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MoDOT's Web Map Tracking Winter Road Conditions

Map Has Been Viewed Two Million Times in Two Years

During bad weather, MoDOT reminds motorists to check its online traveler information map at for the latest road conditions. The map will be updated continuously during storms to show whether major roads are clear, partly covered, covered or closed. Map

And the Winner Is … Missouri River Runner

Nearly 5,500 Votes Cast to Rename MoDOT’s Amtrak Trains

The public has spoken: Missouri River Runner is the new name for the state-supported Amtrak trains between St. Louis and Kansas City. The name evokes the river that parallels much of the route, plus the Mississippi River at the eastern terminus and the Kansas River at the western end. Train

Make the Right Call Super Bowl Sunday - Designate a Sober Driver

Super Bowl Sunday is one of America's largest and most entertaining national sporting events, with many friends and families gathering to watch the big game. It is also one of the nation's most dangerous days on the roads, due to drinking and driving. Superbowl

MoDOT Employees Show They Care

Department Top Giver in Charitable Campaign – Most Ever Donated

MoDOT employees contributed the highest amount ever raised by a single state agency in the history of the Missouri State Employees Charitable Campaign in 2009. Their contributions topped those in all other state agencies for the second year in a row. Charitable


Five Things You Can Tell Your Neighbor About a Primary Safety Belt Law

Strengthening Missouri’s safety belt law is MoDOT’s top priority for 2009. Want to get involved? Sign up as a Primary Safety Belt partner at Want to get your family and friends involved?  Here are five things you can tell them about a primary safety belt law.

  1. Of more than 500 traffic laws in Missouri, the safety belt law is the only one that has a secondary enforcement provision – a driver must break another law first before they can be cited for a safety belt violation.
  2. Strengthening the current law would save 90 lives and prevent 1,000 serious injuries in Missouri each year, at no cost to taxpayers.
  3. One of the safest actions a person can take on the road is to buckle up – it’s a motorist’s single best defense in a traffic crash.
  4. A 2008 survey shows that 76 percent of Missourian’s buckle up – well below the national average of 83 percent.
  5. Amending the current law will provide at least $16 million in a one-time federal incentive grant to use for safety enforcement, education and engineering.

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Save 90 Lives in '09

With a primary safety belt law, Missouri can save 90 lives a year, prevent 1,000 serious injuries and bring $16-20 million into Missouri. Find out how you can help save lives and become a partner. Primary

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