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Missouri Highways Improve

86 Percent of Major Roads Now in Good Condition

According to new figures released by MoDOT, 86 percent of the state’s busiest roads are now in good condition. Road conditions in the Show Me State have been steadily improving since 2004 when only 47 percent of highways were in good condition. Improving

Missouri Highway Fatalities Lowest Since 1950

Not since 1950 has Missouri seen so few people killed in highway crashes. For the fourth year in a row, Missouri has reduced its highway fatalities. Currently, the number stands at 872 in 2009 - almost 100 less than in 2008. Fatalities

Missouri Selected to Participate in Safe Routes to School State Network

The Missouri Foundation for Bicycling and Walking recently secured a grant to create a Missouri Safe Routes to School Network. The network will help increase physical activity among students by removing barriers to walking and bicycling to school. School

Highways Honoring Heroes

The first "Heroes Way" memorial sign went up this week in St. Louis. The signs are part of a new law passed last year by the Missouri Legislature that allows interchanges to be named after service members killed in Iraq or Afghanistan after Sept. 11, 2001. Heroes

Message Boards Can Help Find Missing Children

The electronic signs that dot our interstates give you critical travel information every day, from upcoming construction work to road conditions, but they can also help end a parent's worst nightmare. Alerts

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And the “Beet” Goes On

MoDOT Using More Beet Juice to Keep Roads Clear

Beets are not only healthy to eat, but research proves they can keep you safer on the roads as well.  For the past few years, MoDOT has been using an anti-icing product called Geomelt made from sugar beets to help keep the roads clear. Beets

You Text. You're Next.

Texting, talking, eating –we’re all guilty of some sort of driver distraction. But what we might not realize is the deadly consequences our bad driving habits can have. Distracted driving is the leading cause of traffic crashes in Missouri. Texting

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Amtrak Ridership Up  - Passengers Arriving On-Time Spark Increase

Ridership for Amtrak Missouri River Runner trains increased by 16 percent for the month of December when compared to last year. This passenger boost for Missouri is the third highest increase of Amtrak's 27 state-supported or short-distance corridors. Amtrak

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How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Each of us has a role to play in reducing our carbon emissions. Choices on what we eat, how we live, what we throw away and how we travel can all affect the amount of pollution we produce. Each time we make a decision in these areas, we have a chance to make a difference. Footprint

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