campaign Aims to Save Lives

Calling all Missouri high school students to compete in the 2009 Battle of the Belt Challenge for an opportunity to win cash and prizes for your school while educating young drivers about safety belt use. Battle

off the road news

Rail Improvements May be Coming

Dramatic rail improvements may be coming soon to state-supported service between St. Louis and Kansas City if a recently submitted formal rail application to the Federal Railroad Administration is approved this winter. These improvements could help eliminate delays, increase train speeds, and modernize equipment. Rail

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MoDOT's E-Update Service Offers Job Announcements, Work Zone Info and More

Have you subscribed to MoDOT’s free “E-update” service yet? If not, you’re missing out on a lot of good information. E-updates let you get info on work zones, road closures, flooding, public meetings, statewide news, district news, even job announcements. Eupdate

There's No Substitute for Buckling Up

Before heading to the next big game, make sure you buckle up. No Substitute! Check out this new video. No Substitute

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